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  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    This comment was posted on Facebook in regards to this, gave me a good laugh…

    Susanna Sharp-Schwacke He should have left it plugged in…

  • Ndonnan

    Yep,another theory as plausable as  evolution,man coming from slime,which came from a big bang, which came a big dark hole.Heh wait a minute,dark hole,bigbang,slime,man…oh now i get the gay guy connection

  • Ian Reide

    I suppose I should laugh, but as I grow older the stupidity and bigotry present in the world depresses me more and more.

  • Patterrssonn

     Thanks for the KKK perspective

  • Are you still here? Go away and read a book or something. No, not the Bible. Put it down. Walk away slowly. Open mind. Rinse and repeat. Feel better.

  • Ndonnan, there is a big difference between sincerely offering a substantive counterpoint view that is pertinent to the topic of a post, and just tossing out unrelated pet peeves that you hope will turn the conversation to revolve around you. Lately, more and more, the latter is what you do here. That is what narcissistic trolls do.

    Jesus does not want you to be a troll. He wants you to either say something worthwhile to hear, or just go enjoy the whisper of the breeze outside.

  • Collin

    Yes, Ndonnan, your christian humility is once again astonishing. ” What, I don’t find something plausable? Well, it just can’t be true then.  No need for study of any kind.”

  • Wow. Great job totally validating just the mindset this cartoon is pointing out!

  • As long as the toaster is over 18, I don’t see any problem with it. Hard to find one that old that still works, though. 

  • Brian Pansky

     Where was I reading (in the last few weeks?  last month?) where those “homophobes are secretly homosexual” ideas are misinformed.  Maybe it was from Natalie Reed 🙂

      The experiments could not determine whether the reaction of the subject was a sexual attraction or a fear/anxiety reaction.  Keep in mind that some victims of rape experience orgasm because the body reacts to danger with some of the same preparations that sexual arousal does.  It seems likely that anxiety and discomfort would account for the measured response that a homophobic person would experience when viewing gay porn in the experiment.

    And so we don’t have a good reason to think any substantial quantity of homophobes are actually homosexual.

  • Coyotenose

    It may or may not be true in a general sense, but the theory originated and has gained traction from the fairly bizarre number of relatively prominent anti-gay crusaders who later turned out to be closeted. There was an epidemic for a while a few years back.

    While stereotypes aren’t particularly useful, sometimes they’re rooted in actual observed behavior. My bet is that this isn’t as common as the jokes would imply, but more common than we see. I think a lot of these repressed self-loathers have simply wised up in the wake of various scandals involving their fellows, and are flying under the gaydar, so to speak.

  • Coyotenose

     Addendum: I think your theory holds water for a lot of cases also.

  • Michael

    So, the study failed to prove or disprove a link, which they labelled as being disproof. Meanwhile the only evidence we have to go on is a large number of public homophobes being caught at it with the same sex.

  • Baby_Raptor

    I read a study just a week ago stating the exact opposite: That there IS a correlation. And the number of people who preach homosexual hate and then get caught in homosexual scandals would agree.

    Don’t tout studies alone. Studies can be made to say whatever you want them to say. 

  • Ndonnan

    When you post shameful rubbish like this dont expect deep thoughtful mature dialog.This is school boy humor and deserves a school boy response.Wasnt it fun to taunt people with your firestorm cartoon because they bore you with”heh my child is having their first communion”Your not interested in a counterpoint view,anything thats not within your narrow perception is a threat that needs to be corrected by your amazing interlect,”the ignorant fool just needs educating”yours is the narcissistic attitude Mr Wade.Its ok to give it but then sook like a baby when someone shouts out bullshit your so offended you call them a “troll”,insecurity right there

  • It’s true though. When they gave women the vote the next day toasters were voting.

  • M J Shepherd

     I’d call your rubbish shameful.

  • It goes way beyond “secret homosexuality”. The toaster in the cartoon is standing in for what the homophobes actually dredge up in their rants: incest, bestiality, polygamy. You need look no further than Ndonnan’s comments elsewhere in this thread: his mind immediately leaping to banging slimy black holes.

    These people are sick in the head. I don’t know where it comes from… maybe, sometimes, it’s years of suppressing their homosexuality (or any sexuality) that has damaged them, maybe it’s something else. But that something is seriously wrong with them is hard to deny.

  • Elan

    That was the best comment I’ve seen all day. I may have to use that in the future.

  • It’s a lot safer with one that doesn’t work! Necrotoasterphiliacs definitely have a longer life expectancy than nymphotoastermaniacs.

  • When you write the things you do here, Ndonnan, just remember the first line of your comment brcause, honey, you’re just as guilty of posting rubbish. You need to brush up your definition of a troll because it’s obvious that you are one, it’s why most don’t bother giving your nonsense a “deep, thoughtful, mature dialog.” You don’t come here for thoughtful discussion, you come here to judge and mock. That, my dear, is trolling. Maybe when you get older your insecurities won’t make you say ridiculous things to get a rise, but I won’t hold my breath.

  • Glasofruix

    For someone who lives in 21st century, your lack of knowledge is quite disturbing.

  • Glasofruix

     Wait, you just described yourself there.

  • Edmond

    Right, because a magic super-ghost piling up some dust into a man-shape and then breathing life into its nose, and then cutting a rib from it to make a woman,who then lived in a magic garden full of magic fruit and a magic talking snake, is FAR more plausible than the slow advance of early chemical processes over billions of years from simpler structures into more complex ones, driven by the need to consume one another, and facilitated by the gradual build up of genetic changes brought on by minor mutations which gave some creatures advantages over others.  Presumptively assuming that the world was created from “the waters” and divided from a “firmament” is a much safer way of gathering knowledge than actually tracking the expansion of galaxies through astronomy and logically tracking that expansion back through time to its more compact earlier state.  It’s ALWAYS better to blindly accept the magical stories of your personal favorite of Earth’s many, many scriptures, rather than study the actual Earth and derive conclusions from its physical evidence.

    But, I suppose you were actually convinced by the perfectly plausible idea that the super-ghost fiercely needs everyone to be like his dust/rib people, and if anyone feels any differently, or dares to partner up with anyone who also feels the same way, then they deserve to be burned and tortured forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever, even though they’re not harming anyone, or stealing anything, or trespassing, or committing any crime at all.

    I can see how easy it is to accept that these stories are the source of all love and morality, and how they override all scientific findings.

  • Patterrssonn

     I think its a little more complicated than homophobes gay or not gay. Certainly if you’ve been brought up homophobic but on occasion felt an attraction to another man that might freak you out quite a bit even though overall you might vastly prefer women to men. Also I think there is the issue of being the object of another mans sexual gaze, another man’s sex object, that could freak out a lot of men, as you are being looked at as you would normally look at a woman, and so in a sense you are being feminized. A man could experience that as a threat to his masculinity, especially in a hyper religious culture where gender roles are rigidly defined.

  • Patterrssonn

     Thanks for coming clean as a scumbag biggot

  • Glasofruix

     Don’t bother, the guy is beyond repair.

  • ruth

    Ok, now I understand Christian values.  Thanks. 

  • Pseudonym

    The null hypothesis is that the proportion of homophobes who are homosexual is the same as the proportion of people in the general population who are homosexual. That would be 4-7% or so for males.

    I know that there are “a large number” of public homophobes who have been caught getting it on with the same sex, if by “a large number” you mean large compared to zero. But is it large compared to 4-7% of all public homophobes? You’d at least need to know that before coming to a conclusion.

  • Faxywwf

    I don’t understand it, there is no fear at all, it simple is

  • guest

     …the stupidity behind those who are for gay marriage and the bigotry behind those against it?

  • For me, it’s the conflict presented when trying to teach my kids to be tolerant and accepting of all people regardless of their differences, and then trying to explain why there are a bunch of nearly naked men dancing around in the street during a gay rights parade, acting like a bunch of fools. Or trying to reconcile being exposed to hepatitis C at a work luncheon because the one gay guy in our office caught it when he stuck his penis in another man’s butt hole, and later contaminated food the rest of us were eating. I had to question whether or not I should be tolerant of such behavior.

    Why isn’t a civil union good enough for gay people? It gives them the rights they are seeking. If gay people want to get married, then I want another category for straight marriage that maintains the sanctity that currently exists in the marriage relationship and is not perverted by relationships other that one man and one woman. I have the right to belong to that group and not have others destroy its virtue.

  • Patterrssonn

    ” For me, it’s the conflict presented when trying to teach my kids to be
    tolerant and accepting of all people regardless of their differences,
    and then trying to explain why there are a bunch of nearly naked men
    dancing around in the street during a gay rights parade”

    Why conflict and not opportunity? Why the hell should anyone care? Just point to the images of nearly naked straight people cavorting at spring break and explain that  its exactly the same thing.  Simply explain that that’s some people’s idea of fun and that its bigotry to hold gays up to a higher standard of behavior than straights.

    As far as your hep C exposure, are your luncheons free for all condomless orgies? Or perhaps you all get tattoos and share needles? Or shoot up heroin together? How did he contaminate the food? Did he bleed on it and you shoved it up your ass? What kind of luncheons do you attend? They sound pretty crazy. I’m an RN and I’ve worked with plenty of Hep C pos pt’s and I can assure you that not only does Hep C not care about sexuality but that, unlike your coworker, most people with Hep C you come in contact with will not be open about their status. Your coworker should be commended for his bravery in being so honest.

    “Why isn’t a civil union good enough”? Because it isn’t.  You say you want to belong to a group sees bigotry as a virtue. Why should anyone care? Belong to any group you like, live as you like but if you think that we have to respect or live by your ignorance simply because you can’t be bothered to deal with it yourself your off your fucking nut.

  • Ndonnan

    This type of post only deserves to be mocked,someone who has never left school posted it and it shows his humour is still childish,the really sad part is all the deep thinkers here find it funny….this young lady is a true reflection of the mentality of the followers of this blog

  • Ndonnan

    So true,except judging by the foaming at the mouth responses,im the calm passive,sensiable one

  • Ndonnan

    Ha i bet your “study”was done at the recent “reason”rally,so no it isnt true

  • Ndonnan

    Thought ide join the club stttuters

  • Ndonnan

    OOOWWW Ed you got me there

  •  I don’t want my children exposed to any half naked people acting like idiots in public. You make a lot of assumptions. Aside from that, spring-breakers aren’t trying to get equal rights based on their sexuality. Gays are.  So why do some of them go out in public and display their sexuality in very inappropriate ways and then get upset when straight people are put off by it. They are only pointing out they are perverted and proud of it. They are making this much more difficult for gay couple who act like normal people. Being put off by men kissing and fondling each other is not bigotry.

    I was obviously inferring that my gay friend from work was exposed prior to the catered lunch we had at the office. And yes I was friends with him and knew he was gay, so stop with your assumptions about my ignorance or bigotry. He didn’t know he had it until sometime after lunch. But because of some disgusting gay choices he made as a gay man, he put many of his straight friends at risk. Of course there are other ways to come in contact with Hep C, but that wasn’t the case here.

    I prefer that the institution of marriage remain between one man and one woman. That does not make me any more ignorant than you for not understanding or accepting the reasons I would like to keep it the way it is now. I’m for giving gays the same rights as heterosexual married couples. But it needs to be done in a way that does not water down the existing definition of marriage and family. I see a lot of talk about hate in this thread, yet I don’t hate gays. I just don’t agree with homosexuality.  Ironically, my right to feel that way stirs many to be hateful and intolerant towards me.

  • Your troll-fu is weak.  Troll harder.

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