Must Be One of Those North Carolina Churches… May 25, 2012

Must Be One of Those North Carolina Churches…

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  • Typical Christian Love, from experience: I love gays. But if they marry they can go get raped by Satan. Though they’d probably like it anyways, the fags. But I still love them and God loves them. But no marrying. Or rights. Rights definitely are a no-no.

  • There is so much double-speak from any given pulpit, it makes one’s head spin.

  • Jett Perrobone

    Awsome cartoon.  Only, North Carolinans wouldn’t call them “gay”.  “Gay” is a word which inpires happy, joyful sentiment towards them, rather than hatred and revulsion.  They’d much prefer to name them after a wicked city that their god destroyed.

  • CarolinaBlue

    Why does it have to be a North Carolina church? 29 other states passed same-sex marriage bans before we did — and by greater margins. Don’t be a dick and single out NC. The sad thing is, that church billboard could be in any U.S. state.

  • CarolinaBlue

     Seriously, dude? All North Carolinians are like that? What about the hundreds of thousands who voted against Amendment One? The best parts of this state are the progressive cities and college towns that overwhelmingly support LGBT rights. PLease don’t lump us all in together. North Carolina is diverse like every other state.

  • Eric in Oakland

    The other states did not pass a constitutional ammendment in 2012, and most of them likely couldn’t find that level of support any more. Also, most of the progressives in NC couldn’t be bothered enough to actually go vote. Less than a third of eligible voters actually went to the polls.

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