Discounted Memberships for Secular Student Alliance Alumni May 15, 2012

Discounted Memberships for Secular Student Alliance Alumni

It’s May! You know what that means — hordes of former students are being thrown into the real world and job market with this thing we call “graduation” this month. Now it’s time to start finding a real job (good luck!) and, hopefully, supporting former students like yourself.

However, with paying back student loans (eek!), paying for rent, your car, your gas money, your groceries, your cat, and all those other bills, how are you ever going to afford to support students?

Luckily, the Secular Student Alliance is full of people who have been exactly where you are now — poor, but wanting to support the movement in any way possible! To help out, they are now offering an alumni membership!

Normally, non-student memberships for the Secular Student Alliance are $35 a year, but the introductory alumni memberships are $15 and include an optional free year-long membership to American Atheists as well! That’s like two memberships for the price of one.

I’m still a student for another year, but I know next year I’m going to have to graduate and become an adult. Being involved with my SSA affiliate has absolutely made my college years better, though, and life wouldn’t be the same without a community like that after I graduate. We often talk about the need to make the transition from on-campus to off-campus groups go more smoothly and it thrills me that the SSA is trying to do just that!

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    Well written Kelley 🙂

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