A Short Film About a Young Atheist and his Religious Parents May 14, 2012

A Short Film About a Young Atheist and his Religious Parents

Here’s a short film featuring a young atheist having to deal with his religious parents in the wake of his brother’s death. It’s not even 30 minutes long — perfect for a college group meeting — and it’s called “Parrot.” Just FYI, there’s some nudity:

If you like the film, considering making a small donation so the creators can continue to create work like this.

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  • Caribbeanbreeze1

    The film cinematography and writing basically well done. Decible jump in club scene was a bit too much. The acting is professional and believable but the dialogue is often hard to understand for me an American :). Suggest adding Pay Pal for donation as I would have made one. I think these type of films are badly needed. thank you for your work. Mason, Naples Fl

  • NinjaFang

    Very very good, believable even(well save for the anger scene).   I will make sure to donate as soon as I can, but sadly I won’t be able to share that lovely movie with any of my friends(most likely) without giving my atheism away.

  • Hello Caribbeanbreeze1. Sorry about being Australian! We can’t help it 🙂 We’d love to do a film like this in America sometime in the future. You can donate via PayPal on our website http://www.parrotshortfilm.com
    Thanks for watching and for the encouraging words!

    Cheers, Emma (Producer of Parrot)

  • Hi NinjaFang. Thank you for your positive  words. It is sad that you must hide your atheism. We made this movie for people like you. Hopefully we can all be proud and open atheists one day.

    Thanks for watching!
    Emma (Producer of Parrot)

  • Very well done.  As a 2nd generation atheist, I know that my plight was much easier than many 1st generation atheists.  I only had to deal with peers at school.  Not my immediate family. 

  • Itareski

    Sounds like some of the music is umm… “inspired” by Philip Glass’s “Opening”.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    That was a powerful little film. As someone that didn’t become an atheist until their late 30’s I have no experience with how hard it is for younger people to deal with their parents about their atheism. My mother died in 2009 from cancer and I could never bring myself to tell her I didn’t believe in God when I knew she was dying. She had a of faith in God, so much that she once told me God spoke to her and stated he was healing her cancer.

    I look forward to seeing more of your movies and keep up the good work.

  • Really enjoyed it!

  • Marsha in TN

    Enjoyed it very much.  Hope you get to make more.

  • That was an excellent film. Honest, unflinching, yet sympathetic to every character. The family dynamics were portrayed exactly as I’ve seen them time and again.  Please make more films like this. I left a donation. 

  • Djculh

    Good film. It made me feel how fortunate I am to have grown up in a very non-religious town in the UK.  It highlighted the difficulty for a rational person, who loves his mother, to behave sensibly in the face of such lunacy.  Please make more films.

  • That was an amazing film. What I loved most about it was that it seemed to me like every character were as much defined by what they said as by what they didn’t say. I really got an impression that these were real people walking on eggshells around each other, and who had more going on inside than they cared to let on. The most striking example of this is the scene where the priest is talking about not letting your faith falter.

    The mom grabs her son’s hand and squeezes it as if to say “listen up now, son.” I think you could really tell by the expression on her face that this was something really important to her. Faith as comfort. And that she also thought this would be the clincher. That the self-evident Truth of what the priest was saying would obviously bring her prodigal son back into the fold. And it almost did. You can tell that Todd is at least considering it by the way he closes his eyes and caresses his brother’s crucifix.

    He’s in a vulnerable state and it would be so easy for him to slip back into the comfort of the old faith and believe that his brother still exists in Heaven. But then, of course, the priest ruins the magical moment by inadvertently disrespecting Ed’s memory and saying nobody knew the merits of faith better than he. The priest (and the mother) really had a hook attached to Todd for a short while but they ruined it by snapping him back out of it by being so careless about what’s actually true, making Todd remember what a sham he and his brother really thought it was. Perhaps there was also a little bit of “No. I can’t believe this simply because it’s comforting now that Ed is dead. That’s not what he would have wanted” involved. Yes, I really got all that from that short scene. Which is why this film is amazing.

  • Michelliberty

    He should have slapped the old bitch back, this  is what makes girls think they can hit  guys and get away  with it,  the rules are  NO ONE GETS TO HIT ANYONE !!!..

    The rest of the film  was OK but it could have bin  more direct and hard hitting when it comes to superstitious mombo jumbo .

  • Michelliberty

     Well  that  where  you are wrong , the club seen  was totally appropriate  for the context of the film.

  •  I don’t entirely disagree with you on your policy of no-one getting hit regardless of the gender. But please ease up on the derogatory language. It only harms your point and makes you look like a misogynist, while you’re trying to come off (I think) as an egalitarian.

  • bowser

    lol “this video is not intended for public viewing” well then you shouldn’t have put it on the internet, dipsticks

  • Michelliberty

      The problem  is that we are bombarded  with the image of the wife beater
    and the abusive male,  when in fact  statistics show that both sexes abuse at an
    equal rate ,  the problem is,  when it comes to female offenders its greatly
    unreported or ridiculed by the powers that be  , and that’s why I used the
    vulgarity .I think its  time we stop  being so dam polite , its just
    like in the case of my atheism ,I use to be respectful of other peoples beliefs
    until I realize that my rights are still being abused and I’m  still subjected
    to fairytales and pure bullshit,  so YES  to  derogatory language its  time to
    STOP  being polite  and start yelling  at these jack asses  and maybe we will
    get something done , at least  they will hear  us.

    Michel Liberty

  • Michelliberty

    follow this link :

     Women More Likely to be Perpetrators of Abuse as Well as Victims:

  • He doesn’t sound like a regular egalitarian to me. And who grants the women the special right to hit men? I don’t know anyone who thinks women should get to hit men. Abuse is abuse. I’m a woman and I think it’s wrong for both to engage in physical abuse. And I also know that there are women out there who beat their husbands. Nobody is defending this behavior except for idiots.

  • I wasn’t saying he sounds like an egalitarian, I was surmising that’s what he was aiming to sound like. In any case, and speaking only for myself, I have encountered the opinion that it’s ok or “cute” for a woman to slap a man. You quite often see it in films too. At least in the context of this film it wasn’t played for cuteness or laughs. I see it often in romantic comedies, where it’s passed off as ok. Often as a silly misunderstanding.

  •  I wasn’t objecting to the use of vulgarity. I was objecting to the use of gender-specific vulgarity. I’d have had no problem with it, if you’d called the slapping woman an asshole or a douchefuck instead of a bitch. Degrading women qua women is not a good way to get an egalitarian message across, even if the the woman in question qua individual was deserving of your ire.

  • kindstranger

    Excellent film and one that I hope is widely seen, especially by young atheists dealing with religious families. My husband and several close friends know of and share my atheism, but the rest of my devoutly Catholic family does not know and I doubt I’ll ever tell them. They live 1600 miles away, so they are unlikely to find out that I don’t go to church. It is painful to hide part of myself whenever I see them, but it’s for the best. My elderly mother would never accept it and would suffer greatly if she knew.

  • silvergenesis

     They meant that it shouldn’t be shown to large audience’s at an official or unofficial event like a film festival without their permission.  That’s what public viewing means.  You’re viewing this on the internet in the privacy of your home.  That’s private viewing and that’s what the creator’s are allowing this to be viewed as.

  • silvergenesis

     How exactly should it have been more hard hitting?  Do you have any experience being the atheist/agnostic child of devoutly Catholic parents?  I do.  This is EXACTLY what happens.  It is a dead on portrayal of the interactions the family members have with each other.  The underlying tension is just right, the arguments, the reactions, everything.  Any more ‘hard hitting’ as you say it and it would have been completely unrealistic in my not-so-uninformed opinion.

  • silvergenesis

    I love this film. It speaks to what I’m going through with my parents. I’m very much the Ed in my situation though I’m more agnostic than Atheist. My sister is the Tod here with her Atheism out in the open for show with my parents. Everything was just right about the film, just the way the character’s reacted and interacted. Kudo’s to your work and I hope you keep it up. I’ll be showing this to my sister when I can. 🙂

    Also, I think it’s incredibly hilarious the fact that I have an ad for mormon.org at the top right hand corner of the page for this movie as I type this.  The random juxtaposition is great. XD

  • Alois Weber

    So, Wonderful video, it does show real skill on both the part of the actors and the crew who produced it.  I found the ending lacked closure, but perhaps that is because I am personally Catholic.

    That said, being a catholic and interested only in fairness of representation (I am not here to start something, only get that difference of opinion in), that I would never argue my faith the way it was argued in this video.  The reasons for believing are more complex in real life than they are presented here, and I don’t personally know anyone of faith who would outright reject anyone, especially their own child, in the way that was shown here.  And maybe those things were intentional, maybe not. 

    And that’s all, much respect to you, well made video.


  • Zmeck

    Very well put-together little film. Touching, realistic, and at times beautiful. Love the accents and the scenery.

     Little confused how this is an “atheistic” film-it was just a story about emotional and psychological interactions within a family. The brothers, while being likable and portraying a poignantly fraternal connection, seemed to be drawn to atheism simply by a sort of good natured indolence. They did not like being in church and staying away from strip clubs. Ergo, they ceased to think of themselves as ‘believers’. If not wanting to go through a ritual that may appear boring and pointless at times is grounds for rejecting the worth of the whole thing then many important, unpleasant tasks would be neglected, would they not?

     There was also a hint that a sort of intellectual dismissal that occurred in serious, contemplative encounters with science, but this seems once again a product of emotions and psychological conditions, and not really RATIONAL (I really love that word as much as you all do! Catholic and into philosophy, psychology, and all that wonderful science-y stuff , child!). Rather it seemed just another part of the not-taking-seriously-things-that-make-me-uncomfortable journey. The reason I say that is because being into SCIENCE in a big way has actually been a favorite pastime of people as unimportant and Catholic as; me and people I know, and people as important and Catholic as; Thomas Aquinas (if you take the time to read him, you’ll figure out he is brilliant and dedicated to truth, whether or not you think he is right), Louis Pasteur, Gregor Mendel (a monk), Andre Marie Ampere, Alexander Fleming (inventor of penicillin), a ton of Jesuits who were really into seismology and astronomy, and a crowd of others. The Point is that real, honest inquiry into the world around us leads towards faith just as often (or maybe more often) than away from it. The determining factor in this situation is not ‘facing up to scientific facts’ but whether someone is disposed to faith or not. Facts do not speak for themselves. They must be understood in light of principles we have already taken up. That is reality for the atheist and the ‘theist’. We must take responsibility for our principles, people!

    If you bothered to read all that, thanks, I appreciate your interest. Have a great day!

    P.S. Dismissing your controlling mother has nothing to do with dismissing faith. Trust me.

  • I know what you meant and I completely agree with you. He sounds too misogynistic, so it’s hard to take him seriously (as an egalitarian). I don’t see a lot of romance comedies, so I was unaware that there are so many movies nowadays where women slap men. American movies do love to portray violence of all flavors, so it’s no surprise. But no, it’s not cute to see a woman slap a man. Only a sexist would find pleasure in that. The problem is that society finds women abusers to be less threatening, but that’s just because women are in general less threatening (we’re physically weaker). However, that doesn’t negate the fact that what they are doing is just as equally wrong as men hitting women.

  • A touch of solace for athiests who have struggled sharing their feelings with their religious families. I love the message and understanding that this film portrays for all families who go through difficult times like this.

  •  I really liked the film, even though I didn’t live that experience myself. I was taken to church and even confirmed etc, but from about the age of 8 I was having doubts. My Dad stopped going to church when I was 10 not long after I was confirmed (and I clearly remember just thinking ‘well I don’t believe in this but I’ll do it anyway, it’s expected and if it’s true, then cool’) due to illness and I was really relieved about it.
    Went to youth groups as a teen, felt hugely uncomfortable, but there weren’t really other places to socialise and get to go on outings without parents. The fear and hatred from the young people around me directed at people ‘not like them’ really bothered me, as did the way they worshipped and acted. Anyway, long story short, I ended up being just fine with my atheism though I’ve still not admitted it to my mother. She sees me as being ‘not religious’ rather than a staunch atheist reading blogs like this. :p

    Anyway. Enough about my life. I saw the ending, and the character moving out of home, as finally being okay to say what he is and take responsibility.

    I wish I could show this and talk about it with people on my forum but it’d cause all sorts of trouble. They would see it as a movie about people who don’t use their religion well, and of slacker atheists, rather than quite a stereotypical/frequent thing that happens and how religious people look to us, and a young man who realised as a child that he didn’t need it and it didn’t make sense.

  • SBoro

    He said the “decibel jump”…. which I agree with, I had to turn my speakers down a bit during that scene and then back up right after.

    Nothing about the appropriateness of the scene.

  • SBoro

     This wasn’t a video to convince people to be atheists. This was a video meant to depict the difficult interactions when an atheist child struggles to deal with their atheism around an authoritarian, religious parent. This wasn’t meant to be some kind of “have a controlling mother? Abandon faith….”

    But perhaps since you are of the same in-group thinking as the mother, you may have felt attacked or something, so you responded in defense.

    To be honest, I had no controlling parents when it came to religion, but I abandoned faith just the same.

    “Ergo, they ceased to think of themselves as ‘believers’.”….

    Your assertion that these kids just wanted to blow off church is countered by the direct line from the film, “I don’t believe in god, dad.” They didn’t just “cease to think of themselves as believers…. they intentionally stopped believing in a deity.

  • SBoro

     “I don’t personally know anyone of faith who would outright reject
    anyone, especially their own child, in the way that was shown here.”

    I’ve known many, and this is coming as a former catholic.

  •  You tottaly didn’t understand the film you dumb ass; go preach your bullshit else where.

  •  Then you have not known any good Catholics.  I am saying that this video does not accurately represent our views and ways of life, therefor basing opinions on it results in a faulty foundation for opinion, or a flaw in logic. 

    If all Catholics acted in the way of the video, I would agree that Atheists have a point, but I am saying not all of them do, and the higher quality Catholics have just as logical arguments for their faith than Atheists do for their beliefs.

    I posted this, as I said, in the interest of fairness of representation, because if both sides are not represented correctly, the argument can be skewed in favor of one direction or another.  As my last words here (I don’t want this to turn into some kind of war, so I wont post again) I want to say that I wish Atheists gave more credit to people of faith when they analyzed arguments of religion, because as it is, I see too many of them shrug off arguments made by religious people as superstition, instead of giving them concrete consideration. 

  • Jesus

    Is it called Parrot, because religious nuts constantly repeat each other from generation to generation without having something intelligent or original to contribute? Sad…

  • Fuerzacerati

    amazing film,, sorry I can’t leave a donation but I’ll recommend it for sure.

  •  That’s what I figured too. It’s just a shame that parrots have gotten this reputation for repetition, since they (well, some of them) are actually quite clever.

  • Cojon

     There cannot be any LOGICAL arguments to faith other than the avoidance of fears learned deeply during a child’s formative years.  The whole concept of faith is humanistic and built on brainwashed Catholic faith.

    That’s why the Catholic Church is more wealthy than many nations. They have learned to “sell it by zealot” and hit the kids with their illogical, fear based propaganda during years when the brain is forming and memories are retained in a different manner.

    Find a way to think analytically, not intuitively and one stands a chance of contemplating reality better than the pseudo science Catholics distort reality into so their purpose is better served.  

  • Jamie Iain

    Just gonna say, that’s a super scary way of portraying faith in a family. But yeah, whatever, nothing like appealing to emotion with stereotypes to make a point, I guess.

  • copacanobra

    the reason religious nuts repeat themselves for generations is because God is always constant.  God will always remain the same whether you believe in him or not.  

  • I think you’ve misunderstood something. It’s not a question of repeating yourself; it’s a question of simply repeating what you’ve been told.

  • JimQHeathen

    Maybe you think it’s a stereotype, but anyone who grew up in a religious family and became an atheist has probably experienced something similar.  I know I have.

  • Itareski, there were parts that were note for note taken from ‘Opening’ off of Glassworks.  While watching, I kept hoping that Philip Glass and his copyright lawyers didn’t know of this film  😉

  • I suggest you read some coming out experiences. Start with the comic ‘Blankets’ maybe. This film’s portrayal is far more accurate than you seem willing to admit.

  • I liked it a lot. Very good short. 

  • So well written and acted!

  • Kenny O.

    I’ve been atheist for as far back as I can remember…& that church scene brought back an old memory from when I was 100% baptist christian. Hard to believe now, but I wouldn’t even listen to rock music for it was devils’ music then. I am so glad I grew up & wised up about this religious brainwashing most parents do to their kids. Now I can’t believe how anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence can still believe in these gods…god, allah, etc…It’s good to know that there are many people out there with my non-belief, I guess you’d call it. There for a while, I thought I was the only atheist around. 

  • LoneQuietus

     I’ll go ahead and say that I came from a family like that. My atheism was even worse received than this and my family is pretty temperate, personality-wise. Even before I denounced the faith my mother was screaming and crying at me once over discussing salvation scripture, because I was questioning its logic. That is an accurate portrayal.

  • Luke Allport-Cohoon

     I watched enough soccer broadcasts to not get hung up on the accent, but besides that I agree with Caribbeanbreeze1.  The level of quality of this film is absolutely stunning, from the very first shot.  This is brilliant work and I wish I had more than $15 in my account.  Please please make more films, and share them with Hemant so we all can see it!

  • I know some clever jesus freaks too (they build space shuttles and are even US presidents…but they still just “parrot” what others have said…

  • Same here! I come from a southern baptist AND Pentecostal family (I KNOW! How awful!) I remember the last youth group we went on. I brought CDs that didn’t have profanity, sexual innuendos, or anything of the sort. I even had amazing classical guitar instrumentals and you know what every single person on the bus tried to do (including the youth pastor)? They tried to convince me to throw away my CDs at the next rest stop because they were going to take away the focus from god. I looked at them and said “No way! I worked 2 hours per CD to get these! Not everyone’s parents buy their stuff!” Granted, it was minimum wage back then but still. No one offered to “buy” my CDs at a discounted price in order to get rid of them. :/ Also, it was the last youth group trip I went on. 

  • guest

    1. Ed? was cute
    2. nudity? Not enough nudity ):
    3. That blond guy creeps me out
    4. at the end of the day, if parents don’t accept you, they have no business making children!

  • ScottS

    Great little film!  I especially liked the “Luck is always fair” and “I didn’t deserve to die any less than anyone else,” comments.
    That father sure was whipped…

  • anon

    I thought of that moment where he’s clutching the cross with his eyes closed differently. The brothers talked earlier about that necklace and how he wore it as a show for their parents. I think when the younger brother’s holding it at the funeral, he’s considering doing the same. With all the tension in the family after he tells them he’s atheist, he could easily get rid of it by going along with the idea that he’s coming back to god, and wear that cross in the same fashion as his brother, as a lie to keep the family together.

    That is a good idea as well though. I think it works as both reasons.

  • both are good explanations, i think i like yours better. You cant unlearn atheism for comfort. A lie would be the only option.

  •  Good point. Your interpretation works too.

  • ZombielordJesus

    I love how religious apologists can’t
    find the spiritual strength from god to form a coherent argument and
    result to the hit and run strategy so they don’t have to reply to
    people who have completely obliterated their argument. Andy Weber you
    are a coward, if you would have argued your faith differently then
    say how you would. Your argument must not be any better since you
    found no time to give it. I also love how religious people ALWAYS
    resort to the better than thou argument when someone brings up a case
    of people doing bad things in the name of their god. The 9/11
    terrorist were not true Muslims because no true Muslim would ever do
    that. All the priest in the Catholic church molesting kids were not
    real Catholics. Yet, when it comes time to bash atheists they don’t
    let us use that convenient excuse. BTW, I know a lot of people who
    came out as gay and or atheist to their religious family who were
    rejected and thrown out of their home in their teen years including
    myself. On the Thinking Atheist podcast just this week there was a
    fifteenth year-old who came out as atheist to his adoptive parents
    and his mother told him that she was glad he was not her real son.
    Guess she wasn’t a true christian either. Andy Weber, I guess you
    are just a true Catholic and all the others aren’t doing it right.
    It’s going to be very lonely in heaven for you. Also, atheism is not
    a belief it is a lack of belief. There is no faith or deity or
    doctrine. We all have our own opinions but we do not believe anything
    even close to an organized belief system. Evolution is something
    unrelated to atheism and I know a few atheist who’s skepticism
    extends into the world of science. Lastly, people should shrug off
    non-sense when they hear it. Why should I give “concrete
    consideration” to a tale about a zombie lord who is his own father,
    born of a virgin, attempting assisted suicide so that he no longer
    requires humans to sacrifice animals to him to please his illogical
    anger at mankind because the first man he created out of dust and the
    first woman he created out of said mans rib got fooled by a talking
    snake to eat fruit from a tree that god planted in front of them to
    tempt them, like leaving candy on a table for a child, then decided
    to punish all future generations because of the crime of their
    ancestors and created hell because he loves us too much. Then god
    decided that mankind was just not good enough for him so he killed
    them all in a global flood and let a 600 yearold man repopulate the
    earth with his sons and their wives and the cousin incest that
    followed, guess that is why we don’t live to 600 anymore. If I told
    you that a Flying Spaghetti Monster created the Earth you would not
    give me “concrete consideration.”

  • ZombielordJesus

     Sorry, I have no idea why it posted it like that. God must be angry at me.LOL!

  • Congratulations on an excellent short!
    I loved every single moment (although have to agree with the volume jump in the club scene).

  • Liz Calato

    I actually thought the dad was going to “come out” in that last scene by the bench.  He was whipped for sure….

  • Liz Calato

    It portrayed my family spot on, except my parents are Lutheran.  I still have not “come out” to them because you can see the reaction it generally tends to get,   I am fully grown and do not live at home, and the thought of the fall out I’d get terrifies me.   

  • Liz Calato

    Although your post is eloquently worded, it does not disguise it’s ignorance.  To say someone has becomce a Non believer simply because they don’t feel like going to church anymore shows you have no concept of the journey some of us take.  Many atheists who come from a religious background take years of heartwrenching research, before they can admit to themselves they are an atheist. (hey, that’d make a great film) This is one of the most infuriating comments a christian can make to an atheist….that and “I’ll pray for you”, “if you just seek him”, “how did god let you down”….etc. etc. etc

  • very good, very good.

  • Guest

    Felt for the first time ever, compelled to donate for a project/group like this. What an incredible video, I can’t be the only one who teared up when he talks to his brother after walking out on the service. Just a truly incredible piece. 

  • Anon

    They did not like being in church and staying away from strip clubs. Ergo, they ceased to think of themselves as ‘believers’. ”

    Did you watch the video? Maybe if you watch again you’ll notice him reading “A Brief History of Time” and “The Selfish Gene”.

    Also you mention that “Facts do not speak for themselves. They must be understood in light of principles we have already taken up.”

    Not really sure what this is supposed to mean, but I can assure you that by the very definition of a fact, it stands by itself and holds true by itself. 

  • Rosemary

     ” I don’t personally know anyone of faith who would outright reject
    anyone, especially their own child, in the way that was shown here.”  You must have led a very sheltered existence.  Many stories are quite horrific. 

  • Rosemary

     Do an experiment.  Tell your parents that you are now an atheist and keep this up for 48 hours before you explain that you were just pretending.  If your parents do not try all manner of psychological manipulations then they are very unusual or not very devote.

  • Rosemary

     Violence is pointless.  Use the brain you used to reason your way out of your faith.  Don’t succumb to primitive emotion.  That is what religion thrives on.  You are a big person now.  Act like one.

  • KidwithCommonSense

    religion was made thousands of years ago to control people.. its ridiculous.. talking snake? virgin birth? rain for 40days and 40 nights? 2 of every animal around the world? parting the sea? Jesus raised from the dead? i don’t know how any body with the slightest amount of intelligence can believe this brainwashing manipulating load of crap here is a quote i find extremely true, think about every president’s speech they all thank “God” or “God bless America”.  Seneca the Younger 4 b.c.- 65 a.d.

    Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.

  • I really enjoyed the film, this also happened to me when i was a kid, growing up as a Roman Catholic, going to Sunday youth classes,, then Mass, Wednesdays bible studies and every other religious activity my mom, and mainly, my grandma would find.. luckily, i was “Saved”, saved  by science, common sense, education but mainly by a simple 3 letter word; Why?…
    I became a poly-Atheist when i was in my early teens, and i’ve never felt such a level of inner peace and comfort than before. of course, i still haven’t being able to tell my Grandma i a “Lost Soul”, my mom and aunts would not let me, my Grandma is 89, so it might be a shocker for her.. 
    well, thanks for letting me share my story.. 
    hopefully humanity’s ability to evolve will one day triumph over all these Monotheisms that are destroying our ability to peacefully speak with one another..

    Chris – Miami Beach, Florida (USA)
    A Poly-Atheist

  • ganner918

    Andy, I see it’s been 2 weeks so I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I thought your comment which was in good faith merited an answer better than the one’s you’d received.

    First, we know and understand that not all Catholics/Christians are like this. Most of us have plenty of Christian family and friends whom we greatly love, and aren’t trying to tar all believers as evil. I myself came from a Catholic family, and left the faith at around the age of 19. Most of my family is Catholic, though most of them don’t know of my atheism so I’m not entirely sure how they’d react. This film wasn’t meant to portray the way all Catholics are. It was meant to portray a situation familiar to many atheists. This is something a lot of us DO go through. Also, showing the ways that religion brings out the worst in people is just as valid as showing the ways that religion brings out the best in people. Too many Christians want to point at all the good things done by people inspired by their faith, but if you point out people doing evil it’s waved away with a “well they’re not good/true Christians.” That isn’t a valid argument. Faith inspires all sorts of actions, both good and evil. We reject faith because we consider it invalid way of determining truth and correct action. Try to consider why anyone should find your determinations of what faith demands to be more valid than what someone else determines. Who determines who is a good/true Christian? Different arguments, Bible quotes, and simple personal faith can be used to back up wildly varying answers to the question.

    Second, the idea that many Christians have that atheists just haven’t considered their ideas is simply untrue. Many of us WERE Christians are one point. We deeply understand these arguments and ideas and at one point in time may have found them convincing and held them close to us. But it was because we have considered them so thoroughly that we have come to reject them. We find the arguments lacking. We find gaps and flaws in the logic, wishful thinking taking the place of rigorous search for truth, and contradictions so severe as to render the ideas unbelievable. It isn’t that we haven’t considered your ideas. It is that we have considered them and have concluded that you do not have just as logical an argument for your position as ours. If it appears that people are not considering what you have to say, it is likely because as atheists we encounter the same arguments – arguments we’ve previously considered, rejected, and then argued against a hundred times – again and again and grow tired of it. This doesn’t make it ok to be completely rude to someone who is coming to you in good faith, but I wanted to at least offer and explanation for what you’ve encountered.

  • Dale

    Great film, sadly probably won’t be seen by that many religious people and it looks from the comments like you’re mainly ‘preaching to the choir’ here!

    It was obvious the brother was actually an active atheist, albeit a closet one, as shown in the scene where he was writing an atheistic blog before he set off to the party. I kept hoping the other brother would open the laptop and realise that.

    Sadly most religious types, when seeing the brother get killed, would immediately see this as a deliberate act of God and that he had it coming for not being of the faith.

    The mum was really scary though!

  • Dale

    Not all atheists have to be the militant type, forcing their dogma on others just as the religious force theirs. Many of us are just quietly atheistic, happy in our lack of faith while still accepting others beliefs. I don’t think you’ve read much into the film if you think atheists become so simply for convenience, and standing up to religious parents who’ve force fed you this nonsense from birth is no easy matter, as plenty of others testified.

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