Commentary on a Christian Children’s Show May 27, 2012

Commentary on a Christian Children’s Show

You know what’s better than watching Bibleman?

Watching Brad Jones, The Cinema Snob provide commentary 🙂

(Possibly NSFW language… but it’s hilarious)

(Thanks to Patrick for the link!)

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  • Gordon

    Came here hoping for Bibleman. Received Bibleman and Brad Jones. Yay.

    I’ve been watching bibleman with my atheist friends for years. Ideal for certain extracurriculars.

  • Guest

    I don’t think I get this. This episode was about them putting on a play, I guess? So what are the other episodes about? What did they do for their insanely long run?

    “Of course! Don’t you know anything about SCIENCE?!” — Yeah, I’m thinking that even Dr. Insano would be a better role model for these kids than the Bible. At least he’s probably got evolution down.

    Also: How I Met Your Mother reference at 9:20. Now I want to watch the Robin Sparkles episode again.

  • Why is it that Christian programming is always so painfully stupid?  Jones’ commentary was hilarious, though.

  • I LOVE Brad Jones. Also, I found it even more hilarious because the day before he posted that episode, my friend had showed me a tape of Bibleman with two episodes! We haven’t watched it yet but we will LOVE this.

  • Heartfout
    I’m just disappointed that Shadow of Doubt didn’t get into review.

  • RupertPupkin

    After watching the above video, for the life of me I can’t figure out why so many people find atheists unpleasant. Simply baffling. 

  • God-Man could kick Bibleman’s ass. And he’d smite all those annoying kids in the process.

  • Davedodo007

    How come you never sent this show to the UK, I mean you only sent us the banana splits which I loved so you are forgiven:-)

  • Coyotenose

     If atheists using mean language when deriding stupid ideas offends you more than stupid ideas, that’s not a problem with US.

  • ChildofParadise

    As if I didn’t like Cinema Snob before… I like him more now that I’ve seen him poking fun at The Bible and shitty religious programming.

    And how did I never know that Bibleman stars Willie Aames?For those who haven’t ever had the pleasure of seeing a Ruggero Deodato picture, Cut and Run (mentioned in the video) is as good a place as any to start.  It’s one of his more mainstream affairs, and is actually a fairly tense jungle action-survival picture.

  • ragarth

    He should have reviewed the episode with the most insulting depiction of an atheist I’ve ever seen:

    Its pure gold!

  • articulett

    ‘Twas awesome. 

  • agh

    Oh dear, I foolishly/drunkenly went and searched for more episodes of this shit on youtube and OH MY GOD THE BAD GUYS ARE ALL JEWS.

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