Helping a Friend Get Vaccinated May 23, 2012

Helping a Friend Get Vaccinated

One of the reasons I’m excited to visit Columbus this weekend is that I’ll get to see Elyse Anders, who runs the Women Thinking Free Foundation. She’s been working hard to get people vaccinated (and educating people about why that’s so important).

As it turns out, one of our mutual friends — an activist herself — hasn’t been fully vaccinated and her parents aren’t exactly pushing for her to get them. So we’d like to help. Any funds raised beyond what she needs will go to help organize future vaccine clinics (like the one at The Amazing Meeting 12).

Thanks in advance!

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  • Done. Stay healthy.

  • You guys have to pay for vaccines down there? What a world we live in…

  • Liz Heywood

    My new tactic when people spout anti-immunization arguments: “Do you get your dogs & cats vaccinated?” 

  • Shawn Thompson

    Unless you’ve got good health care. Luckily for me when I needed my last round of boosters I was going to an alternative high school which offered the whole assortment for around $10 out the door (with signed permission slip). Needless to say I took that deal.

  • Thank you so much, Hemant, and everyone who’s donated! 

  • Gringa

    Check with your local health departments – sometimes they run clinics and subsidize the cost of immunizations. 

    Please everyone get your Pertussis shots to protect innocent babies that you might cough on!!  Usually it is combined w/ the tetanus vaccine, which you need to have updated every 8-10 years, and more often if you have been cut by any object that is not clean (think anything outside).  If you go to the doctor with such a cut, you may get the shot for free – I did.  Ask for the Tdap or the Dtap.

  • If I had to pay 2500 to get fully vaccinated I wouldn’t be pushing for it either.

  • I think that’s an arbitrary number. She needs much less, and any extra will go to help fund vaccination clinics.

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