Penn Jillette’s Coming to Michigan May 24, 2012

Penn Jillette’s Coming to Michigan

Penn Jillette is coming to East Lansing, Michigan on June 6th to promote the paperback version of his book God, No!: Signs You May Already Be an Atheist and Other Magical Tales and CFI-Michigan is sponsoring the event.

If you’d like tickets, get them while you can!

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  • Santiago

    You know, with all the kerfuffle that’s come up about some male speakers in atheist conferences harassing women I think it’s time we quietly dropped Penn Jillette and stopped associating ourselves with him as soon as possible.

    His outright sexism has been clear and easy to spot in recent times:

    Jen and the others have not called names of course but they *have* said that the perpetrators were not a surprise because most were not shy about spewing their sexist opinions on the internet. To be honest as soon as I heard that the first name that come up in my head was Penn Jillette.

    Now, I’m not saying that we should drop Penn Jillette because of that because we have essentially no evidence and that’s the only thing that should be swaying our minds. But we DO have ample evidence of his sexism, a sexism which is at the very least the most loud and outspoken among the sexism that may lurk in some of the minds of the male atheist speakers. We know he’s sexist, and that he is unrepentant of it. Knowing what we now know about the amount of damage that sexism is doing to our movement do we really want to keep associating ourselves with the likes of him?

  • I live in East Lansing and thought I might attend.  Now?  Maybe not.

  • Makes sense since he and Teller are playing June 2nd in Windsor at Caesar’s Palace.

  • I agree with Santiago. Penn needs to be dropped but not quietly. His blatant sexism should be clearly announced as the reason. There’s a reason his name came to mind when thinking about perpetrators.

  • Patterrssonn

    Not sure why Hennant’s promoting this misogynist fuckwit. I thought making the atheist movement more inclusive to women was a goal of his.

  • Gus Snarp

    I think Penn Jillette is a sexist pig. I think Penn Jillette lets his politics trump his critical thinking and that this showed up in his TV show. I generally agree with Rebecca Watson, Jen McCreight, and others on the issue of sexism in the skeptical/atheist community and how it should be dealt with. But I don’t really like people writing nudge-nudge, wink-wink not quite accusations like yours. Sure, you have the caveats: there’s no real evidence, this is just what I thought of, but I don’t know, but nevertheless you’ve planted the seed. I don’t think that’s a good idea. Are Jen and others now in a position of having to defend individuals every time someone makes a guess? Let’s not make guesses, let’s have harassment policies, let’s keep records, but let’s not make guesses about something we have no personal knowledge of. Because they can’t defend one and then not another, because that’s as good as naming names.

    In Penn’s defense: Jen was really quite fond of Penn for a while, and attended one of his parties at, I believe it was TAM, and it seems unlikely that if she had been warned about Penn by someone she respected that she would have gone. She seems to have been recently disillusioned with Penn due to his comments, not due to any inappropriate behavior at a meeting. So I’m loathe to speculate.

    I would hope that a significant number of people would see through the problems with Penn and choose not to attend his talks, shows, or events.

  • Cortex_Returns

    I tend to agree with you, though I think all the seeds have already  been planted. I know the first thing my spouse and I did when this came out was go through all the speaker lists for all the past TAMs and other events and make a list of our best bets for yeses, nos, and maybes.

  • Cortex_Returns


  • elizabeth

    Because of the fanatical sexism of spokespeople atheists like Penn Jillette and Christopher Hitchens I abhor and avoid the atheist “movement” altho I’m a staunch atheist myself and lament the lack of peer camaraderie and support.

    The hatred vented on MM O’Hair by both atheists and the religious is astounding.  Altho she was incredibly courageous, committed to her ideals, uncorruptable and persevering she was reviled, despised, slandered, kidnapped, accused of fraud,  larceny and grand theft, held hostage, tortured,  and finally murdered. And after all that, the misogynists and their ilk still see fit to slime her, while pigs like Hitchens and Jillette get a free pas and lots of admiration despite their bullying, sexist attacks on those who, the world over, face the most oppressive conditions from religion and unfortunately, atheists like themselves. 

    Why do they find MM O’Hair’s ‘christian” son suddenly credible when he speaks ill of his murdered mother, but don’t believe him when he avows the existence of his god and his righteousness?  A creepy contradiction.  I wouldn’t believe a thing he says.  Bigoted  buffoons like Hitchens and Jillette and their admirers keep women away from the atheist “movement” in droves.  I can certainly attest to that.

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