Interested in Challenging a Prayer at your High School Graduation? Here’s One Story. May 24, 2012

Interested in Challenging a Prayer at your High School Graduation? Here’s One Story.

Harrison Hopkins is a rising sophomore at Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina. At the end of his senior year of high school, he challenged the prayer at his graduation and won. He was down in Columbia recently and met up with A Matter of Doubt podcast and did an interview detailing his own deconversion and the story of how he challenged the school district. I think it’s a great interview to listen to, especially for some high schoolers out there who are interested in challenging their schools but don’t really know the process or where to begin.

(I also did one a few weeks ago, but I guess mine is less exciting!)

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  • He challenges prayer and then attends…  the Presbyterian College? Well, alright then. Whatever floats his boat.

  • Kelley

    Scholarships are a funny thing. 

  • Just because you’re pro-Establishment Clause doesn’t mean you’re anti-religion. You can be for the separation of church and state and still go to a private religious college. Private colleges can endorse all the religion they like.

  • Exactly. I know a lot of religious folks that back the seperation of church and state. Being atheist and pro-Establishment Clause aren’t mutually exclusive.