Catholic School: We Forfeit the State Championship because There’s a Girl on the Other Team May 11, 2012

Catholic School: We Forfeit the State Championship because There’s a Girl on the Other Team

Paige Sultzbach must be one hell of an athlete because she’s scaring away the competition.

Paige Sultzbach (Carlos Chavez - The Republic)

Her school, Mesa Preparatory Academy in Arizona, doesn’t have a softball team, so she decided to try out for the boys’ baseball team. To no one’s surprise, she made it. They went undefeated all season (with a 9-0 record) and were excited to play for the Arizona Charter Athletic Association state championship on Wednesday night.

Unfortunately, her team faced the aptly-named Our Lady of Sorrows Academy… a school that doesn’t think women ought to allowed to play a Man’s Game:

But Our Lady of Sorrows, a fundamentalist Catholic school in Phoenix that lost twice to Mesa Prep during the regular season, chose to forfeit the championship game rather than play a team fielding a female player.

Our Lady of Sorrows school officials would not comment, but Sultzbach’s mother, Pamela Sultzbach, said her daughter and the rest of the team received the news after Wednesday afternoon’s practice.

“This is not a contact sport, it shouldn’t be an issue,” Pamela said. “It wasn’t that they were afraid they were going to hurt or injure her, it’s that (they believe) that a girl’s place is not on a field.”

“I respect their views, but it’s a bit out of the 18th century,” said Mesa Prep athletic director Amy Arnold, who is the only woman now coaching a boys high-school football team in Arizona.

Sultzbach’s team won the state championship, but not in the way they would’ve liked to. Meanwhile, the athletes on the opposing team didn’t even get a chance to play in the game they had worked toward all season.

In a statement put out by Our Lady of Sorrows, school officials didn’t seem the least bit sorry for what they did:

As a Catholic school we promote the ideal of forming and educating boys and girls separately during the adolescent years, especially in physical education.

Our school aims to instill in our boys a profound respect for women and girls. Teaching our boys to treat ladies with deference, we choose not to place them in an athletic competition where proper boundaries can only be respected with difficulty.

… and we all know the best way to treat women with respect is to avoid letting them beat the crap out of our team.

They’re not doing the ladies any favor by refusing to play a team that has one on it. What part of teamwork and practice can’t women participate in?

The school needs to issue a second statement that begins with an apology to the entire Mesa Preparatory Academy team for choosing the cowards’ way out of the game. Then they can apologize to their own students for not letting them play for the state title because of some warped policy that bans co-ed sports because boys and girls must be taught “separately” in their little world.

Sultzbach has already been way more respectful to the other team than they deserve. When they played each other during the regular season, she sat out during both of the games. But she rightly refused to do that for the state championship.

I hope college recruiters are taking a good look at her. She seems like a strong girl who has a great athletic career in front of her.

(Thanks to Dani for the link)

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  • Tom from Cleveland

    What a bunch of BS!  The myth-o-crits  just didn’t want to lose to a team with a girl.

  • cipher

    It’s a shame that our society is so intimidated by fundamentalists that every statement of disagreement or protest has to begin with  “I respect their views”.

  • newavocation

    I wonder if they would have forfeited if a Jesus killer Jew was on the other team too. I don’t see how Amy Arnold can have any respect for their views. Does she respect their actions? Since sports should really be about the players, maybe the players could find an empty field and just play the game on their own.

  • Why would anyone respect their views?

  • mikespeir

    Respect (v.): to express admiration for someone by reminding them of their inferior place and capabilities.

    I’ll write to Webster’s and OED and have them update their dictionaries.

  • David McNerney

    Seems like any team playing “Our Lady of Sorrows” in anything has a simple strategy for getting into the next round.

  • sad

  • Gunstargreen

    I don’t respect any views that are obviously wrong.

  • School needs an exchange program with Taliban High in Afghanistan..

  • Our lady of chickens more like…

  • I’m sure this is more about the fact that they can’t stomach getting their asses handed to them by a girl. Because we all know they belong in the kitchen.


  • jdm8

    Or you can flip it around and suggest that “Our Lady” is teaching their boys to be henpecked. See how they like that interpretation.

  • Ggsillars

    Perhaps someone should tell them that girls don’t really have cooties.  It seems to be a common misconception among conservative Catholics as can be seen in this bizarre opinion piece by the former editor of the Catholic Herald in the UK:


    Near where I live is a Roman Catholic School where most of the teachers were nuns, and they were notorious for their free use of corporal punishments, including canes, rulers and good old fashioned slaps.
    This is now illegal in the UK, with no special exemptions for religious schools.
    The Order the nuns belonged to? The Little Sisters of Mercy.  

  • Yet another reason why  not to send your kids to religious schools.

  • Sindigo

    They should be thrown out of the league for failing to abide by the rules. Plain and simple. And how about a game between the winning team and the nearest runners-up?

  • Definitely shouldn’t have sat out the regular season games. Maybe if the controversy began after game 1, they would have been shamed into playing the final. In any case, way too deferential to stupid ideals.

  • The Catholics have always preferred adolescent boys over girls…

  • Johannsone

    but they played, and lost, twice during the regular season. What a bunch of hypocrites. If they were winning they would have played.
    Humanity, never fails to live down to its expectations. 

  • slantrhyme

     Bingo.  The priests/coaches from Our Lady of Sorrows were wringing their hands wondering what they heck you’re supposed to do with a female in the shower room.*

    *And yes, making jokes about sexual predators is probably most likely in questionable taste (at best), and possibly disgusting and heartless.  But then, there’s a reason for that stereotype…

  • Arnold Facepalmer

    Maybe some good will come out of it and the boys of Mesa, in their disappointment, will begin to question some of the crap they are learning in that school. 

  • Coyotenose

     Well, the article says that Paige’s team went 9-0 for the season, and that she had already sat out two games against Our Lady of Sorrows. So that means her team beat them twice WITHOUT one of its starters…

    She must be a pretty badass athlete. And oh my gosh, we can’t have that! Our fainting couches will get worn smooth!

  • Onamission5

    I refuse to respect any views which require me to be treated as a second class citizen just because I was born with a va jay jay.

  •  Agreed. I don’t respect their view. I think it’s medieval, anti-human and sexist.

  • Glad I’m not the only one taking issue with the cowardly, “I respect their views…” Bullshit. I don’t.

  • Benjamin Kay

    I wish, “I respect their views…” wasn’t such a knee jerk response. I’m a vegetarian, and when other people eat meat I respect their views. Fine. I absolutely do not respect the views of Our Lady of Sorrows. Religiously motivated or not, their position on gender equality is wrong, regressive, and terrible example to the youth at both schools. Shame on them and shame on anyone who “respects” their position.

  • Sware

    Respect their views???  I think I’d try not to use that word in describing this.  They may be “entitled” to their views but obviously the team has not suffered from girl cooties on the baseball.
    My son is on his 4th year of little league and there have always been a handful of girls on his teams.  I appreciate that he gets to learn first-hand that girls on these teams have earned respect by being just as willing to play hard and are as capable of swinging a bat and throwing / catching a ball as anyone else.

  • Renshia

    hahaha, lousy excuse . They should just admit it that they’re afraid of the girls.

    It would be very dangerous having a baseball team running around with woodies. 

  • Renshia

    Just like the Catholics you mean?

  • eonL5

    “I respect their views, but it’s a bit out of the 18th century,” said Mesa Prep athletic director Amy Arnold
    I think that should instead say, “I can’t respect that view – it’s straight out of the 18th century”

  • Piet Puk

    The Little Sisters of mercy?  Bloody Hell, that is creepy.
    Sounds like a Terry Pratchett novel.

  • eonL5

    I know you’re being nice, but if “penis” is allowed, lets just say “vagina” and get used to it. My mom, a psychology professor, used to run her students through lists of “taboo” words to desensitize them. — At least, I think she did it in class. Maybe it was in one of those late-60s – early-70s women’s empowerment groups, though…

  • eonL5

    Yes, “entitled” is probably the right word for every time we atheists would be tempted to say “respect their views.” Instead of “I respect your religion” I’d say “You’re (legally) entitled to your religion”… I like it. Think I’ll keep it.

  • Onamission5

    Not being nice. Tongue in cheek, maybe, but never nice. ;P

  • Coyotenose

     A lot of times, using silly-sounding euphemisms for “vagina” is a poke at Fundies and their fear of sex and sex parts. Va jay jay, vago, muffin, coochie… plus for the guys, you have words like peener, weiner, weewee, and chubbum.

    It’s all about mocking their childishness by throwing it back at them. Plus whole some slang is intended to be degrading, goofy words for body parts/functions tickle our adolescent funnybones. ^^

  • Onamission5


    Plus, as someone who minored in Women’s Studies and majored in English, I find being restricted to only using medical terminology to describe my own body parts in order to satisfy *other people* quite boring, and a form of oppression in itself. Nothing says patriarchial mindset like telling a 41 year old woman what she can and cannot call her own vagina.

  • Bluebury

    Oh you beat me to it!  That was exactly what I was going to say.  No one would start “I respect their views, but I really do think minorities should be able to vote.”  I don’t respect their views, and I bet Amy Arnold honestly doesn’t either.

  • Ashley Farren

    Poor girl. It is a shame that masogeny is still able to rear its ugly head and bear the teeth of religion.

  • Erp

    This is a Society of Saint Pius X school which means it isn’t currently part of the Roman Catholic Church; however, at the same time the Catholic hierarchy has been going after liberal religious sisters (and the Girl Scouts) it has being wooing the schismatic SSPX back into the fold.   A large chunk may be fairly close to reconciling. 

    SSPX don’t even approve of women being in church choirs (except in rare cases such as a convent of nuns in which case they can’t be seen by congregation).

  • iamgog

    But they so clearly said that it’s hard to show proper respect and deference to a woman on the field. I can’t explain what that really means, but it’s true. I mean, there’s nothing less deferential than expecting that a girl can use a glove or a bat in its intended fashion and not cause harm to herself or others.

  • MariaO

    “”90% of chivalry is having all the fun” as Peter Wimsey so rightly says in one of the novels of Dorothy L. Sayers. As one of the first women allowed to take a degree in Oxford she perfectly knew what she was talking about…

  • Borax

    Wow. The most insulting thing in the Catholic school’s reply was about the deference to ladies. It makes it sound like that every time Paige came to bat that the good Catholic boys would have to let her just walk the bases and get a run. When was the last time the Catholic church deferred to a woman?

  • “I respect their views, but it’s a bit out of the 18th century,” said
    Mesa Prep athletic director Amy Arnold, who is the only woman now
    coaching a boys high-school football team in Arizona.”

    I think a better way to say this would have been “I respect their right to their views but…”

    There is nothing about the views themselves that are worthy of respect.

  • Bill the Cat

     Sounds like some of the nuns I encountered during my Catholic education. Funny thing though,  they were all named Sister Marie DuSade…

  • TiltedHorizon

     “Our school aims to instill in our boys a profound respect for women and girls.”

    This is a school? I thought schools had to test periodically to see how well lessons were learned. How better to test their “profound” respect for women and girls than to place these children in social situations where girls are to be treated as equals.


  • Gus Snarp

    What mind numbing ignorance. How pathetic that these are the values they think it’s so important to pass on to young people. Let’s tack this on to that “Time to Leave the Catholic Church” letter.

  • Gus Snarp

    Absolutely. Ignorance and sexism get no respect from me.

  • Gus Snarp

    The more I think about this the angrier I get. Especially when I read this line in the article:

    All second baseman Paige Sultzbach wanted to do was play in her school’s state championship baseball game tonight.

    But because she is a girl, that won’t happen.

    I can’t help but wonder if that was at least part of their motivation for forfeiting. That girl won’t be intimidated into not playing the championship game, let’s just take the game away from her. Disgusting.

  • Gus Snarp

    In light of the recent Facebook flame wars post, I was thinking of posting this article with this comment on my Facebook wall:

    I’m sorry to have to point this out to all of my Catholic friends, but the Catholic Church is just morally bankrupt. That people choose to send their kids to school to be inculcated with values like the ones reflected here disturbs me. That those Catholic school kids that I know seem to be quite capable of finding better values on their own gives me hope.

    But I’m having second thoughts. I have an awful lot of Catholic in-laws, nephews, and nieces as Facebook friends…

  • Annie

    I have a feeling she was trying to tread lightly and be polite… and simply misspoke.  By her addition of the 18th century remark, it’s pretty clear she doesn’t actually respect their views.

  • kev_s

    This is an old one from the bbc but one of my favourites and very appropriate to this story I think:

  • CanadianNihilist

     Thank you Tom, I was about to post the same thing myself.
    As far as I know there’s nothing in the bible about not playing baseball with a girl.

    They simply knew that they would get beaten and considering how sexist they are it would be horribly embarrassing for them.

  • HitchsApprentice

    Catholicism….. the ”shit-stain” that can never be removed………….

  • I dont respect their views. I find them antiquated and ridiculous .

  • Fsq

    llike e expected anythiuung better oir different frm the Catholics?

    Right. They really arent waging war on women and are just generally nice and tolerant people.

    And monkeys might fly out my butt

  • The Sisters of Little Mercy, more like…

  • HitchsApprentice

    Maybe you should go kiss a priest’s butthole????

  • Man, nobody persecutes religion quite like the Internet.

  • Adamkadmon777

     Calm down angry atheist, pretty sure Sindigo was saying the Catholic team should be thrown out. Don’t let your anger isolate you from potential allies.

  • Sagrav

    Hey, religion brought it on itself.

  • Sagrav

    The Little Sisters who will make you cry for Mercy.

  • Just because you say, “with all due resepect”, sure you can say whatever you want!…  It’s in the Geneva convention, look it up!

  • Anti-Theist

    Hitch was an extremely intelligent man.  He would never take someone as idiotic as you on as an apprentice.  What you call yourself is an insult to his memory.  Next time, think before speaking.  Typing things out should give you more time to do so, thus proving that you’re extra stupid because you actually had MORE time to think about what you were saying…..and still said something idiotic…

  • Stev84

     I think other religions do far better

  • How Catholickly Cruel.

  • I disagree with the general sentiment.  If  Our Lady of Sorrows Academy chooses not to participate because of their “idea of what is right and wrong”, then that is fine.  Even if I disagree with that idea. 

    Its much better than if the Our Lady of Sorrows Academy insisted that Mesa Preparatory Academy be forced to also practice Sorrows “idea of what is right and wrong”.

    If the question is what about the boys on the Sorrows team, isn’t unfair to them?  Why yes, yes it is, and when they have kids they don’t have to send them to a school like Sorrows, and maybe the parents of those boys will remove other children from the school if they think this is wrong.

  • You hope college recruiters are looking at her?  Really?  I hate the whole college sports boondoggle for reasons too numerous to address here, but mostly because it sucks the money an attention out of fields of study that might actually benefit humanity.

  • B A

    I don’t respect their views or their behavior.  Any church that involves itself in politics should be taxed.  Any school that refuses to participate fully in a legal athletic program should be banned from it.  Any state that refuses to recognize the rights of all citizens should be boycotted.

  •  Birth canal.   I’m not crazy about the word “sheath,” even in Latin, because it makes it sound as if part of your body is part of somebody else’s gear.

  • Lettice Peyton

    But it was OK for them to play the Mesa team twice before the State Championship? I smell a rat.

  • Cookekellie

    Raised as a Catholic myself, I find shame in my religion after reading this. It does not show respect towards the female gender whatsoever, in fact it shows a lack of respect and I believe it to be demeaning towards them. I am a mother of 3 boys, two of whom play the sport in co-ed fashion and the respect and equality that my sons and the other boys on the team show the girls is one that I am proud of. They consider the girls teammates and part of the team and it teaches them a sense that we are all equal and no one is to be treated differently because of their gender, race etc. In fact, the respect these boys show the girls is highly noted and that they put the girls on a higher pedestal than themselves even though they are aware and have been taught that everyone is equal. My husband who is of a different religion did not want our boys raised Catholic, I respected that and after reading this, I’m comfortable with the choice we made TOGETHER as two human beings and am glad for it because we have definitely taught our boys the proper way of treating women with respect and equality!. Since when did religion become a part of sports and a child’s right to strong positive mental health and well being??

  • Coyotenose

     I dunno, “birth canal” makes me think of rowboats and floods. That’s still a huge step up from “sheath” of course. That unfortunate word has the association you describe AND an association with canines.

  • That’s Niiiiiice. Bless their hearts.

  • Jacavaacct

    I was raised Catholic and this is really outside mainstream Catholicism. The church overall is very sexist but not to this level. This seems like a fringe group. I would have laughed at the stupidity of these people even in my devout Catholic days.

  • oldfolkie

    I’m assuming these aren’t mainstream Roman Catholics, but rather those Opus Dei folks that Santorum’s involved with. They really are as much an embarrassment to the average Catholic in America as the pedophiles.  And just as warped.

  • Onamission5

    Yeah, I’d love for them to explain in plain English how “we refuse to play you unless you bench your female player” translates to instilling respect for women and girls.

  • Jesse

    How do you make it to state championships after only 9 games?

  • Parse

    Respect for religious viewpoints always makes me think of this SMBC comic.

    As for the Catholic school, if they want to instill a “profound respect for women and girls,” the best way to do that is to treat them as equals.  Refusing to play against Miss Sultzbach isn’t respecting her, as a girl or as an athlete.

  • Cortex_Returns

    MVP, hands down. Won the championship game all by herself.

  • bobo

    That’s just plain stupidity. I wonder if the league rules say anything about gender?  That’s what I’d be looking into.

  • bobo

    Here’s a list of the AZ Charter Athletic Association: 
    The high school baseball regs don’t say anything about gender.

  • Ibis3

    At least you can say “with all due respect” and think that someone isn’t due any repect at all.

  • T-Rex

    How anyone with an ounce of brains can belong to that cult is beyond me. Definitely a mental illness and those afflicted with it should seek proper treatment. It’s  just hard to phathom that so many people on this planet are afflicted with this ilness. Cognitive disonnance anyone?

  • Ibis3

    Birth canal? Doesn’t that limit your purpose to being an incubation machine? Still just hanging around for someone else’s use.

  • T-Rex

    Pointing out discrimination and bigotry is persecution now? Who know? Seems to me this cult brought it on themselves with their archaic beliefs and discrimination against fellow human beings. Maybe you should get a fucking clue.

  • scinquiry

    Canals are man-made.  They should have called it birth hole, the original “glory hole”.

  • T-Rex

    more like the boil on the ass of humanity.

  • T-Rex

    Stereotypes are based on real observations and patterns. But all the political correctness in the world today makes stereotyping taboo.  Never be afraid to call a cult a cult or pedophile a pedophile.

  • anon atheist

    I was going to argue that they have the right to be as bat shit crazy
    as they want. But actually they don’t because if they arbitrarily
    forfeit every game against a team with a girl then this posses an
    unfair advantage for the teams with girls compared to the teams
    without girls.

  • DangerousRadical

    There is no need to respect their views. That kind of lazy ass liberalism is what kills progress. If their views are wrong, pathetic and out dated, then SAY SO!

  • eonL5

    Oh I was just putting in a vote for parallelism. I’m all for silly slang terms, and actually think “va-jay-jay” is kind of adorable. As is the tried-and-true “dick” as in Chaney.

  • Keithk2

    I feel the need to chime in here in the midst of all of this Christian-bashing to point out that many Christian denominations have already tossed sexist roles into the dustbin of history (her-story too!)  to admit all people into all ministries of the church. I’m a member of a Presbyterian church community whose minister is female, whose language is inclusive, and where there are no positions where gender is an issue. One can always look to the extreme ends of any group, faith, or community and find they hold values not in synch with the mainstream members nearer to the middle. The important thing is to remember that the fundamentalists are a fringe group despite the fact that they get most of the press. After all, who wants to read about someone doing something right when you can read about aberrant crackpots that seem much more amusing to read about?? The media’s choice is clear. Don’t paint us all as medieval loonies. Most of us labor away at becoming more enlightened as we strive to “love our neighbors as ourselves.”

  • Onamission5

    Glory hole skeeves me out more than snatch. Somehow, it just doesn’t seem like a compliment!

  • Onamission5

    I hereby withdraw my persnickety and self-righteous knee jerk response!

  • Well I certainly do not respect their view, if they want respect they can earn it by doing the decent thing and accepting they’re too afraid their pride would be hurt if a girl beat them.

  • eonL5

    Canines! Oh Zombie Jesus I never thought of that. Yuck!

    There. My first use of Zombie Jesus as an expletive. I’m so proud.

  • Onamission5

    WE KNOW.

    Sorry to go all caps on you, but seriously, we’re not the ones who needs reminding of this. Please feel free to remind your fundie bretheren as often as possible that they don’t speak for the rest of you, though.

  • Digitalatheist

    Oh just great. It isn’t enough that Paedophiles ‘R’ Us, Inc. is trying to squash their most ardent female adherents (Nuns), wanting to “investigate” the Girls Scouts of America, now, their school is too chicken to play another team because their is a girl on the team? No, the actual reason is not highlighted: it is because  “…Our Lady of Sorrows, a fundamentalist Catholic school in Phoenix that lost twice to Mesa Prep during the regular season…”

    There is the truth of the matter: they lost to the team twice before… a team that had a 9-0 record. Can somebody call the “Waaaaahmbulance”. I think Paedophiles ‘R’ Us just shot themselves in the foot again…

  •  LMFAO

  • Ken

    Is there anything that speaks more clearly about the church’s medieval fear and longing to keep women in their place subservient to men?  I know there’s a million jokes about altar boys and priests, but this pathological loathing for women is simply not to be tolerated on any level, and the schools competing against the Lady of Sorrows should just refuse to schedule any more games in the future.  Not forfeit or concede, just refuse to play against them en mass, and let the league deal with the fact that nobody shows up to the field Sorrowful anymore.  They can’t just change the rules like they did, and they need to be penalized.  Fuckin’ self righteous fools.

  • JA

    It’s definitely true that many Christians are just as enlightened about social issues as the typical atheist. I just don’t think they speak up enough about the stupidity of conservative religion. Maybe if all the good Christians out there spent more time ridiculing the crackpots, there would eventually be a lot less of them and Christians would start to look an awful lot better to the rest of us.

  • Stev84

     She didn’t play in those two games

  • Stev84

    The school belongs to the Society of Saint Pius X, who are basically ultra right wing Catholics opposed to Vatican II. For a long time they were too extreme even for the Catholic Church and there was a lot of conflict. The Vatican even excommunicated a couple of its priests, but Pope Benedict reversed that and is moving towards reconciling with them in some areas.

  • Tracker

    How come they played two regular season games against this team but now they forfeit.  I wonder if the Sorrow players really gave a crap?   

  • Nightosni423 14

    Funny thing is my school is in the same league…

  • SecondDefender

    i’m a pretty passive observer here, generally coming by to stay in touch with atheist news.  But I don’t get the outrage here.  This is a private school playing in a private athletic association if they choose to sit out a game, which this is just a game, I don’t see why we as a secular movement should rush in and demand apologies.  I just think getting outraged about this type of thing is anti-productive.  

    I would rather have stupid people saying the crazy things they believe out loud so we can see who the wackos are.  We keep pushing with these nonsense apologies (they don’t do anything) and ‘general outrage of the week’ mentality and we will succeed in making crazy people hide their craziness not change it.  And i’m not so sure that is a good thing in the end.

  • Sue Blue

    I can’t believe the medieval attitude of that Catholic school.  What, were they afraid the girl might menstruate on their precious little boys and make them unclean or something?  Or were they just worried that a girl might beat their asses and publicly emasculate them?  Way to make the male ego seem oh, so fragile as well as reinforcing misogyny.  It comes off sounding like a bad case of sour grapes from a bunch of dress-wearing pussies (and I don’t mean girls or their female bits).

  • So in the championship they forfeited instead of playing against the girl but they didn’t during the season and not once but twice?  What changed that suddenly made her playing a problem?

  • Matthew Welch

    Stupid people doing stupid things means we get to ridicule them for how stupid they are being.

  •  *snort*

    “Sisters of Little Mercy”.

  • guest

    wow the vile hatred shown on here is disgusting. i’m not a christian but it is their right to not play if it violates their principles. I think it’s a skewed and sexist ideal but it is their RIGHT to have it and to suggest that the league should throw them out is preposterous 

  • Onamission5

    So things that are skewed and sexist don’t piss you off, but people who get pissed off about skewed, sexist things do.

    Good to know your priorities are all firmly in place.

  • Onamission5

    I don’t recall anyone asking for an apology. Just some common damn decency.

    Is there anything that you’re willing to make noise about besides telling people who get pissed off about injustice that we’re not doing it right?

  • amycas

     Wouldn’t that encourage more schools to have girls on their teams? If all the other schools in the league had girls, then the Catholic school would have to stop being stupid or get out of the league.

  • amycas

     do it

  • amycas

     It’s also unfair to the other team, and to the girl on that team. They worked hard to earn their spot in that game and then they didn’t get to play.

  • Wolli

    Wow! And its only 2012.

  • Ken

    I can concede it may be their RIGHT to do what they did.  But it is also the RIGHT of the league to punish them for making up new rules that skew the entire purpose of the league and the reason for playing ball in the first place.  RIGHTs end when they impose on other peoples’ RIGHTS — that’s how wars start.

  • Fundementalists dont agree with narrow minded brainwashed people no matter what religion,no race ,no creed,no colour thats how i try to live,not allways succesful:-)

  • Sindigo

    That’s exactly what I was saying. Sometimes, it’s no wonder we get a bad name. We have every reason to be angry but, as the ones with reason (and hence, the truth (small ‘t’) probably) on our side it’s important that we take the time to reflect little on our responses and not simply shout the other side down. That’s their tactic.

    Thanks for leaping to my defence though. 😉

  • Sindigo

    If I were the other teams I would purposely try and recruit girls at this point.

  • LouisDoench

    I’m actually much more fascinated by the fact that the young lady was able to try out for and make the baseball team. The segregation of girls into softball and away from baseball is one of the biggest barriers to a woman crossing the gender line and playing in the major leagues.  There’s basically no level of organized baseball past little league where a girl can continue playing at the competitive level necessary to attract the eyes of scouts.   

  • LouisDoench

     Nope, that’s not how it works.  If we don’t call out this kind of behavior then it becomes normalized. I don’t really care whether this school changes their mind, I want other schools to reconsider acting this way in the first place.  And I want the girl involved to know that people have her back. 

  • Drakkcoon
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