God’s Hangover June 6, 2012

God’s Hangover

(via The Atheist Pig)

""The Gathering" is known to have the best Devil's Triangles."

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"Saw that this morning.Considering his crimes during the Bush Criminal Regime? Fuck him."

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  • Splarnst

    Shouldn’t this be titled, “God’s Billion-Year Hangover”?

  • Thalfon

    Hey hey hey, God does *not* get to use a short deadline as an excuse for that sort of drivel! That kind of deadline pinch is when some of my best work gets done. Flat writing of that level, such that suspension of disbelief is utterly unfeasible by any but the indoctrinated, is not the sort of material any writer worth their salt would produce, given a week to work, unless they were that bad to begin with.

    For many a great writer, deadlines are fuel, the means by which thoughts finally get put to page. If a god can’t produce anything better than that rubbish given a whole week, well, that’s on his/her/its head, and time constraints are no excuse!

    (Also, he’s supposed to be timeless, so he had all eternity and still released fluff. Sheesh!)

  • As someone once noted, god didn’t create the universe in six days; he screwed around for five days and then pulled an all-nighter.

  • Lol, I love Atheist Pig!

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