Atheists Help the Homeless in Dallas/Fort Worth June 6, 2012

Atheists Help the Homeless in Dallas/Fort Worth

I mentioned last week that there was now a Dallas/Ft. Worth chapter of Atheists Helping the Homeless (which started in Austin).

Their first giveaway was this past weekend and it was a *huge* success. They had 23 volunteers and a large turnout from people who needed their help.

Congratulations to LaDonna Davies and her crew for putting this together! If you’d like to help them continue doing this work, you can kick in a donation right here.

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  • Jason R. Self

    Thanks for the coverage Hemant!

  • LaDonna Davies

    Thank you very much Hemant!

  • As someone who was homeless I really think what they do is amazing and a good way to show that yes, we atheists are caring and in my opinion even more moral.

    TY for sharing

  • SpencerTroxell

    Hooray for atheists helping the homeless.

  • GodlessPoutine

    Very nice!  Thanks for this!

  • BeckyFitz

    Breaking news!   23 Atheists hand out food……really??  LOL  

  • Blah

    And what did you do this weekend to help the world out?

  • If you find your own remark to be so funny as to “Laugh Out Loud,” I’m afraid that your autoamusement is too subtle for me to share in the hilarity. Would you be willing to clarify exactly what you mean by this apparently sarcastic remark?

  • Ryan

    Becky, I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt that you didn’t mean anything derogatory because if so, that would reflect poorly on you. I was one of those at this effort, and was proud of my fellow North Texas atheists for doing some good for goodness’ sake. It is encouraging to many that, as freethinkers/agnostics/atheists, we are just as willing to show compassion for our fellow primates as those with a religious worldview.

  • Great IAM

    This is really nice to see. Unlike the religious charitys who reguire an ” I.O.U.” from the people they are helping. The only people they are helping is themselves in the eyes of their maker. Gotta earn those brownie points for a better spot in heaven! Not to say that a lot of the religious dont do it out of pure philanthropy, couse I know they are out their.
    I’d like to see an organization like this in every major city in america.
    Smaller cities atheists could funnel in support from around the states. It would send a powerful message and would be a beautiful example of the compassion we hold. As well as an important example worldwide.

  • Stacy Winsett

    So exciting how awesome this is going to be as we grow and gain the trust from those we are trying to help. Thanks for the shout-out, Hemant.

  • Fsq


    Awesome effort from the Dallas Atheists, and awesome post on the blog.

    THIS. This is the stuff we should read more of here.

  • BeckyFitz

    Habitat For Humanity.  

  • BeckyFitz

    Sure, here’s my clarification – I think that first, and foremost, it is ridiculous to feel that doing a decent thing warrants the need for publicity.  Second, the main motivation behind “Atheists Helping the Homeless” was based on the ongoing contempt for religious groups that simply speak their mind.  Why can’t this group of Atheists do a good deed without feeling the need to take jabs at other groups doing the same thing?  And no, I do not thump any bible.  Nor do I own one. 

  • BeckyFitz

    Sure, and I will in turn give you the benefit of the doubt that you all were simply there to selflessly perform a charitable act.  And that this had nothing to do with any sort of ego-based need to prove something to others….. “because if so, that would reflect poorly on you….”

  • Ryan

    Becky, since you have asked, I will answer. Do you actually believe that religious groups merely “speak their minds”? This would imply that you don’t believe Christian groups wield major political and legislative clout and are regularly trying to enact laws that many see as an establishment of religion in government. This is clearly well beyond speaking their mind.

    Regarding your statement about publicizing an event like this. Are you aware that atheists are one of the most distrusted demographics in this country? Many, especially the religious, see us as immoral, nihilistic and simply put, damnably evil. Atheists are even prevented from running for public election in some states. Discrimination rears its ugly head. With this in mind,  do you think we might want to try and get the word out there that we’re regular people like everyone else, except that we don’t believe in invisible sky gods? So, if we happen to do a good deed, in the same vein that Christians do, why should we not call attention to that?

    Many religious and others unaware of nuance, perceive atheists as hostile toward religions merely because we criticize and dismiss their beliefs, which we view as tantamount to believing in fairy tales. In other areas of public life — politics, business, science — this type of critical commentary, while often unwelcome, is expected and encouraged. All influence our worldview in thought and deed — and so does religion. Therefore, we do not see any good reason why someone’s beliefs, religious or otherwise, cannot be held up to the light of reason and criticism. If explaining to people that their beliefs are grounded in the ignorance of Iron Age mysticism is preaching, so be it! 

    Hope that helps.

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