The Majority is Gullible May 26, 2012

The Majority is Gullible

(via Religion Poisons Everything)

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  • Nordog

    The majority rules means that the majority is gullible?  Really?  I smell a non sequitur.

  • Coyotenose

     Although you happen to be right in this case, it’s fairly ironic to see you criticizing a statement for not making sense.

  • Dave

    No; DESPITE that the majority rules, the majority is gullible.
    Glad we cleared that up.

  • Nordog

    Oh you just hate it when I say something that isn’t debatable.

    That, and you’re a troll.

  • Patterrssonn

    No I think she’s just surprised you managed a post that wasn’t completely inane, didn’t last unfortunately.

  • Nordog


  • Thin-ice

    This cartoon is good, and must have taken a really looooong time to draw!

    But I really don’t think it is at all useful for scoring points with theists. It doesn’t prove that the majority is gullible,  just that it can be. It doesn’t prove that a minority belief is correct, or is any more likely to be true just because the majority believe something irrational. And while the premise is true for the case of belief in a deity (the majority believe it and are thus gullible), it can be just as often found that crackpot ideas are often at the center of minority group beliefs: Alien abductions, Bigfoot, Flat Earth Society, Catholic Priests for Moral Behavior (ha!), et al. It’s just inviting theists to lump us and the crazies all together!

  • AxeGrrl

    How about a little history/civics lesson to go along with that cartoon?  Something, say, along the lines of “believe it or not, the United States ISN’T a pure democracy where everything is decided by majority vote”

    Sadly, this seems to be ‘news’ to many Americans I’ve interacted with lately 🙁

  • Onamission5

    I liked the cartoon, didn’t even think about the BF/aliens angle! Then you raised this point and I realized that there are woo-woo some folks around whom I was raised, with whom I’d also rather not be lumped, because the minority can be really, really gullible, too…

    I mean, I like mountains, too, but come on.

  • The text portions need an editor.

  •  That would be an improvement.

  •  If you are trying to relate it to the previous text, yes, but I think that last line is directed more at the picture instead. …meh!

  • Kodie

     I think the majority is gullible. Gullibility is not mutually exclusive of being correct. If it sounds true, that translates for many as “is true,” and if they believe something that sounds true for the wrong reasons doesn’t make them any less correct, at least sometimes, if not most times. Being correct for the most part, many people get overly confident in their abilities to assess truth, and easily led wrong. They haven’t been so wrong, and if they have, it’s not something that came up very often or affected their lives. For example, evolution being true does not really affect people. They can be wrong, and it makes no difference daily, or ever. If it doesn’t matter, is another matter, then; if it doesn’t affect their lives, why do they persist to battle evolution with a fantasy or a science-like “intelligent design” creations? Why is that so important? That I can’t answer for sure, but people don’t like to be tricked into believing evolution if they are hearing how it’s a communist conspiracy of the public school system to shove the atheist agenda down their poor throats. Warnings from a trusted source who never led them wrong before, and suddenly they are not just believing something stupid, they are actively defending it. The majority is easily swayed by parlor tricks all the time.

    So, yeah, the majority is gullible. I think civilization is built upon this being true.  The majority is sometimes also correct. The minority correcting a wrong majority is difficult because people have based their reliance on truth being based on how many people believe it, if they have no other way of deciding. People will eat in a shitty restaurant if the parking lot is full. Our customs are really norms – what is everyone else doing? Then I won’t stick out, even if I really want to do something else, I want people to like me more. Teenagers, lol. I won’t be such a cast-out if I wear the right clothes, will magically make the popular kids notice me in a positive way – never works, but the strategy persists.  The majority is gullible, they have no experience they’d like to admit being wrong, and no compelling reason to go against the grain, unless they have been led to believe that’s exactly what they’re doing. Why are most people religious? Because everyone else is, because their parents are. No really good reason, not because they need to be or because there actually is a god, but because someone else convinced them that they needed to be. Why do they pretend they’re in the minority? Because they’re not used to hearing anyone defy their logic. Many people are gullible enough to go to college, college isn’t always correct and it isn’t always incorrect, it’s just something people do because they got it in their head that it was important. For the first time in a long time, it’s not always a safe, secure path, but people keep taking it anyway. For a lot of them (who didn’t have any idea what to do with their education), it does turn out to be a better bet than skipping it, but they’ve been sold on the concept and everyone says it’s necessary, so they follow the advice. Yeah, that’s what I came up with for an example of gullible but right. I’m sure there are better examples that are just not coming to mind right now.

  • Coyotenose

     Stating facts isn’t trolling.  It only takes one click on your name to produce said facts. Here’s a gem of an example:

    “For the former, PBA requires holding the baby inside the womb even longer in order to kill it first…  Clearly both of these are cases not concerned with bodily autonomy, but rather concerned with ensuring the baby is dead.”

    Not only nonsensical in fact, but a disgusting, ignorant accusation. I’d take being a troll to the sort of slime who thinks like this over being the slime any day.

  • Nordog

    Besides being a case of classic projection.

  • Nordog

    …well, no “besides”.  Just classic projection.

  • Nordog

    Of course, if the majority is so gullible, then the majority of the multitude in the cartoon just became atheists.

    Besides that, I can’t understand why some people think atheists have a general condescending disdain for the common person, then I see cartoons like this.

    Must be so lonely being the one freethinking “bright” in the cartoon world of non sequitur bromides.

  • Mark O’Leary

    Or, for the biblically minded, “Do not follow a multitude to do evil.” (Ex. 23:2)

    BTW, the good message is spoiled by an illiterate caption.

  • Nordog6561

    Yes, the super-title would have been grammatically fine if it had omitted the word “Despite.”

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