nakedpastor: Church Then and Church Now May 5, 2012

nakedpastor: Church Then and Church Now

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"It would have been more convincing if he used then rather than than."

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  • I don’t get it?

  • justsomeguy

    Then – parables – people are uncertain of their meanings
    Now – unquestioning certainty

  • Looks like the Socratic method has been replaced by the Autocratic method. 

  • I assume that’s supposed to be Jesus, and the cartoon seems to be implying that Jesus was all about questions. I’m no Bible scholar, but I don’t really understand how the Naked Pastor can believe that the character of Jesus didn’t make strident proclamations. He supposedly made all kinds of forthright supernatural assertions, and I don’t recall any of that being called into question. Didn’t Jesus tell people they had to believe what he was telling them?

  • Erp

     Depends which Jesus since the four gospels differ somewhat (for instance no parables in John, lots in the other three).    Parables are stories requiring interpretation and Christians have come up with some wildly differing interpretations of them.  John is the gospel filled with the “I am…” statements.

  • Nordog

    I think nakedpastor is trying to make an entire career out of using exclamation marks and question marks.  I think they’ve reached their limit.  It’s kinda like the title of a self help book: If you get the idea behind the title, you pretty much get the book.

  • Varun Shankar

    And then there’s the gospels that didn’t make it into canon.

  • Beau Quilter

    My guess is that the top box should look about the same as the lower box. The parables of Jesus were not questions – they were answers, often given explicitly to his disciples after the crowds had left. And most of the answers had something to do with how one gets to Heaven or Hell.

    Lest we forget, however “soft” Jesus may sometimes seem compared to the Old Testament atrocities, Jesus is the one who gave us Hell to ponder. Thank you, Jesus.

  • I think the top box makes a better snapshot of the early 70s . If it’s supposed to be Jesus, then perhaps simple periods would be appropriate.

  • Ndonnan

    Naked Pastor doesnt seem to know Jesus teachings or todays church very well at all

  • dauntless

    It’s his way of trying to tell both atheists and fundamentalist christians that they’re wrong. Gotta give in to the Z-scheme! Personal relationship with Jesus! Ad revenue!!!

  • Jesuswasafeminist

    Jesus of the bible was constantly questioning the status quo…this is commonly in agreement among any scholars/some pastors…read ur Bibles again and remember people that not so long ago the common majority thought women, “blacks”,and animals all had equal positions and not so long before that the earth was flat,,,

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