nakedpastor: Then She Will Drive Away May 13, 2012

nakedpastor: Then She Will Drive Away

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  • Then she will ring up a secular Jewish girlfriend and go have a fabulous brunch downtown and start enjoying this life on its own terms.

  • Marguerite

    I like this, and think it conveys well the sort of bittersweet wistfulness many of us feel when we finally decide to leave church for good. I think you’ve got it misfiled under “humor,” though.

  • Wolfen

    As she accelerates, a loud screech, tire marks left on the pavement.  She then turns her stereo up, as thunderous as it will go.  Slayer permeates the air.  Jesus sheds a tear.  

  • I remember that day and I also remember how the weight on my shoulders got lighter and lighter as I got farther and farther away.

  • Duke OfOmnium

    But why does her car have gearshifts on both the steering column and the center console?  

  •  Because the one one the steering wheel isn’t likely a gear shift but rather the controls for windshield wipers and/or headlights.

  •  Or the one in the middle is the parking brake.

  • Thomas T

    And life took a turn for the better.

  • mikespeir

    So poignant, and yet so familiar to many of us.

  • Jim [the other Jim]

    This is not unlike the feelings that domestic abuse victims go thru when they finally leave the abuser.

  • Larry in Phoenix

    True atheist feelings =

    I have no condolances for the families of Evangelicals ever. Happy to say it to any Christians face.
    Four heading to Christian youth rally killed in Kansas plane crash
    By news services
    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A small airplane that crashed in southeast Kansas was carrying five people with connections to Oral Roberts University to a Christian youth rally in Iowa, a friend of three of the victims said Saturday. 
    Those killed were identified Saturday as pilot Luke Sheets, 23, of Ephraim, Wis.; Austin Anderson, 27, of Ringwood, Okla.; GarrettCoble, 29, of Tulsa, Okla.; and Stephen Luth, 22, of Muscatine, Iowa. 

  • MG

    I can be sad that a nice young man, a former classmate & friend of my nephew (Luth), died young. He  had to die as an EC, and never even had the chance to come to his senses. I mourn THAT.

  • Or even better, on HER own terms! I read you loud and clear JJR! Cool.

  • Unless “Jesus” is a Hispanic man who she just ran over, than no, Jesus will not shed anything. That’s the point of the story. Sarah has realized that god is not a foregone conclusion by any means and that there is a world of discovery awaiting her. And as for Slayer … OK, but … I’d prefer “Holiday” by Green Day. 

  • Roger that.

  • RobMcCune

    You mean true asshat feelings, don’t you. I seem to recall christians who comment about the recently deceased going to hell, or reveling in the idea that death finally broke the will of those who recently died.

    Does that equal True Christian feelings?

  • Drew M.

    I found this incredibly uplifting.

  • Greisha

    I read “She’s leaving home” from Sergeant Pepper…

  • I’m just glad to see a panel from nakedpastor that doesn’t contain exclamation points and question marks.  It seems that the last few have all been that theme.  We got it.

  • Jett Perrobone

    Baby she will drive her car
    Yes, she’s gonna be a star
    Baby she will drive her car
    And maybe I’ll love her.

    Beep-beep mm-beep-beep yeah!!  😉

  • I love it. It’s so hard to escape Christian thinking and that culture sometimes. I’m almost 3 years into being an atheist and I’m still having those last bits of terror trying to escape – mostly related to having to tell my family about my atheism and my transgenderism.

  • Mieke

    I wasn´t in the car, I was in church. With my mom and sisters. And I didn´t walk out because I didn´t want to hurt their feelings. 14 years ago and my stomach still turns when I remember the sudden strength of feeling: this is all such hypocrisy!

  • Shannon Lane

    After losing my faith… I remember her.  I /was/ her.  

    I went back to a church in my old denomination once, and, sitting there in the pews, saying the words – I wanted so much for it to have the same meaning it did when I was seventeen and sitting by the altar.  (I was a LEM for the Episcopalian church.)  I wanted that sense of community with the people around me, that easy sense of meaning – 

    Honestly, though, I just felt.. alien.  These people were good people, but it was as though I was standing on the far side of the moon; the rituals meant absolutely nothing, anymore, and the church seemed a sort of shabby, empty place with voices calling out endlessly to an empty sky housing a nonexistent deity.

    I have never been able to bring myself to go back.

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