He Didn’t Even Say What the Wine Is Supposed To Be… May 28, 2012

He Didn’t Even Say What the Wine Is Supposed To Be…

Over at Cyanide & Happiness, you can see the full strip and the response we all have for Jesus.

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  • koseighty

    “She” has a beard.

  • Sarah

    I realize this is a bit of a nit-picky comment… but I’m pretty sure the person Jesus is offering the bread to is a guy (hence the beard) rather than a “her”.

  • Dammit.

  • FML. Fixed the headline.

  • koseighty


  • Joe

    Recommended with a side of fava beans and paired with a good chianti…  ;^)

  • When I was a little Baptist boy, the wine was Welch’s finest grape juice, and the unleavened bread was Mrs. Baird’s brand sliced white bread that had been squished flat and
    cut into pieces to “unleaven” it.  Was eating this ersatz Jesus as worthy as having burgundy and matzo?  I lost interest in the question long ago.

  • judith sanders

    Leavening is yeast, not altitude.  Dude, you’re  guilty of breaking some obscure taboo.

  • “Weird” is an understatement. 

  • Isilzha

    What was with the Welch’s grape juice??  Why did it always have to be Welch’s??  Whenever I drink it as an atheist adult I still feel like I’m doing something wrong!  As a kid I always felt so guilty taking “communion” since I never felt “right” with god.

  • Aaron Scoggin

    “Oh God, these cream-filled donuts are divine!”

    Yeah, that’s my… Oh, nevermind.

  • Bill the Cat

     The line missing from Silence of the Lambs…

    (Christine) “Hannibal, you putz, there IS NO such thing as a good chianti!”

  • Reverse cannibal Jesus.