Atheist Music: ‘Faith’ by Dangermaker May 28, 2012

Atheist Music: ‘Faith’ by Dangermaker

Reader Ryan alerted me to a San Francisco-based band called Dangermaker. They have a song on their album Black Dream called “Faith” and its lyrics are pretty atheist-friendly:

Open your eyes,
Somebody’s watching you.
Change your mind,
Change it to something new.

Don’t let it fall apart,
Let it fall apart
(something I can’t make out here)

Now do you believe… in god?
I don’t believe
I don’t believe in faith
I don’t believe in you
Faith… can I believe in, can I believe in you?
Faith, I don’t believe in you.

Open up your eyes,
And they’ll be (something new?).
You gotta change your mind
And figure out the truth.

No don’t waste your time,
No don’t go waste your time.
There’s nothing you can do.
Now do you believe in god?
I don’t believe… I don’t believe in faith (etc.)

I want to believe!
It’s just so hard to conceive
That’s there’s something more.
Is there something more?
No… there’s nothing more than faith.
It’s nothing more than faith.

If you like it, consider buying the album!

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  • Ndonnan

    Well its great their asking the question to which the answer is of course YES,although some are a bit slow round these parts,do i hear an amen,yeah

  • I don’t think your response to the question was ever in question.

  • Wayfaerer

    If you’re looking for some “atheist friendly” songs check out the songs “Cult” and “Hate Worldwide” by Slayer.

  • Sarah

    Another good one – Infidels of the World Unite by Fischerspooner.

  • That is a good one! Fischerspooner is always solid.

  • Ryo

    Nice song! I actually blogged about an amazing Japanese rock song that talks about God, critically, skeptically, and poetically:
    The lyrics are translated. They’re brilliant.

  • McFidget

    The Decaying Doctrine – Kiuas
    Like Oar Strikes the Water – Grand Magus
    Self Deciever – Grand Magus
    Religion of Control – Wolfpack Unleashed
    Pretty much any song of the albums Anthropocentric or Heliocentric by The Ocean

    These are just the one off the top of my head. There are plenty of metal songs that are written from an atheistic perspective.

  • Tewigleben

    Here’s a good one (Great freaking band, btw) Darkest Hour-No God.. can’t get much more straightforward than that, eh? 

  • Gnome

    I’ve got a new one called ‘Holy Rollers’ that will be up soon, too…

  • Denis Robert

    I like the fact that it’s atheistic, yes, but the music is too 80s-derivative in a really bad way for me to enjoy it. But let me point out some more professional/accomplished atheistic bands (or at least bands with atheist members and atheistic songs):

    1. Rush. Neil Peart is an atheist (too bad he flirted a little too much with Ayn Rand; but he’s much better now), and his lyrics often touch on themes related to religion. “Faithless” is probably my favourite in that category.

    2. Atheist (duh!):  A little bit of technical death metal never hurt anyone!

    3. Bad Religion (of course).


  • Marco

    “Dear God” by XTC is my favorite. 

  • As a recovering Rush fan, I still feel obligated to mention that Peart wasn’t actually that influenced by Rand. The notes on 2112 were added after someone pointed out that his story was likely going to get them sued because of similarities to Anthem (which, by the way, is the only readable thing Rand ever wrote). 

    I also find if amusing you put Rush, one of the ultimate 80s bands, first on your list after the dig on Dangermaker. 🙂

  • And in the interest of full disclosure, I love 80s rock. I keep my mullet well trimmed and invisible to the casual observer, but it’s just waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

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