The Alyona Show Covers the National Day of Reason May 6, 2012

The Alyona Show Covers the National Day of Reason

In coverage you would never see on the major news networks, The Alyona Show offered a fantastic segment on the National Day of Reason and brought on Sean Faircloth (of the Richard Dawkins Foundation) to talk about why the nontheistic response to the National Day of Prayer is so important:

Also interesting: At the 8:18 mark, host Alyona Minkovski asks Sean about the selection of Edwina Rogers as his successor at the Secular Coalition for America. He has only positive things to say about the decision.

Last fall, Jason Torpy appeared on the show to talk about the need for Humanist chaplains in the military.

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  • Fool

    No offense meant here, but saying that  Sean has only positive things to say about his successor is about as surprising as hearing that PR folks withing the SCA have nothing but positive things to say.

  • Josh

    The RT is not exactly the main stream media either.

  • I don’t know which sounds loonier: Edwina Rogers giving $1,000 to Barry Goldwater’s ghost to run for GOP nominee or giving it to Rick Perry, but I would have preferred that she had given it to the ghost. THAT would have been a tad more comprehensible.

  • I_Claudia

    Sean is a terrific spokesman. I hope his new role with the RDFRS still allows him to be out in public as much as possible. I also hope that our worries about Alyona Minkovski are completely misplaced and she turns out the same.

  • DC

    I’d be wary of posting links from RT (Russian Television). It’s a Russian state owned news agency that’s basically run by Putin. It never runs anything negative against Putin while blaming more of the world’s problems on the West. Kind of  like a FOX News run by a country, in this case Russia.

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