Christian Group: If You Don’t Let Us Put Up Religious Monuments on Public Land, You Must Hate the Troops May 28, 2012

Christian Group: If You Don’t Let Us Put Up Religious Monuments on Public Land, You Must Hate the Troops

This is pretty vile. The Liberty Institute (a Christian group) is co-opting Memorial Day in order to convince people that religious emblems (like the Mount Soledad Cross) ought to exist on public land. Specifically, they’re promoting this video called “Don’t Tear Me Down”:

The video basically implies if you support church-state separation, you have some sort of grudge against the troops.

Of course, all these religious monuments are already allowed on church lawns or private grounds. That’s not what the religious groups want, though. They want Christianity promoted by the government through these monuments. They act like following the law is somehow anti-Christian. Groups like the ACLU and FFRF have nothing but respect for soldiers, including Christian ones.

Standing up for the Constitution by moving these monuments to private groups is a way to honor the troops, not disrespect them. It takes pretty despicable people to use the troops’ sacrifices to support some crazy theocratic bucket list.

(via Steel City Skeptics)

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  • langostino

    If you won’t trample the Constitution, you hate the troops.


  • BobtheRobot

    If you support proposition 91, Christian Soldiers of America, say, “I love God and freedom, and I am a patriot.” If you are against proposition 91, say, “I worship false gods and hate America and freedom.”

    Same tired old stuff.

    Not that I particularly respect soldiers. Because murder is legitimate when committed by the state. Right?

    Heh, I’m sure I lost some support from folks after they got to the 5th line.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Wow, the stupid in the YouTube comments…

  • Robbie Macken

    Speaking as a vet, I certainly wasn’t willing to give my life to support any form of theocracy. It’s the same crap that the republican party tends to parrot, to be a good american citizen one must be a christian and since a soldier is obviously a good citizen he/she must”obviously” be christian.

  • JD

    Standing up for the Constitution by moving these monuments to private groups is a way to honor the troops

    Standing up for the Constitution.  Good.  How does moving monuments do so?  Monuments do not establish a religion, even by the largest stretch of the imagination. 

    Whom would it “honor” to tear the Argonne Cross out of Arlington?  The cross neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg as it stands.

  • Pete084

    The cross is a symbol of one brand of religion, and every bit as obscene as if the McDonald’s golden arches were put forward as a symbol of patriotism, because the troops eat burgers!

  • Pete084

    But it’s okay when a soldier kills an enemy who just happens to be a threat to your loved ones though.
    Don’t blame the troops, blame the politicians who send them to fight unjust wars.

  • Dbaker13

    Freakin’ dickbags.

    /ad hominem

  • cipher

    Please. Your bias is well-known.  If it were a secular or non-Christian monument and Christians were protesting it, you’d be entirely on their side. At the very least, you’d be silent.

  • cipher

    Everything with these people involves an emotional appeal – and a maudlin one at that.  They’re operating at the developmental level of children.

  • cipher

    Yes, well – this country has a surplus inventory of imbeciles.

    We really should have a clearance sale.

  • David McNerney

    “Our founding fathers, what would they say?”

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”

  • BobtheRobot

    I do blame politicians, but soldiers aren’t mindless robots. They are people who made their choices too.

  • ErickaMJohnson

    I am so jealous of their budget. Ugh.

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  • Roxane

    I love being told what I “must” think by idiots who haven’t a clue.

  • Philip Gray

        A person would have to be mentally insane in order to fail to recognize that both death and the cross are used as promotion tools for the establishment of Christianity.
      Maybe if Christianity was not a kooky death cult, people wouldn’t complain about how the cross disrespects our deceased veterans.

  • Falconer33

    From us “mindless robots”, your welcome.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Good luck finding a buyer!

  • Baby_Raptor

    Of course it doesn’t harm you. It espouses your view.

  • cipher

    Heh! 😉

  • PendergastLamprey

    I don’t support “our” troops. People of conscience and courage would have recognized the folly, hubris and greed behind conflicts such as Viet Nam and Iraq and simply refused to participate. The politicians who ordered the troops into these wars are morally-bereft criminals. If right and wrong, compassion and justice mean anything, these wars should never have happened.

  • Falconer33

    Misread, sorry.

  • Rwlawoffice

     Or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

    This is the part that most atheist forget.  The first Amendment guarantees the freedom of religion, not the freedom from religion.

  • Rwlawoffice

     How does it harm you? How is honoring the religion of those men and women who died as Christians harming you in anyway?

  • David Brown

    Although a former  Canadian Reservist and frozen my ears a number of times at Remembrance Day parades I have never been to worried about the cross(if any) on cenotaph.  I just put it down to the context of the time.  If the government of Canada was putting a memorial to day then I would strongly object to the inclusion of religious symbols.
    Regarding the Canadian Cross mentioned in the video, given when the memorial was given to the US and the context it was presented, is this a memorial that happens to look like a religious symbol or is it a memorial that is a religious symbol.  The architect of the memorial put a lot of thought and work into the project including what the cenotaph was to represent and how it would inter act with the space surrounding it.  This is not a four by fours or metal girders that was put up by a religious group who are putting a religious symbol to be observed as a religious object.  
    I do not think that Canadian Cross was not put up as a religious symbol.  To move or remove  the Canadian Cross because of todays optics  is just another way to rewrite history.

  • Freedom of religion without coercion from the government. Government support of religion is an endorsement which coerces the public.

  • BobtheRobot

    I never meet people like you in real life so I have to wonder if you’re really just a warmongering troll who wrote the above for lols.

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