You Can Feel the Christian Love June 4, 2012

You Can Feel the Christian Love

In response to FFRF’s “It’s Time to Quit the Catholic Church” ad campaign (the latest one appeared in USA Today over the weekend), co-presidents Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor received this nugget of Jesus-y goodness in the mail:

I would be angry about it, but that “Aloha” stamp is just too adorable.

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  • The flip side of that post card was fascinating as well!

  • I must be jaded now, because “maybe your mother should have aborted you” struck me as a comparatively civil opening line for this kind of hatemail.

    Still, to summarize: “DIE DIE DIE. GOD LOVES YOU. BYE.”

  • It says:
    Dear Annie and Dan,Maybe your mother should have aborted you, before you became bitter and vicious and hateful against Catholics and all Bible believers.  May God forgive you and open your hearts to Him and His love for you.  “I’m not leaving” but praying for you.

    It was all in printed caps, but I don’t feel like shouting so I tried to reduce the volume but maintain the caps that I think the writer really intended.

  • This one the FFRF got is pretty good too 

    “Why ‘kill’ the unborn child why not teach women to cross there ‘legs’ and say no” (written on a FFRF donation slip)

  • So, what is this person’s explanation for where he or she got all the bitterness, viciousness, and hatefulness that is concentrated so densely in the first seven words of the message?


  • Baby_Raptor

    I love how it’s us women who should stop having sex. No responsibility in the mens’ department at all!

  • We can’t control ourselves.

    It’s a gift from God.

  • Day after day people like that disprove the claim that religion makes people loving and moral.

  • Maia Ritchie

    Just when I thought people like these couldn’t get any less cool…

  • I assume they’re implying that the menz can just have secks with each other. 

  • Erin W

    Advocating abortion?  I think you will be leaving the chruch, postcard writer, just not voluntarily!  Enjoy your excommunication!

  • It is a choice!  Didn’t you get that memo?

  • LeftSidePositive

    I’ve never understood how “maybe your mother should have aborted you!!” is supposed to be so devastating… If she had, I wouldn’t have known it or had any opinion on the matter. As it is, though, she was (& is) happily married and very much wanted children, so here I am!

    The thought of my mother aborting me doesn’t give me nearly as much of an existential crisis as the thought of what if my mother had married the boyfriend she had before my father?! That alternate-universe-me is a damn scary thought…just not being conceived? Meh.

    I’m sure the other millions of sperm would have created lovely people too.

  • Annie

    So does the writer assume that Annie and Dan are brother and sister?

  • WallyW

    I’ll give ya 30 bucks for that postcard!

  • It’s about the context of the person writing it.  This is a Catholic, who believes that aborting a foetus is a heinous, unforgivable act that damns the “baby” to hell.

    The translation of this postcard is essentially “By all rights you deserve to be suffering for eternity, and it would have been nice if you’d have gone to hell sooner rather than later, but I don’t actually judge you and god loves you and stuff.”
    That is, of course, assuming the people who wrote this are consistent in their ideology.  The alternative is they’re ignorant of the actual creeds of their faith and are blessing Dan and Annie with uncontrolled vomiting of the pen.

  • Pickle

    Better to cross there legs than here legs I always say.

  • Sure, teach women to cross their legs and say no.  Because as usual men bear none of the responsibility in such matters.  GAH!

  • 69ingchipmunks

    What a douchebag.

  • Viscant

    The reason “maybe your mother should have aborted you” is devastating is because it advances the idea that the world would be better off without you. Which is not a very nice thing to suggest.

  • And of course the sender doesn’t reveal her/himself.   Sort of the same idea as wearing a hood to hide your identity.  BTW, the KKK adheres to the same Christian Bible that the sender mentions.  Seems like cowardice is a Christian trait.

  • NickDB

     Your mother should have aborted you, but I’m still
    going to pray for you???? WTF!!!!!!!!!

    I hate you so much that I think your mother who of killed you in the womb, but
    I love you enough to pray to my sky fairy for you.

    Is it just me or do religious people combine a various traits of being bi-polar,
    battered wife syndrome and multiple personalities disorder?How the hell it isn’t classified as a mental disorder is beyond me.

  • Jett Perrobone

    Matthew 26:24 The Son of man goeth as it is written of him: but woe unto that man by
    whom the Son of man is betrayed! it had been good for that man if he had not
    been born.

    It seems you can find a Biblical justification for just about everything.

  • Maya Kulik

     One day I actually saw the light go on in my dad’s head.  We were arguing about the war on women and I, “lost it”, and just shouted,  “We can’t help that we ovulate!  Don’t you get that we just ovulate!?  I’m supposed to, ‘submit’, to my husband and what, not release my eggs!?”

    Also, I was severely anemic before going on oral contraception which controls dysmenorrhea even in those of us who have had our tubes tied.

  • This would enrage those who prattle love and- Hell: their mothers should have aborted Yeshua,Augustine, Aquinas,Luther and Calvin, revelers in misanthropy! Had the last four the power of Hitler, they too would have scorched all Europe! The first was a jerk who wanted everybody to love him or go to Hell, love him more than others and practice logicide-faith.With the deist, Miklos Jako in ” Confronting Believers” and with Lord Bertrand William Arthur Russell and Col. Robert Grwwn  Ingersoll, to claim that jerk as the great moral leader is the scam of the ages!
       Carneades of Ga.

  • Too bad their mothers didn’t abort Yeshua, Augustine, Luther and Calvin, revelers in misanthropy and -Hell! The first one was a jerk of a cult leader who wanted people to love him or -go to Hell! The others would have scorched all Europe, had they the power!
     http://ingersoll& Google this one.
    Hemant, thanks. Oh, you might vet my arguments at either.

  • I get the FFRF newsletter, which always has a section dedicated to the hate mail that the FFRF gets.

    This postcard is extremely mild in comparison.

  • Friendly suggestion, Hemant: put alt-tag text for images like these, for any blind readers you might have.

  • Fsq

    In your case, it may have been better to throw in the towel where you are concerned.

  • Fsq

    You can just smell the banjo on the proch and the really bad dental hygiene emitting from the post card “author”….

  • judith sanders

    I’ll bet there are people who think ovulation is a choice.  Y’know, the word does sound kinda dirty.

    I hate to tell you this, but you may have to deal with menorrhagia and anemia again, as you approach menopause.

  • Rwlawoffice

    I am not condoning this person’s comments and I think that they are very un-christian like behavior, but I love the fake outrage here.  This type of comment is made against Christians routinely on this site and there is no cry that it is immoral or outrageous. Typical hypocrisy I see here all the time. 

  • A Reader

    “Your mother should have aborted you…you became bitter and vicious and hateful”. Right…an innocent ad campaign is much more hateful than this letter…

  • Annie

    I can say in complete honesty, and with great confidence that I have never, ever commented that  someone should have been aborted.

  • Unfortunately, hypocrisy is a trait we all share, religious and atheist alike.

    As is mob fueled nastiness.  Whenever people get together in company against a common enemy, each individual tends to crank it up just a notch.  And seeing no disapproval from the group, the next person cranks it up just a bit more.

    It would be interesting to compare what the FFRF gets with, say, the Catholic League, or some other national religious organization.  But we’d have to depend on each giving us a truly random sample, and not cherry picking or making up the worst cases. 

  • Erin W

    Got some examples to go with your tu quoque?

  •  Can we please stop with the ridiculous bashing of people based on location or class? Poor people, southern people, people who enjoy playing banjo and have no dental coverage can all be decent, kind people who would never wish such things on other people. Let’s stick to criticizing what people say and believe.

  • Corey

    This should explain alot about this man’s world:

    “Pastor Hagee was given the “Humanitarian of the Year” award”


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