Pastor Calls For Electrified Fence To Corral and Exterminate Gays May 24, 2012

Pastor Calls For Electrified Fence To Corral and Exterminate Gays

First of all, this is neither made up, nor is it an Onion article.  I checked.  Twice.

On May 13th, congregants of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, NC were treated this heart-warming sermon by Pastor Charles Worley :

I… figured a way to get rid of all the lesbians and queers, but I couldn’t get it past the Congress.  Build a great big large fence, hundred… fifty or a hundred-mile long.  Put all the lesbians in there.  Fly over and drop some food.  Do the same thing with the queers and the homosexuals.  And have that fence electrified till they can’t get out.  Feed ’em and… and you know what, in a few years they’ll die out.  D’you know why? They can’t reproduce.  If a man ever has a young’n, praise god it will be the first one.

God have mercy, it makes me pukin’ sick to think about… I don’t even whether you ought to say this in the pulpit or not… can you imagine kissing some man?

The thing is, this is so very silly sounding that I forgot to be angry or horrified.

I would like to take a moment  to go through the pastor’s Master Plan to rid the world of the lesbians and queers and homosexuals.

Ok, so we’re building a 100-150-mile-long fence.  150 miles long?  Like a straight line from point A to point B?  Los Angeles to San Diego is about 120 miles already…

I’m not sure what good a hundred-mile long fence would do anyone.  This isn’t The Ming Dynasty , after all. How high is this fence? Couldn’t the gays and lesbians just jump over it? Couldn’t they walk around it at the edge? Someone hasn’t thought this completely through…

But lets give the pastor the benefit of the doubt — say he meant a hundred mile circumference.  I’m not going to go into how he expects to round up all of the gay people in the US.  But here comes my favorite part of the plan.  So we’re putting all of the lesbians in one pen.  And then… all the queers and homosexuals in another? Someone is not down with the lingo.

But again, benefit of the doubt.  Gay guys in one pen, lesbians in another.

Electrify the fence so they can’t get out, and then wait for them to just die off. Because, you know, they can’t procreate.  Because they’re gay.  GET IT?!  

I don’t really get why he wants to separate the men and women.  I feel like his point would be proven even better if they were all in one pen. Men and women together but they don’t want to reproduce with each other because they’re gay. (GET IT?!)  

Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink… Oh the irony!

But he is going to keep feeding them.  And wait for them to die off.  But keep feeding them.  And waiting for them to… what, die of old age?  Not exactly swift justice.  And just think of the electric bills! Are the churches going to pay for that?!

Ok, Pastor Worley. I’ll help you out.

What you *meant* to say was that we should put gays and lesbians in one 100-mile circumference, closed-off, really tall, electric fence, without any food, so they can all die off in a few days. Can I get an amen to that?!

Hey Pastor Worley. You know what makes me “pukin’ sick”?


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  • Guys like this are one of the greatest assets of those of us who’d like to see the decline of Christianity. Keep on preachin’, brother, amen!

  • Onamission5

    Can I invoke Godwin’s Law NOW?

  • Sarah

    There is really no part of this man’s plan that isn’t both stupid and horrible, but the part that really confuses me is: does he think that all of the gay/lesbian people who currently exist are the result of gays and lesbians reproducing? 

  • Most christians think that the LGBT community recruits because they can’t reproduce.    They think being gay is a choice.  Not all, and he’s kinda vague in his statements, but probably is along those lines.

  • Onamission5

    I want to add that there is a protest happening outside Worley’s church this Sunday.  A friend of mine from Catawba Valley Pride informs me that other local churches are going to be bussing their entire congregations to the site in order to stand against this bullshit. Hundreds are expected. But, it’s an uphill battle, combatting mentalities like this which are so insideous and pervasive. Worley just happens to have said what he really thinks out loud. Most people said it quietly two weeks ago instead, with their votes. If you’re not in the area and would like to say what YOU think, I suggest using dollars, phone calls or email.

  • I think the whole point of the “keep feedin’ them” part was to make him sound at least a small bit humane, you know, I don’t want to kill ’em, I just want them to die off and stop recriuting our good god fearing kids.

    Personally I’m more miffed about the obvious “Vote Romney” message in there.  Another case for investigating and losing their tax exempt status if you ask me.

  • Wow. If memory serves me, it seems like someone else in the mid-twentieth century was all about rounding up anyone different into concentration camps with electrified fences and systematically exterminating them to achieve racial and ethnic purity. Because the obvious sole reason that we queers even exist is to muddy that pristine Christian bloodline (insert paralells to Voldemort here). I don’t even feel a little bad that this guy has had death threats made against him.

  • As per Poe’s Law. you can’t tell satire from crazy religious stuff unless the satirical piece gives the reader a”wink” of some kind.

  • If he wants someone to blame, he should be blaming the straight people who keep *having* gay and lesbian children…

  • Pedro Lemos

    That´s exactly what I thought, he´s gonna have to do the same thing again in about 15, 20 years, when the next generation of lesbians, queers and homossexuals is old enough to understand their sexual desires.
    And then again, and again. It would probably become another religious ritual, something like the Holy Segregation of the Queers. The Pope would decret it a new holyday, and christian teenagers would have to bring their own captured queers to show their devotion to Christ.

  • ungullible

    Maiden is 25 miles from me.  Oh, how my state has embarrassed me so lately…. 🙁

    Hemant, of course they can’t jump over the fence.  Didn’t note that the only way to get food into them would be to fly over and drop it in?

  • Kimpatsu

    Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink…”
    That’s “NOR any a drop to drink”. But then, The Mariner needs updating. Today it’s the TSA that stoppeth one in three…

  • David McNerney

    Let’s not be too hasty – he might have a point.

    Just replace LGBTs with bigotted religious arseholes and there might be something worth looking into.

  • Observer

    Remember: people like this believe they’re the GOOD guys, so for some reason, they think they’re entitled to go so far as to genocide their own species…

    On a side note, he (the pastor) does realize that not only are homosexuals actually capable of reproduction – just because one has an aversion to the opposite sex doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of having sex with them (look at closet cases). Not only that, but if the homosexuals in the concentration camp do have children, a majority of those kids ill be straight.

  • “The bible is again it, god’s again it, i’m again it, and if you got any sense you’d be again”

    Learn how to speak first asshole.

  • observer

    The way he talks about this, he treats it as if homosexuality isn’t a choice…still, I’ll bet if asked, he’ll greatly insist being gay is a choice.

  • Stev84

     They would be great if they didn’t hurt thousands of people in the process

  • Stev84

    35 years ago he longed for the good old days when you could just string up gays (and presumably blacks) on the nearest oak tree:

  • Dan

    Of course Pastor Worley would provide them with food  – withholding food wouldn’t be Christian.  Oh, the irony just flows out of this one, doesn’t it?

    In reality, Pastor Worley’s proposal would probably seriously backfire, and is somewhat analogous to what is happening in our culture today.  The fenced in area would thrive as a haven for creativity and invention.  Loving same-sex couples would ‘find a way’ to have children, and those children, gay or straight, would be raised in loving, tolerant homes.  Homophobia would play no role in this new utopia; it would be as ridiculous a concept as slavery is to us today.  Eventually, this new colony would expand the fence and push Pastor Worley and his ilk closer and closer to opposite ocean.

    Who would be ‘behind’ the electric fence then?

  • My go to quote has been: “Anyone who thinks Leviticus makes good social policy”. 

  • Baby_Raptor

    Nah. This one was pre-Godwin’d. You’d just be stating the obvious.

  • Michael

    Does his plan include a way to add in all the gays who are born next week without anyone escaping?

  • Nordog6561

    Yeah, but they will likely have far fewer gay and lesbian children if homosexuality can ever be detected in the womb.

  • Nordog6561

     FTR, Godwin’s Law does not say that any given Nazi reference is necessarily inappropriate.

    This is a case in which the Nazi reference would be very appropriate.

  • He pauses for an awful long time while he thinks of kissing some man…

  • Worley says:
    The bible is against it
    God is against it
    I’m against it

    Let me critique these rationales.

    The bible was written by people living in a time and place where social attitudes were a lot more constrained about what kind of behavior was tolerated.  The bible being against it is only relevant in understanding what the prevailing social attitudes were are the time of the bible’s authorship.

    It always baffles me how people who believe in God somehow think there is any correlation between what God believes and the collection of literature now known as the bible.  Honest believers in God must admit that they don’t know anything about God.  All they know is words that people in the past put in the mouth of God.

    As for Worley being against it, well he is entitled to his opinion although he abuses his position as a pastor in expressing his bigotry as somehow being the opinion of what the congregation imagines as the supreme creator of the universe.  Religion is often just bigotry wrapped in purple cloth.

  • T-Rex

    Wow, this guy must really be self loathing and probably fights the urge to work a glory hole every second of his pathetic life. Sounds like his religion is in its death throws, getting louder and angrier every day. I wouldn’t pis on this piece of garbage if he was on fire.

  • I don’t really see how a social structure like religion can undergo a major shift without creating discord and discomfort.

    In any case, the behavior of people like this “pastor” is probably helping more people than it’s hurting.

  • skippy

    Maiden is 45 miles from me, and the  direction NC is going in is so distressing and not looking to get much better.

  • I think it’s important to take this stuff apart for what it is. So vile as it is, I don’t think he’s proposing to starve people, he’s just making a stupid point about procreation.

    He’s stupid enough by himself, there’s no need to add to it.

    Of course, if he’d think about it the same would be true for any group of people where they’re split off into male and female and kept in electric fences.

    And like someone else already pointed out, gay people  don’t come from other gay people, so even if he did this, the next generation that grew up would have just the same percentages of gay.

  • Oh, but I can’t wait for that day… when the religious nutters have to choose between an abortion or having a gay child!

  • Andrea Crain

    Right, and he also probably believes the lie that being gay causes a vastly shortened lifespan. Combine the two crazy ideas and he thinks he can corral us all, let us die of gay sexing, and then there will be no more queers. (He is also not taking into account the trans people and the genderqueer people and the bisexuals, but that’s probably the least of his problems.)

  • No, he’s “agin” it. He’s “agin” it all.

  • houndies

    i promise you, this already kissing men. me thinks he doth protest too much. what a jerk!

  • Not to mention that about half his audience is probably female.

  • Yes, exactly. He wasn’t proposing genocide, he was saying he thought “the gay” is only transmitted/inherited and not a variance that occurs everywhere.  That’s stupid, of course, but it’s pretty dishonest to put words into his mouth.

  • Phillip DeFranco said it best… “People have to take a stand, people have to be outspoken … and there we have a man of God saying that we should essentially set up concentration camps for gays. Saying that essentially the holocaust was a great idea but why all the Jews? Why not just gays?”

  • Onamission5

    Not only is he making a (really stupid) point concerning his views on procreation, he also wishes he could get away with lynching “queers,” and apparently, so does his congregation. If that isn’t a direct incitation to violence, I don’t know what is.

  • Onamission5

    Something tells me– being quite familiar with this mindset– that Worley doesn’t believe gay people are born, but rather recruited. So in his mind locking all the gays away would protect future generations from contamination.

  • Gabriel

    The Nazi’s also put gays into concentration camps along with Jews and Gypsies. The Jews wore yellow stars of David and the Gays wore pink triangles. I don’t know what the Gypsies had to wear.

  • Gabriel

    In what way was he not proposing genocide? He wants to round up all gay people and confine them behind an electric fence until they die. No one is putting words into his mouth.

  • Everyone got put in those camps, besides those Nazis deemed worthy. Jews, Gays, Gypsies, the Elderly, the Disabled… the list goes on, most likely.

  • Stev84

    At first Gypsies were classified as “asocial”, thus the black triangle. Later they got their own brown triangles

  • Stev84

    Don’t trivialize his mindset. While the proposal is of course stupid when taken literally, the idea behind it needs to be taken seriously. In 1978, he preached that he was sad that gay people could walk around openly when they were hanged from trees 40 years ago.

    Make no mistake: if given the chance, he would kill people

  • BrentSTL

    Anderson Cooper had one of Worley’s “church” members on his CNN show last night. Needless to say, she went to the mat for him:

    I lived in North Carolina (eastern part of the state – Rocky Mount, specifically) for 4.5 years, and while I’m not shocked or surprised, it’s still disappointing to see what’s been happening. Then again, remember: This IS the state that gave us Jesse Helms…

  • TheAnalogKid

    A old audio clip from the 70s has been found of this taint stain bragging about how homosexuals used to be hung. 

  • Stev84

    Technically, the disabled were not put in concentration camps. Under the T4 program, they were usually killed in hospitals and special institutions created just for that purpose.

  • Nordog6561

     Yes, quite a conundrum for certain, ah nutters.

    Also a conundrum for the abortion-rights absolutists who support LGBT rights when they become aware of a silent genocide aimed at the gay unborn.

  • Please don’t do this. Yes, lots of closeted gay men and lesbian women take the position of hyper-homophobic speech and actions to prove to themselves they are straight as it comes, but to state something like this borders on homophobic speech itself. It’s bad enough without having the self-hating gay trope tossed out every time someone’s a complete asshole regarding LGBT rights.

  • rofl.   He’s operating on the theory that it takes a gay to convert a kid to gayness, like gays are vampires in True Blood or something.

  • This will automatically stop straight people from having gay kids… right? … Right??

  • Also, didn’t some German guy somewhere a while back try to segregate an entire segment of the population into death camps as well? His name escapes me…

  • Brad Rhoads

    As a Christian, I’m ashamed of this so called pastor’s hateful words. 

  • Onamission5

    News from my friend is that they are running into a beauracratic wall re: the scheduled protest. If anyone has access to resources regarding right to assembly in NC, I would love to pass them along. I have been looking but I cannot find any.

  • Mandocommando23

    I was waiting for you to address the elephant in the room, but you didn’t. The good pastor’s plan would be foiled when the next generation of adults had just as many homosexuals as the previous generation. Because guess what Pastor Worley? Gay people don’t give birth to gay people–straight people do! GET IT!?

  • Baby_Raptor

    No, he’s not proposing to starve us. he just wants us all behind a giant electric fence, locked away from society, medical care and everything else necessary to live, until we either die out or some extremist gets the idea to go play target practice. 

    He was proposing genocide. 

  • Sue Blue

    He’s just doin’ his part to reinforce stereotypes about Southerners: sullen, inbred, ignorant hillbillies still ragin’ about being humiliated and losing their slaves in the Civil War.  Bleeding shit, the banjos are drownin’ out the organ music in this one.  
    Maybe someone should remind him of the times his idea was tried before (including the internment of the Japanese right here at home) and how it not only didn’t work out too well, but the people doing the fencing are not exactly looked upon with favor by history.

  • Baby_Raptor

    He wouldn’t care about people disliking him for it. He’s doing Gawd’s Holy Work! People being against it would be persecution. 

  • CanadianNihilist

     I’m pro choice and I don’t see an issue. If a woman wants to have an abortion for ANY reason that’s her choice. It’s not like it’s killing a sentient/self aware fully developed human. Despite what the churches say.

  • Nordog6561

     Well, my church doesn’t claim that it would be a sentient/self aware fully developed human.  But then my church doesn’t hold that one need be sentient/self aware or fully developed in order to be fully a human being.

    Do you have the same position regarding those places in the world that employ an extensive use of abortion to prevent the birth of girls?  China for example?

  • Stev84

    Guys, let’s not start another huge abortion debate here, 0k? We’ve already had that in other topics

  • Nordog6561

    Okay by me.

  • I shared with this group which I think came out of the protest against the ‘crack the limp wrist’ pastor.  Maybe Justin Griffith might have some knowledge in the area?

  • Why? If you believe in abortion rights, it’s because you don’t consider the fetus a person, and there’s no ethical problem with eliminating it. For any reason. You can’t have genocide before you have a person to kill.

    In any case, since it’s almost exactly the same people who are opposed to abortion and who think there’s something wrong with homosexuals, I don’t really see who you think would actually get an abortion because their kid was going to be gay. The pro-choice folks don’t have a problem with homosexuality.

  • NogahdzNoughmasters

    Another bigoted preacher vid. Oh, no not AGIN…it

  • Nordog6561

    I refer you to what I consider Steve84’s most reasonable request.

  • It’s really fascinating to see his followers complaining about how folks are picking on this guy. he wants to lock people up, but some people are saying really mean things about him. …yep, we’re even!

  • Onamission5

    A common belief among his ilk is that gay people aren’t born, they are recruited. So, like I said elsewhere in thread, by locking all the queers away he likely believes he’d be protecting future generations from contamination.

  • kagekiri

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about the stupidity of the example, let alone the sheer immorality of his idea.

    If we locked up straight men in one area and straight women in the other, we’d still see them all die out, because straight people can’t procreate either when gender segregated (assuming human cloning isn’t attempted by the women).

    Even granting him that gayness is bad (which it isn’t), he’s actually failing to achieve anything even by the horrible standards of the Bible. The Bible says God makes gay people gay in Romans 1 as punishment for not following him, so locking up gay people would be an ongoing affair and not a singular genetic cleansing genocide, unless you magically kill all non-Christians too (and even then, new non-believers would be born to Christians).

    This idea that gay people make others gay is un-Biblical on top of being stupidly ridiculous and entirely unrelated to reality, which makes him an even more particularly incompetent religious bigot and utter hypocrite.

    (I know it’s a bit silly to use the Bible against Christians when I think the Bible is full of crap, but it’s just so funny to smack them with their own weapon of intolerance: “stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself!”).

  • Fsq

    The guy is foul, vile and evil….

    How anyone can continue to follow any christian clubhouse and leader is beyond me

  • Tainda

    This is the sort of thing that scares me so much I break out in a cold sweat.  Also the fact that these people breed like rabbits and teach their children the same hate.

  • Fsq

    Then do simething about it. Give uo being a christian.

  • Fsq

    I would also add that the binle cannot be against anytng. It is an inanimate object. Cletus should have said the bible’s passages say it is not such….

    Just another stellar example of the south and the american public wchool system turning out rhodes scholars….

  • Mairianna

    That’s exactly what I was thinking as I was reading this.  So, if gays CAN’T reproduce anyway, why the hell does Worley care that they are all together in a pen?  And where in the hell did he think gays come from, anyway?  Heterosexual sex, of course!   Prob’ly all them un-aborted babies that them xtrians are so hellbent on savin’.    

  • Wildrumpus67

    Godwin’s law in 5 4 3 2 1…

  • kagekiri

    Eh, I disagree.

    This kind of ranting homophobia is becoming more repulsive to more people, but that’s because of the normalization efforts of more progressive people and more gay people standing up for their identities and change the younger generations, not because these nutbag preachers have somehow contributed.The homophobes are just as vile as they ever were: it’s their potential audience that was positively changed (and not by the homophobes). Let’s not give them positive credit where none is due.

    When these men could easily be preaching love and harming no one and helping many, “helping more than they’re hurting” is still unacceptable. It’s like giving a maiming gunshot credit for making the victim appreciate xer other limbs and life more, forgetting that not being shot would have been obviously better.

  • Lots of people who get abortions are against abortions. Abortions are what sluts get, and they aren’t sluts. It just happened this one time, and it’s not their fault. They’re still against abortion. 

    Cognitive dissonance is powerful.

  • Gabriel

    Thank you.

  • Mike Webster

    We’re gonna need a bigger fence! 

  • Curdled Pusmonkey

    He’s a perfect little shart, ain’t he.

  •  I dunno, when someone proposes a concentration camp and speaks about eliminating a section of the population once and for all, I think we may have a legitimate case for comparison.

  • Onamission5

    Keep in mind this is a region where people “sale” their unwanted items, put their clothing in “chester draws”  and go to the salon to “git ma hur did.” I don’t fault him for using the popular colloquial, grating as it may be. I fault him for being a ginormous ass.

  • Onamission5

    “stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself!”

    Made me laugh, which was needed. Thank you!

  • Onamission5

    Thank you.

    I’m not on FB (because I am an uptight old fart who doesn’t want anyone that much in her business except her spouse) but my friend is, so I will pass Justins info along to her if you think he wouldn’t mind.

  • Precisely. Godwin’s Law doesn’t say that ANY comparison to Hitler and/or the Nazis immediately means that side has lost the argument… from Wikipedia: “The rule does not make any statement about whether any particular reference or comparison to Adolf Hitler or the Nazis might be appropriate, but only asserts that the likelihood of such a reference or comparison arising increases as the discussion progresses”.

    In this case, I think my comparison is valid.

  • MichaelD

    And yet young people are still far more progressive on the issue. So rabbit breeding and teaching hate aside it doesn’t seem to be working in the long run.

  •  Jesus will provide a solution to that problem when the time comes.

  •  “does he think…”

    …the answer is already no.

  •  Yes, quite.

  • I won’t say that I am ashamed of your shameless opportunism, but I am certainly a little embarrassed by it.

  •  ‘Agin’ is a good word. I’m agin homophobia for example. And I’m agin this damned preacher.

  • Robyman44

    He didn’t mention water, sanitation, health care, shelter, clothing, etc. So maybe he’d like to put them all in the desert with regular food deposits and nothing more? Who knows, because he didn’t say. I’ll bet he would though – after all, surely he would choose a spot far removed from everyone else so that gays couldn’t reach the outside world in any way.  No communication, no contact and no escape – that electric fence guarantees it. That way they could die off faster AND everyone else would get closer to Jeezus and the Great Sky Fairy (oh, hold on there, ignore that last word… I mean Daddy), with one major problem no longer an issue in the US of A. Oh, wait a moment, damn, I just remembered that there are many other countries in the world with gay people – would those governments cooperate with this brilliant man of God and send their gay people to this location??? Or would they consider telling him to f–k off and go die himself? Or perhaps just not answer his plea because he’s a mindless, raving lunatic?

  • Onamission5

    I love how he says he’d never get it past Congress, like that’s just a problem with Congress being too liberal and not a problem with him being batshitters. Oh, wait. But I thought Congress was socialist/fascist/marxist? So he couldn’t get it past Congress because of xian persecution, or because liberals are non-genocidal fascists who want everyone to have equal rights, which is an oxymoron?

    Teh Craaazy is catching if you examine it too long.

  • Well, I wouldn’t exactly call my comments “positive support”…

    I’m just saying that this sort of extremism produces unintended positive consequences… like if you get shot, and they discover early cancer while removing the bullet. It’s not like that makes getting shot “positive”.

  • TheAnalogKid

    You’re a “Christian”. Does that mean you believe that Jesus is God? That the Bible is God’s, therefore Jesus’s word? Because, you know, it’s his word that says homosexuality is wrong and that homosexuals should be put to death.

  •  That was my read. It is fascinating to hear some folks telling stories about the recruitment strategies of homosexuals. …makes you wonder if they see something in themselves that would make them recruitable, as it were.

  • Marco Conti

    The guy is a puke, but if you want a good laugh, catch the Anderson Cooper interview of a member of his flock trying to extricate herself from the reality of what the pastor said.

    The most hilarious thing was how annoyed she was that the pastor’s words were taken “out of context”.


  • Isilzha

    So, do you take away all the modern technology and tools?  How do you propose to REALLY keep them there?  If they escape, do you shoot them? 

  • Isilzha

    It doesn’t always take!  Just like heterosexuals keep having homosexual children, those xians can still end up with atheist children (or horror, upon horror, atheist homosexual children!)

    Of course, it also means my childhood really sucked and I now barely speak to my elderly parents.  Still, for whatever mysterious reason, at least their nasty, bigoted, religious indoctrination REALLY didn’t take.

  • Isilzha

    Another, “so called” pastor, right?  He’s not a “true” christian then?  You do realize that argument fails spectacularly for many reasons.  One, this isn’t a rare viewpoint.  Two, there’s a lot of hate in the bible what this pastor is saying fits pretty well with all that nasty stuff.  Three, there is no “true” christianity, there’s no god involved in the process so people are just making it up as they go along anyway.

  • Ibis3

    His other contact info is in the sidebar on his blog:

  • gurudwara

    At about 0:30 she says that he said it, yes, but he wouldn’t actually want gay people put behind a fence; he didn’t mean it like that.  What?  He said it, but doesn’t mean it, but *we*, his flock, know what he meant.  Kind of like the 4 bajillion interpretations of the bible… we know which parts are the divinely inspired words of god and which parts are not meant to be taken literally.  Then she says that if they can’t get the message then yes, they would die off.  This woman makes me dizzy, spinning in circles like that (and somehow never managing to say a single cogent sentence).  If you have to work that hard to stick up for something your leader said, hey, maybe it’s time to actually put some thought into the whole thing?  But probably not.

  • Ironically enough, that’s how CHRISTIANS reproduce–they recruit innocent children.  His plan would be the perfect, dare I say final, solution to contain the virulent spread of nutcases like him…

  • Dunno about causation, but there’s a big shift in African American support for same sex marriage going on

  • ruth

    Agree. There are too many assumptions that homophobic men are gay themselves.  The research on this issue is extremely inconclusive.  

  • Oh and just in time we have a new Mr. Deity

  • Nothing says “Christian Love” like calling for imprisonment and genocide of an entire group of people. 

  • Mocking a regional accent is hardly a reasonable response to this. It is the content of this man’s speech that makes it shit, not his fashion of speaking.

  • Julanar

    I would like to join everyone of all genders who like to kiss men, which is at least half the population of the world, in a  giant “HELL YEAH WE CAN IMAGINE IT AND WE LOVE IT!!!”

    It’s so funny (in both senses of the word) when stupid people just ASSUME that everyone in their audience is exactly like them.

  •  I’m proud to be the “anti-bigot” auntie.  I have a few family members that are disgustingly bigoted and redneckified.  I make sure to be the “cool” one and teach the kids about equality when “Daddy” isn’t looking.

    Then again, I’m the kind of girl that brings her black, lesbian friend to Xmas dinner with the absolute worst of the bunch.  My, but he was polite that day! ;D  My friend and I had an absolute giggle fit when we got home at how positively uncomfortable he was while everyone else was business as usual.  We didn’t bully, weren’t mean or snarky to him, but he got to feel what it was like to be the odd one out at the table for once.  He was the only one with a problem and he didn’t like being the odd-man out.

    I’m happy to report that when his oldest son came out as gay two years later, he was understanding and kind.  Turns out that his fear of gays was more to do with the bigot-fiction that so many like to spout; you know the stories, gays hit on every dude, gays are rapists, all that BS that homophobes like to fantasize about and then protest too much about.  He’d never met an actual gay person in his life until he met my friend.  He was astonished that she was staying with me because she was grieving the loss of her partner who had passed away recently.  Credit though for pushing through his feelings of  “icky,” admitting he was wrong, and trying to be a better person.

    Sometimes you can break through even 40 years of that brainwashing bullshit and get through to someone.  Hopefully this story gives you a better feeling on it.  I don’t have to covertly point out to his kids that there’s nothing wrong with being gay, now he does it himself.

    Now to work my evil, equality-laced witchcraft on the last two…

    If you can be the person that steers the kids in the right direction, do your best to do so.  It will benefit the kids in the future and make a difference in the long run.

  • Kontradiction

    I watched a Documentary once and this brings it back to mind. A professor who was being interviewed said that the church has always had to have an enemy to fight against, for a long time in America it was the Communists who were the devil. But now that the threat of Communism has faded the Church needs a new devil to fight and sadly that devil is the LBGT community.

    It wasn’t so much what the pastor was saying that broke my heart, he just seemed silly and ignorant to me, it was the sound of people agreeing with him that made me feel sick.

  • Onamission5

    Raising my hand to be counted as yet another freethinker born out of the unholy (lol) union of homphobia, religious fundamentalism, anti-educationalism, nationalsim and patriarchy. Sometimes, the more oppressive the doctrine, the further one runs to get away.

  • usclat

    Love the absolute dilemma it poses for these nut jobs!

  • James_Locke

    While calls for violence against gay people is sickening, this clearly was not meant as a call to actually put anyone into an electrified camp. It was a very twisted and stupid way of making the point that reproduction is impossible without artificial insemination in lesbian relationships and  totally impossible in gay men’s relationships.

    He was an idiot for using those words to make his point though.

  • Kevin S.

    Eh, not exactly.  It’s silent on lesbians, and the few references to gay sex discuss situations completely irrelevant today.  Not to defend the bible from being a horrible book (it is), but don’t let them use their bullshit excuses for their homophobia.  There’s a better chance of LGBT lives improving by trying to convince Christians that the bible doesn’t condemn being gay than there is convincing them to give up Christianity because of the awful shit in there, and the pragmatism is more important in this case, IMO.

  • Sex isn’t even necessary. All it takes is two fertile people, some fresh sperm, and a syringe, and it’s easy to conceive. At least this pastor has the sense to realize that he needs to separate men from women if he wants to stop them from reproducing, but I can’t see why he thinks segregating homosexuals by sex would be any different from segregating heterosexuals by sex. The result would be the same in both instances.

    I’m always baffled by the notion that the human race would die out if everyone was gay. Of course there would still be children. The only difference is that every pregnancy would be planned, so there wouldn’t be accidental or unwanted babies. Wouldn’t that actually be a good thing?

  • Stev84

    And what was his “point” when in 1978 he lamented that gays used be strung up from trees, but now they are walking around freely?

    No, of course he didn’t mean it literally, but don’t think that he wouldn’t actually kill gay people or incite others to do. And don’t assume that the dumb trash in his congregation doesn’t take him literally.

  • There IS a difference between locking people up and keeping them from eating and locking people up, expecting that they won’t procreate and thus their kind will die out. Of course I am not defending him, but I think it just bad style to pretend he said he wants to kill all gay/lesbian people when he instead said he wants to isolate them. Yes, that is a horrible idea as well, but the point he was trying to make was “if we keep away from ‘the gay’ it will vanish” and not “let’s kill all the gay/lesbian people”. 
    Do you know how when Atheists point out that at Christmas there have to be displays of all faiths and unfaith allowed and the Christian right says “They want to take our displays away from us!” It’s like that. Willful misinterpretation. We criticize it when others do it, but when we do it it’s okay? 

  • amycas

    Those damn heteros keep producing gay kids. We should lock up all the heteros if we want to get rid of gays!

    /sarcasm (in case it wasn’t obvious)

  • amycas

    love it

  • Onamission5

    Isolate in internment camps until they die in a few years = wanting them dead. I don’t know what part of that is unclear to you.

    As does wishing you could string them up from oak trees like back in the good old days. Apparently he doesn’t care if we die slowly or quickly, so long as we die. How you can hear his statements and see something benign is kind of mindboggling.

  • amycas

    As a Christian, you should be telling other Christians this. It’s nice that you are ashamed by it. Now go spread the word. Don’t let these hateful assholes be the voice of your religion. 

  • I know by now this seems like I am defending the guy, which I assure you I am not. It just made me feel uneasy to read people I admire and whose writing I enjoy write about this in a way that *seemed* to me willfully misrepresenting. I understand now, however, that this is a stupid thing to focus on when the important part is that there are actually people saying these things out there.
    (Please excuse wrong words/phrases, English not my native language.)

  •  He wants to imprison gay people behind a fence and leave them there until they die.  How is that not genocide?  It doesn’t matter if his reasoning is faulty, what matters is his intent–he wants to wipe out all gay people.

  • Yup, I was definitely “recruited” as a 7-year-old raised in an insular Christian community and home, where I didn’t even really know what homosexuality was until I hit puberty, at which time I realized I was gay. These people are unbelievable…

  • There isn’t even a comparison to be made. It’s a simile. He’s proposing a “final solution” to the “homosexual problem.”

  • Well… it’s usually the ones who scream the loudest who have something desperate to hide. Not saying that he’s a closeted homo, but there have been studies done which suggest that homophobia often masks feelings of same-sex attraction in many anti-gay individuals.

  • Maybe it’s the false ‘compassion’ but his approach actually seems more dehumanizing to me.  Maybe because I imagine he think’s he’s being ‘humane’ by “dropping some food”.

  • Onshay

    How about the part where there continues to be gays and lesbians because…you know…they’re born that way?

    This massive ignoramus seems to think that isolating gays and lesbians would be the solution to his problem with their existence. What a complete and utter nincompoop.

  • James_Locke

     Well, if it was not meant to be taken literally, then why the title of the blog post?

    As for whatever he said 30 years ago, I people change. Maybe he has changed and just has not gotten his violent examples out of his head yet to illustrate perfectly factual statements.

  • amycas

     I’m trying really hard to be that aunt.

  • James

    Hmmm, all the gays on one side and lesbians on the other?! Sounds like a good ol’ fashioned 100-mile-long sex party! OOOOOOHHHEEE! 

  • Stev84

    Changed? Are you fucking insane? 30 years ago he wanted to hang people. Now he just wants them die off slowly. Yeah, that’s some change. He is downright humane now.

  • Keulan

    Godwin’s law isn’t even necessary in this guy’s case. He’s outright advocating for something that the Nazis did to homosexuals.

  • Ndonnan

    Yes it is rather embarrassing isnt it

  • Ndonnan

    Dont be North,we get that Fsq says some things in the same realm as this pastor has done.

  • TheAnalogKid

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure the Bible says that stuff about man lying with man as with woman, and woman lying with woman as with man, abomination, put to death. Right?

  • Glasofruix

     Look who’s talking…

  •  Not necessarily, and I’ve heard recently that study was flawed, as most studies regarding whether or not stimulus A elicits an erecting action in males are. Like I did say above, there are indeed self-hating gays who spend a lot of time railing against homosexuality, who’ve also closeted itself.

    However, every single time anyone is an asshole about LGBT rights, someone will inevitably say “he must be gay.” Some people might be actually gay, the majority are probably just assholes.

  • Ndonnan


  • Kevin S.

    Just man lying with man as with woman, and it’s a direct reference to Ba’alic temple prostitution, iin which male prostitutes dressed as women and took on their sexual roles. That’s what I meant about contemporary irrelevence. Gay men aren’t sleeping together to worship Ba’al.

  • The guy is not only a bad person, but he’s a bad pastor as well. I don’t know who taught him his beliefs but a) his attitude towards the gay community are not Biblical. b) His plan is not Biblical on two separate levels 1) That’s treating the sinner with love. They are sinners not lepers. We are all sinners including this pastor.

     This leads to the second level, he has some screwed up theology if he thinks this is a valid plan. If being gay is caused by a genetic trait, then I suppose his plan could work, but treating a population group in such a way would be genocide. No, instead he probably believes as I do, that being gay is a choice. So even if you caged “all the queers and homosexuals” it would not prevent future people from choosing a gay life style. Just like we lock away murderers and people still chose to kill others right? 

    It’s theology 101 that says all of us are born as a sinner. So the only way to prevent any more sinners being born would be to complete separate the genders around the globe and extinguish the human population all together. That would be human genocide. 

    Oh, and he would have to be grouped together in the pen with the other male sinners. Here’s to hoping he’s smushed shoulder to shoulder with several gay couples 🙂

  • Wow. While that sounds crazy, it also sounds like a powerful movie story line. You could write a movie that does exactly what you say with one exception, that would be that the “sin” in question isn’t referred to directly until the very end of the movie. You can call it by some deragatory (sp) name that keeps the movie goer in  the dark. Throughout the movie the tension will start to build  as the population in pursued, caught and punished on a ritual basis. The movie goer will question  what it is that these people are doing that’s so bad, and then reveal it at the end. Fade to black. 

    That would be pretty powerful I think!

  • There’s one very vague reference to women:

    Romans 1:26-27

    26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. 

  • While I appreciate your kind and loving approach to homosexuality, when I hear

    No, instead he probably believes as I do, that being gay is a choice.

    I can only assume that the speaker is bisexual, since heterosexual people such as myself know there is no choice about our sexuality.  And even of the few people who through prayer have ‘cured’ their homosexuality, many express it as overcoming something.  They still have the attraction for members of the same sex- they just suppress them.

  • Jennwith2ns

    I’d have to agree. But I’m not happy about it.

  • Jennwith2ns

     I’m not disagreeing with the fact that this guy is crazy ‘phobic, but I think Ruth is right, and I also think, if it’s a truism that people who rant most loudly against the things they disagree with only do that because they ARE that thing, but are afraid of it, then couldn’t that be applied to atheists who loudly rant about the idiocy of people who believe in a God? Christians say that, you know. “That guy COULDN’T be resisting the Holy Spirit that hard if he wasn’t just terrified he was going to convert.”

    Maybe you’re right about the homophobia thing. But then maybe we’re right, too.

  • Jennwith2ns

     Scary, yes. But do you hear the language you’re using? “these people breed like rabbits”? Really? You sound just like “these people.”

  • alconnolly

     Might I add the original “final solution” targeted the same population segment (i.e. gay people).

  • Coyotenose

    While people invoke the “Methinks he doth protest too much” meme too often, there’s very strong anecdotal evidence that a significant minority of homophobes… not only that, but a significant minority of homophobes in leadership positions, are closeted homosexuals. It was like an epidemic for a while, before (presumably) they saw what was happening and clamped down.

    This isn’t like a typical stereotype; we have numerous, fairly recent case examples of these people spending their lives ranting against gays while hiding their own homosexual activities. That’s why “He doth protest too much” prospers.

  •  Keep at it!  My niece is 12 and I see every single day just how much she really did pick up from me about how to treat others.  I’m ridiculously proud of her.  You can make a difference! 🙂

  • Jennwith2ns

    I’m not arguing with that. That’s as it may be; I don’t find it beyond belief. I’m just saying that we have some of those same “protest too much” stories within the Christian subculture, that also bear out. Doesn’t apply to everyone. Does apply to enough, though, to make the comparison.

  • Aruban34

    Is advocating for the death of an entire group not a form of crime against humanity? Is he not advocating for genocide here? Please help me understand the legal issues of this situation…

  • Heretiz51

    Not all Christians and/or churches believe this way.   So don’t ‘lump us’ all together!

  • Ardonjocelyn

    He can to to Hell

  • Some one needs to round up all the straights. After all they’re the ones who keep on having these deviant gay/lesbian kids.

    Damn logic, gets you every time.

  • R Turner.

    So after they all die off there will be no more gays? what about the 1000s who are born every day? They don’t have a choice they are born like that!  retarded pastor lol. I think we should gather all the pastors and put them in a fence! that would actually work lol.

  • This man a a self  righteous fool::Like many of these so called Preachers, who get caught with their pants down;;I wonder how many whores did he sleep with this week:::God made us all equal::   Like the colors of the rainbow::::Pastor Charles Worley, you need to pray, that God forgives you, because without God ;we are all sinners::When you live in a glass house you better be careful; who you throw your stones at::Hell is definitely waiting for you

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