Atheists in Hats and Cats Questioning the Bible May 15, 2012

Atheists in Hats and Cats Questioning the Bible

I didn’t know these Tumblrs needed to exist… but I’m informed that they are vital to our movement.

Atheists in Hats:

Author Douglas Adams in a hat.

Cats Questioning the Bible:

See? Isn’t your life better already? Obviously.

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  • I wouldn’t have imagined cats have much of a religious stance. How wrong I was. Ligers (Lion Tiger Hybrids) must be cat deities… those things are bloody huge.

  • Life is a struggle between the powers of Ceiling Cat and Basement Cat.

  • Lol

  • I’m honored to see that I made the hat list, even though I had to go to page nine to find me.  I’m seldom without a hat, and I think I look better in one than many of the other atheists on that list.  😉

  • Or LongCat versus TacGnol.

  • Ashley Will

    Thanks for the cat link. Definitely made my day! So much cuteness! ^_^

  • If it is any consolation, it was that far back because it was one of the first ones up. Dig that hat by the way.

  • Dear Sir,  my name is Mr. Nikita, I’m a cat, and I blog…and I believe in Ceiling Cat.
    I found the Atheistic Felines interesting, but seriously misguided. 

    I thought you’d find the LOL Cat Bible Translation Project of interest.