God Is Unbelievable, Too May 19, 2012

God Is Unbelievable, Too

Here’s an interesting documentary project: Michael Wilson is an atheist from New Zealand and he’s heading out on a road trip:

I will be test driving religions around my country of New Zealand (sometimes referred to as Godzone). I am planning to visit many groups who think theirs is the one true religion and everyone will get the chance to pitch their god or gods.

I will also be talking to experts in religion including professors who have had their lives threatened and even faced trial for heresy.

He’s trying to raise the funds he needs to complete the movie and distribute it via iTunes, Netflix, and eventually for free. If you’d like to contribute, you can do so here.

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  • Thanks for the post.  Since ebay changed their rules about Souls I can’t follow your lead but we are doing well with the fund raising.

    Only 3K to go.

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