A Member of the ‘Put the Gays Inside Electric Fences’ Church Tries to Defend Him… and Fails Miserably May 24, 2012

A Member of the ‘Put the Gays Inside Electric Fences’ Church Tries to Defend Him… and Fails Miserably

Somehow, Charles Worley, the pastor who wants to put all gay people inside of electrified fences, has followers.

One of them, Stacey Pritchard, attempted to defend her pastor’s comments on CNN last night. Anderson Cooper threw her softball after softball and she completely whiffed on every single one of them. This is seriously mind-boggling to listen to:

Blogger John Shore has a very calm-but-frustrated take on the whole video. He tries really hard to understand where people like her are coming from…

I’m not saying this pretty woman is stupid; she doesn’t seem particularly organically stupid at all. But that’s she’s pretty dramatically uneducated is painfully obvious. She seems to have almost no capacity for the most elemental kind of reasoning — the kind of reasoning that is the first and primary benefit of even a solid elementary school education.

And her anger is palpable; she positively radiates hostility. And I don’t blame her for being angry. It’s a terrible thing to even say, but the truth is that the world is generally a terribly harsh place for people who are uneducated. When you don’t know how to at all reason — not to mention when you’ve been trained to believe there’s not really much you personally can do to impact the quality of your life — your world gets real small real fast.

People like her get me itchy. They make me want to start storing food and buying weapons. And I’m not sure that here in America today we’re producing any more of any kind of person than we are people like her. I think she’s the norm these day. If not, she’s way too freakin’ close to it.

I agree — this sort of hatred against gay people is the norm. Certainly in the Christian community. They won’t all be that extreme, but the Christians who claim to “love” gay people are the same ones who want to deny them equal rights, who fight against anti-bullying legislation, who don’t even want others to bring up the word “homosexual” (because, you know, that’s how teh gey is spread).

Those Christians will be quick to denounce Pritchard, Worley, and that entire church. Meanwhile, their own pastors cloak their bigotry in less outward hate while saying virtually the same things… but they’re totally fine with that.

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  • Fsq

    This deep-fried Twinkie eating turd is the norm nowadays. And yes, we should be afraid. There are more of thethan there are of us, and this entire country is becoming a social powderkeg, and these inbred hillbillies are better armed than we are.

    These are truly troubling times in the USA. It is time to think seriously of becoming permanent ex patriots.

    Seal off the borders of the USA once out, and then let the nuts and religious whackjobs turn the country into a religious Mad Max times wasteland.

  • CanadianNihilist

    I bet this bitch is wearing clothes blended of 2 or more fabrics.
    Kill her!

  • Lol, the word “context’ is like magic. It means people didn’t mean what they meant when they said what they may or may not have said, but probably really did after all, yeah, well, I guess so, but really um, CONTEXT!

    (You can’t see me now.)

  • Wow, she’s got balls to say that being gay is the problem, on a globally broadcast news show none the less.

  • Stev84

     And they’re the only ones who magically know what the right context is

  • Perkins is such a slimeball. I love the objection to no-fault divorce. How long till people realize what he is saying there.


    “…these inbred hillbillies are better armed than we are.”

    Well, MANY of them are better armed than MOST of us…but not ALL of us. I’m in the process of writing a post related to this very subject.
    A good number of these assholes are equipped with semiautomatic military style rifles, tactical vests and thousands of rounds of ammunition. They labor under the delusion that they are going to hook up with Billy Bob and Bubba and fight the United States military and win. These idiots will be decked out in battle dress utilities and tac vests…just screaming, “Shoot me, I have weapons!”. They’ll be the first ones targeted by local, state and federal peacekeepers (and people like me) and the first to go down in a Shit Hits The Fan (SHTF)  scenario.
    I am physically prepared for the remote possibility that bands of these inbred mutants may round up those they don’t like in a WROL/TEOTWAWKI/SHTF (without rule of law/ the end of the world as we know it/shit hits the fan) scenario. It’s possible to prepare for such an event without breaking the bank and without becoming an over-the-top idiot mall ninja.

  • John Shore

    Thank you, Hemant, for the linkage and the quote. It’s nice to meet you. Wish it could have been on either side of a less … unappetizing centerpiece, of course. But perhaps this is our proverbial silver lining around this particularly troublesome dark cloud.

  • Alexandra

    Damnit, Mehta!  Watching this kind of thing always makes me want to go crawl into a corner and weep. 

    This is the average American.  Why do we let this happen?

  • Agreed, John. Curse those dark clouds for always lingering around…

  • CoboWowbo

    She reminds me of my sister. Same body type, same beliefs, same attitude… the only difference is, this woman has a southern accent. 

    Of course it’s been 5 years since i’ve seen or talked to my sister, maybe she has changed. I doubt it.

  • Bckm

    she is REALLY STUPID. plain and simple.

  • zeggman

     She’s not the average American.

    Half of Americans are dumber than the average American.

    She’s one of those.

  •  Balls? To go public with bigotry like that only requires stupidity…on a biblical scale.

  • Gunstargreen

    “It’s not about electric fences it’s about homosexuals and it’s wrong.”


  • Personally I love this.

    Seriously, the Sean Harris thing was dangerous because someone with a bible-induced skewing of reality could easily justify what he was suggesting (the punching and wrist breaking of gay children) but this is just over the top. Then, they trot out people like her to try to defend the fence thing. That just turns it into a 3 ring circus of stupidity.

    Even among believers, I guarantee for every one of her, there are two who either think he was just talking big and not serious or who are getting the first major chip in the facade of their religious beliefs.

    So every time someone tries to defend Worley, they push someone just a little closer to the realization of what their faith actually does to people. That’s a wonderful thing.

  •  Glass half full, eh? 🙂
    I think you’re on to something.

  • In this case, glass happily emptied and requesting a refill!

    Now, people still need to push them so they feel obligated to “defend” the situation. I’m by no means saying to back off on that, as it’s a needed catalyst, but if this were a school yard I’d be happily yelling “quit hitting yourself, quit hitting yourself” every time they spoke =)

  • They already claim it with their book, so applying it to actual events isn’t much of a stretch for that mindset.

    Seriously though, what’s it up to, 33,000 denominations and counting? If someone published a math book that gave 33,000 “right” answers to the same problem it would be recalled as useless.

  • John Shore

    These are challenging times like that. (Sorry about the picture/logo thing–which I don’t know how to delete. I thought I was choosing my avatar thing—as much as I like being Random Silhouette Man. )

  • I think 5 years is probably too short to pick up a southern accent.

  • ruth

    The most frightening possibility was omitted in the John Shore quote.  That is:

    “The woman would do damage. She’ll take a motherfucker out. People are always saying they can’t understand how everyone in Nazi Germany could have supported what the Nazis were doing. And yes, I understand that many citizens in Germany at that time had no idea what their army was doing. But basically this woman, right here, is the answer to that question. People of her ilk are exactlyhow the Nazi army could have done what it did.
    You put this woman in anything near a mob of others like her, hand her a drink and a baseball bat, and then point her toward some gays, or Jews, or Muslims—or anyone she thinks is either of those? Some skulls are gonna get cracked.People will die. And she’ll come home, throw her bloody clothes in her washing machine, and sleep that night just as sound as she could be, secure in her belief that she’s a perfectly good, perfectly God-fearing woman.”

    It happens far too often.  Ordinary people participating in genocide.  
    Yes, I understand her anger, she is disenfranchised.  She is manipulated.    But like Shore says, people like her get me itchy.  

  • Joe Zamecki

    Cooper makes a good point I didn’t think of. That pastor was calling for a return of Holocaust-like treatment of a group that was actually treated like that.  Right down to the electric fences and the God’s will.

  • slantrhyme

     Hell, I lived in Georgia for 16 years in my youth and never gained much of a Southern Accent.  Unless I’m drunk, and I don’t think that counts. 

  • Al2wilk

    I feel sorry for her. (Please don’t throw things at me.)  I think she wanted to say that no one really believes that anyone should be put behind an electric fence, but she was totally incapable of putting together one coherent thought, so would just fall back on the party line, ugly as it is, when she became frustrated by her inability to express her thoughts.  It was like seeing a toddler struggle for words to express his feelings, and throwing a tantrum when he can’t make himself understood.  I’m not saying she is a forward thinker by any means.  She obviously is very ignorant, but while she may believe that gays are going to hell and should not have any civil rights, I don’t think she believes they should be imprisoned.   I think Anderson pitied her also, as he could have skewered her on a number of statements she made.  He was almost gentle with her.

  • spinkham

    I’m not so sure she’s particularly dumb, just committed to defending dumb things for whatever reason.

    I’m not sure I could have done much better really if I was committed to defending what he said as the right thing. It’s really just plain indefensible.

  •  I think the conflict is that she’s trying to hold on to two ideas: ‘gays are bad and should be punished’ and ‘sticking people in stockades like animals is a horrible thing to do.’ That whirring sound you hear is her brain trying to resolve the dissonance. Unfortunately, in situations like this most people will just further demonize the out group because that’s the easiest way to justify such awful, hateful ideas.

  • Peter Dunning

    The CNN crew did not try very hard to find an articulate member of the church before linking her to Anderson in the studio.  I am sure they could have. I do not blame her for being angry. The CNN people who put her into a position they should have known would be very difficult for her to handle were irresponsible.
    On the other hand, why didn’t the pastor come out and defend himself? Hiding in his office no doubt.

  • The amount of shit between her ears; it boggles the mind.

  • Patterrssonn

    The scary thing is maybe they did try.

  • jdm8

    If the pastor wasn’t very articulate, what are the chances random samplings of the flock will be?

  • Annie

    What a prime example of how hate is taught and reinforced.   I don’t know this woman or her life story, but I imagine this is a message that has been beaten into her since she was very young.  The bible is always right.  How else could she stand there and agree that adulterers should also be killed?  Her extremely strong faith in BS was unwavering, so even when she didn’t want to agree, she had to once Anderson said it was in the bible.  We don’t need to make fun of her, or even feel sorry for her.  Instead, we should be trying to figure out ways  to avoid more children growing up to be mirror images of her.

  • WayneD

    Wonder if this woman was a virgin when she got married.  If not, her husband, according to the Bible, was supposed to stone her to death.   Wonder if she thinks slavery is ok, because the Bible says it is.  

  • biblebeltBetty

    THIS is her three minutes of fame? Wow. How stupid is she? Unfortunately this is going on near me & my daughter and her partner will be part of the 1500+ people that will be peacefully protesting this church Sunday. 

  • that was comedy gold! (but as a Southerner I cringe)

  • *headdesk*

    Fucking hell, she’s got the IQ of an eggplant!

  • newavocation

    Bill Maher should invite her on his show.

  • 5ive

    wow. That is a lot of hatred coming from you. I don’t like this woman and would never invite her to dinner, but you are forming some really negative stereotypes here. You sound a bit like her, actually.

  •  Well them and the Holy Spirit. If it doesn’t make sense to the rest of us, it’s because we aren’t spirit-filled.

  •  As a human being, I cringe.

  • Brian Pansky

     and then she’s all like “yes, that’s what the bible says should be done.”  So…what?  She didn’t even change what was being preached…

  • Oh, the two aren’t normally mutually exclusive. Look at the guys on Jackass.

  • *** Does not apply to differential equations.  😀

  • Tom

    There are some who would say that not to have any civil rights is tantamount to being imprisoned; condemnation to hell certainly is imprisonment, with the additional element of constant torture.

  • Actually, he’s partly right. I kinda have to agree with the first half. I’m an expat. I lived in France for two years and now it’s Israel, near Haifa. Fortunately, a very large percentage of Israelis are atheist or agnostic, and it’s the religious here who don’t fight in the military. And while they have too much political power half of the time, they just lost a major portion of it a few weeks ago, so things are looking up.

  • And an eggplant is much more appetizing.

  • TiltedHorizon

    This must be what happens when one prays for wisdom. Kudos to Anderson for suppressing his WTF reflex. 

  •  I think part of the problem is that the pastor in question clearly did say that, and she was unwilling to admit that he had been wrong in doing so. Other people were wrong for taking him seriously.

  •  Excellent point Jesse. Good example, btw. 🙂 I stand corrected.

  •  Negative stereotypes? Seriously? Did you actually WATCH the clip?
    As far as the “hatred” coming from Fsq, there’s a time and place for everything and this situation definitely calls for more than a little anger and vitriol.
    Inbred bullies like this corn syrup sucking cow are more likely to back down if they know they’re going to pay some serious consequences for their behavior than if you cower in a corner, wringing your hands while whimpering that you’d never invite them to dinner.
    Don’t invite the bad people to dinner? Ya, that will fucking show them.
    Do you really think that Americans are exempt from the same type of barbaric behavior exhibited in Rwanda or the former Yugoslavia?
    No, we’re no better or no worse than the rest of mankind. Set a spell and crack a history book. The things we’ve done to each other over the millenia in the name of this or that dogma are pervasive, horrendous and too numerous to count. Civilization is only skin deep and most of these bottom feeding mouth breathers are only one paycheck way from starvation or homelessness. Nothing’s as dangerous as someone who’s desperate and deluded. You, my friend, are a ready-made, hand delivered  punching bag. A fall-guy, scapegoat and demon just waiting to be slain in the name of the all-loving baby Jesus.
    Sure, go ahead and don’t invite them to dinner. Given the right circumstances, I’m sure Miss Piggy and her band of loving do-gooders would be more than happy to help themselves to your dinner over your dead body.
    Wake up. It’s an ugly, ugly world.


    “The CNN crew did not try very hard to find an articulate member of the church before linking her to Anderson in the studio.”

    You know this to be a fact? How did you get access to this information?

  • Maya Kulik

    I want to, “like”, this about a thousand times.

  • Glasofruix

    Listening to her might suggest that a pastor can say any heinous shit he likes as long as he puts some gOd in it…

  • Fsq

    I lived in Neuilly for two years. Love France and Paris!!!

    I am in the process of selling most of my homes and assetts. I just sold my Alaska home (finally!) and I have my summer house up for sale currently. Once the summer home sells, i’ll put my California home up and once sold, I am leaving the USA for good.

    I am looking at Argentina, up in the Baroloche region, or Botswana. There is a fantastic eco-lodge and preserve for sale in Botswana that I would love to run, own and live out my days on.

    Either way, the USA is too frightenting to remain.

  • Fsq

    Well said.

    And terribly, too true.

  • Fsq

    Forming really negative stereotypes…..do you know why the are stereotypes?

    Because there are clear cut oatterns of behavior that suggest the type casting. And this fat broad is straight out of Hillbilly Central Casting.

  • Fsq

    What? Wheyou are drunk you end up back un Georgia?


  • Fsq

    The news crew is at fault here?

    As a journalist myself, i can tell you that you have no fucking idea what you are saying.

  • Darth Cynic

    I think that what 5ive intended by negative stereotypes are phrases like, “deep-fried Twinkie eating…,” “Inbred […] corn syrup sucking cow,” and “Miss Piggy.”  That her weight is in some way connected to her utter lack of reasoning skills and her hate filled, christian centered interpretation of the world.  Her noxious, repugnant views can quite easily be countered without recourse to the ad-hominem over weight, it’s got nothing to do with her words or thoughts and shouldn’t come up.

  • Fsq

    Actually, her weight does play a role (double entendre intended) in this.

    Her bible says “your body is a temple, treat it as such”, yet it is obvious she has never met a donut she didn’t like. Once again, cherry picking the parts of the bible she likes, and eschewing those she does not.

    And yes, weight is another thing that needs to be mentioned. She cannot take care of herself, yet she is telling others that they are evil or doomed because they use their body in ways they feel appropriate for themselves.

    No, i am not going to grasp at my dress and get the vapors over this type of alleged ad hom attack. But by all means, distract from the main issue by bringing it up…..

    Save the faux indignance for something that really counts, otherwise it looses all gravitas.

  •  I’ll make you and everyone else here that was butt-hurt by my ad hominems a promise. Should any of these sideshow freaks ever attempt to do harm to me, my family or any innocents within earshot, I promise that I’ll be too busy blowing  fist-sized chunks of blubber out their backs with well placed 30 caliber rounds to make one nasty remark.
    This I promise.

  • …”grasp at my dress and get the vapors…”

     heh heh heh…

  • Guest

     How hard is it to say “he got carried away in the heat of the moment”? I’m not at all interested in defending preachers who spew this kind of nonsensical hate, but listening to her agree with the interviewer simply because she couldn’t articulate her beliefs was painful.

  • 5ive

    yes, this is what I meant. the violence in fsq’s posts is really startling. I don’t like this woman and find her ideas horriffic. But to wish someone direct harm like that really put you in the same mentality as her and that is a dark place I really don’t want to go.

  • my brain… it hurts :(((

  • Fsq

    Show me where I said i would oerform a violent act against this woman.

  • Onamission5

    Good protesting thoughts to your dd and her partner. Did they get the logistics straightened out? Last I heard, there was some trouble from the city.

  •  They KNOW you made no such comments.

  •  Fsq made no violent statements in this thread.
    I made plenty of violent comments, but directed none of them at anyone
    in particular. I merely stated that if party A (inbreds) try to kill or
    injure party B (me or anyone else I see as innocent), party B would
    respond with unimaginable violence. I will state for the record that I
    do wish those who try to do injury to the innocent and helpless a great
    deal of harm. There are no second place ribbons in war.

    There are wolves out there and there need to be sheepdogs to guard
    against those wolves should they get too close. Wise words, prophylactic laws and
    emotional pleading have their place, but they don’t work if the delicate social
    fabric is destroyed. Everyone has a different role in this life. Some
    work magic with prose, others can inspire with wondrous revelations of
    science and the arts. A few others wait in the sidelines hoping that
    their particular skill set will never be called upon for use against
    others, but should that moment arise, it is these people that others will look to to pull their collective asses out of the fire. I have yet to see any MAJOR changes occur in the history of this planet that were not at least backed by the threat of force, if not actual force.

    Better to never need, yet have, than to need and not have. To keep the
    peace, someone has to be mentally and physically prepared to do some
    rather nasty things. To think that the other side doesn’t have scores of
    men and women just chomping at the bit, waiting for the day to round us all up
    and do us in is beyond naive. I know this to be true. I was once one of them.

  • 5ive

    I apologise, Fsq, I got your post mixed up with The Godless monster. I guess it is the tone of your original post that made me think of “round ’em up” mentality that the woman in the video has. It was just too similar to what you are finding so offensive in her video.

  • 5ive

    perhaps I am just not as paranoid as you are, TGM… Or maybe more optimistic. I would recommend reading “The Better Angels of Our Nature” by Steven Pinker. He puts forth the idea that human culture, as a whole, is becoming less violent overall. He has a good argument. But then, that could be my stubborn optimism that humans are not all horrible animals, but that many have decency in them.

  • 5ive

    again with the fat. And now broad? Are you stuck in 1950? Attack her ideas, not her appearance and you will have  way more credulity.
    It becomes and insult to those who live in the south, are overweight or female to associate them with this woman.
    I just feel that with this much ammunition against her, you don’t need to resort to stereo-types.

  • Karol Stasiak

    “This is a difficult topic.”
    Definitely too difficult for her.

  • Darth Cynic

    Issues of weight would not have been brought up had no one sought to basically imply that she is wrong partly because she is a “fatty”.  That weight is somehow an intrinsic or relevant trait found alongside holding deluded and bigoted beliefs.  You would not – though given your prior form I’m not so sure – so thoughtlessly open by noting that she’s a woman as though that were in some manner germane to her repugnant ideas.  Look, you don’t generally chide folks for being bigots by being one yourself, makes you kinda look like a hypocrite and bursts your argument somewhat.  Bringing in weight is no different and seen as it is also bigotry I don’t see highlighting your bigotry as any major distraction.  However, I’ll go ya one further buddy, I don’t give a good god damn what you think I should or should not raise.  Kay?  Kay.  Besides, if that was a distraction then what would we term the bizarre and unnecessary showboating about how many properties you have to dispose of when, “I have to sell up,”  would do?  Pot, go say hello to kettle.

    No her weight does not matter, not her dress sense, her looks nor any other superficial triviality you’d care to trot out.  Her twisted reasoning and bigoted views can be skewered perfectly well by themselves without recourse to infantile slurs about weight.  Which I might add are not an alleged ad-hominem they are an ad-hominem.  Especially as this person is not even what I’d consider grossly overweight but merely somewhat over the ideal BMI.  You might have had a point about their inability to follow other biblical prescriptions like the proper care of ones body had you actually made it.  However, you did not make that point, you merely gamboled straight into she’s a fatty as though that were somehow noteworthy.
    So no, no need to clutch at whatever or think of some other dramatic flourish to throw out.  You can either admit that you were mistaken with calling attention to her weight as a relevant point or if you’re not big enough for that, you can always just let it go instead of doubling down.  You don’t have to get so defensive over me trying to clarify what 5ive meant, you could have just ignored it.  So why don’t you save me your “faux indignation” over being disagreed with and just move along.

  •  Having served and worked in less than pleasant areas of the world has made me aware of my surroundings and more in tune with reality. I happen to love people and I happen to prefer peace to conflict. If I could do my life all over again, I would not be what I am. But life is life and here I am. People like Richard Wade are the ones that I want to inherit the earth, not people like me. However, until we all undergo some form of incredible genetic transformation there will always be a call for those who do nasty things to those who threaten our existence.

  • TimothyWells

    “I’m not saying this pretty woman is stupid”

    If it was a male being interviewed would we have needed any assessment of her attractiveness?  It doesn’t help the situation that the assessment was a positive one, because all it does is reinforce to women that an assessment is always being made.

  • Darth Cynic

    Well in fairness neither Fsq nor The Godless Monster wished harm on this woman, not explicitly or otherwise.  The latter did suggest violence against your generic hillbilly trope but only as a response to their imagined instigation of violence first.  Which I could understand if such a situation transpired.

  • Darth Cynic

    You do realise that your imagined foe is not going to read this and as for me I genuinely couldn’t care less.  I’m not trying to be facetious but you see you’re creating a fictional scenario in your head, getting all worked up over it and then in an act of internet braggadocio letting us all know how gosh darned determined you are to lay down lead force in the imaginary innocents defence.  All of which hasn’t got the slightest bit of relevance to anything I said.  You could have disagreed, you could have noted that castigating her over weight was not in fact particularly relevant, perhaps even see that it was itself somewhat bigoted.  But playing mental cinema and declaring it a promise, why?

  • Fqs

    I am in your camp as well. Two years ago I got sent to Central Africa Republic on assignment. What I witnessed there, and had to cover was beyond horrid. This is no dreamy, rosey little world full of little yellow butterflies and delicately scented kittens. It is barbaric, cruel and far worse than we in the west imagine.

    And it is a fine line that keeps us from becoming what I witnessed.

    I have also had to cover atrocities in the Kamchatka region of Russia, and again, things there are not what the world thinks.

    S when i see these hillbillies sitting on cases of ammo and 20,000 gallons of diesel waiting out the shit storm until their “Rapture” i get scared as hell, and i am will respond to any threat with real force.

  • The Godless Monster

    Why? Because your tone trolling is unnecessary and schoolmarmish. That’s why.

  • Fsq

    No, I am doubling down. Her weight is an issue, on many levels, but particulalry in the biblical way….her book says to treat the body as a temple, and that is one of the ways they rayionalize and justify the anti gay stance. If they choose to open that door, they then are subject to the same scrutiny.

    If you cannot take the time to care for your own body, as per your gods directions, you have no right to call for others to be discriminated against.

    And her disgustingness at having no impulse control vis a vis food is appalling.

    So, I do disagree and will double down.

    As for your stretch of trying to make me a misogynist out of this, nice try but wrong. I dont adhere with straight feminist ideology, but that in no way makes me misogynist.

    And as for your claim of any brag on property, it is no brag. It is a statement of getting out. If your own particular situation is so sad you feel the need to look at others accomplishments or assetts as bragging, that is your issue, not mine.


    Give that number a call. Its a good shrink. Sounds like you ave some issues to work on.

  • Fsq

    Fair enough.

    Aplogy accepted, and your comments are well received.

  • Glasofruix

    I think in this context the word “pretty” is used in a sarcastic way.

  • Onamission5

    As a plump, middle aged woman who lives in the rural-ish south, thank you! I have nothing in common with the subject as far as the ways our minds work or the ideas we espouse, yet, when I hear comments referring to her weight and attractiveness specifically, rather than her ignorant dogma which is the real problem, I cringe. My body type, my age, my relative level of attractiveness, the region in which I live, how many offspring I have, those have exactly zero bearing on the types of ideas I present and whether those ideas have merit. Zero, zip, zilch. 

    The woman in the video has repulsive ideas. I know women who look much like her who do not have repulsive ideas. Are their progressive, insightful opinions rendered invalid because their bodies are built for power and not for speed? 

  • Onamission5

    I think you should call that number yourself, dear.

    There are a virtual plethora of reasons why one might be overweight that have little to nothing to do with self-care, most of which are genetic, have to do with physical or emotional abuse, or are medical, and attractiveness is both relative and of zero consequence in relation to the ideas a person has in his or her brain.

    Are my opinions and perspectives rendered less valid because someone might not find me fuckable? Are yours? Or should the machinations of a person’s brain stand on their own merit, appearance aside?

    It’s not like she’s giving advice on how to achieve peak physical fitness here. Her weight doesn’t make her an asshole, her ideas do.


  • Glasofruix

     The news crew should have bitchslapped her into reality the first time she opened her mouth.

  • 5ive

    This was well-said and I am sorry you had to experience the brutal side of humans…

  • TimothyWells

    If so, It’s still sexist.

  • Darth Cynic

    Oh, you must be one of those folks.  The ones who think that by the mere assertion of ‘tone troll’ it automatically destroys whatever argument it has been played against.  Alas we’re not playing some version of Magic the Gathering where the Tone Troll beats any other card on the table.

    It also plays very poorly as a defence for your pointlessly articulated mental masturbations on your valiant heroism through violence against TV back wood folks.  So ahh, I’ll leave you to go bang some rocks together and imagine some more scenarios in which you can heroically save everyone from whatever evil you like.

  • Darth Cynic

    “No, I am doubling down.”

    Yes, I’m quite aware of that as I pointed it out so you don’t need to confirm it.

    “Her weight is an issue, […] they then are subject to the same scrutiny.”

    I’m afraid none of that was evident in your deep-fried Twinkie reference or other folks mentions of Miss Piggy etc., mostly because it was not there.  Either it was never intended and you now try to scrabble some excuse together or your skills at communication are surprisingly lacking given your claims of journalistic employment, but then you wouldn’t be the first poor journalist I’ve encountered.  However, once again her weight is not relevant even if we accept the premise that her weight is a failure to adhere to her biblical requirements.  Why?  Because attacking people over their weight is bigotry just like the bigotry she heaps on homosexual people.  You don’t fight bigotry by responding with your own, you tear their fallacious reasoning apart without going all schoolyard on them. Otherwise you look like a hypocrite best ignored, bit like she does for failing to follow her own beliefs.

    As for misogyny, I’m not making you out to be one, your own record speaks for itself.

    In respect of your vain boasts on your goods and chattels.  Awww diddums, did having your bragging called out as a distraction cut close?  I notice you didn’t bother to refute the claim that you also indulged in wildly off topic distraction.  Nah, why bother when you can pretend that I only mentioned it because I’m jealous.  Really though,  how could I be jealous?  Far as I’m concerned it’s as likely that you made it all up as it is real, not that it matters given how irrelevant it all was.  It’s appalling really, your disgusting lack of impulse control vis a vis your many possessions.  You should try to reign that in, just a suggestion.

    As for the shrink bit.  Oh wow, wow, I’m flabbergasted, just soooo thrown.  Is this what passes for rapier wit with you?  And now my coup de grace, I shall see him off with this stunning riposte impugning his mental health – coz yeah, that’s another thing it’s OK to demean – that will haunt him for years, ha, HA!

    You fracking clown.

  • amycas

     Thank you Darth Cynic.

  • amycas

     I was thinking the exact same thing. There’s no reason to bring up what somebody looks like when we’re talking about ideas (unless the person is in some sort of fashion/modeling/body building career and giving advice on the subject, then it might be relevant).

  • The Other Weirdo

     Differential equations are of our father, the Devil!!!! No, wait! Context!

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