Try a Different Perspective May 11, 2012

Try a Different Perspective

"Oh, they will continue disregarding members' opinions. What they can't disregard is members' wallets."

Benet Academy (IL) Rehires Lesbian Coach ..."
"They've backed down under pressure and are able to pass it off because she isn't ..."

Benet Academy (IL) Rehires Lesbian Coach ..."
"Ok, just as close to sorry as they will begrudgingly get."

Benet Academy (IL) Rehires Lesbian Coach ..."

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  • Cutencrunchy

    Imprisoned by our own illusions – look up the world is flat

  • Edmond

    “It’s just a guide”.

    If they’re talking about what I THINK they’re talking about, it’s not even that.

  • Is that a new band? The World Is Flat, playing at Madison Square Garden this summer!

  • Jo

    That would be two dimensional thinking I’d think

  • Isilzha

    So, where exactly do 3 dimensional beings look to get a 4th dimension perspective??

  • Cut the Gordian knot in half.

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