After ‘It’s OK To Be Gay’ Article Appears in High School Yearbook, One Christian Administrator Wants the Faculty Sponsor Fired or Arrested May 4, 2012

After ‘It’s OK To Be Gay’ Article Appears in High School Yearbook, One Christian Administrator Wants the Faculty Sponsor Fired or Arrested

Remember Krystal Myers? She’s the teenager who wrote an article for her school newspaper entitled “No Rights: The Life of an Atheist,” about how her school actively promoted religion and discriminated against atheists… only to have her administration tell her the article would not be allowed to run because… well… you know.

Her school, Lenior City High School, is back in the news. Once again, it’s not for a good reason…

When the yearbooks were distributed last Friday, they included an article called “It’s OK to be Gay” featuring gay student Zac Mitchell talking about how his family has known all his life that he was gay and how, even though he has been bullied, his friends have been pretty accepting of him:

So, naturally, everyone in the community is horrified:

According to students, petitions were being circulated urging others to tear the page from their yearbook as a sign of protest during graduation or to deny Mitchell the right to attend the ceremony.

The 17-year-old student who wrote the article said she was afraid to have her name published.

“There have been threats made starting with, ‘If I found out who wrote the story,’ ” she said.

Not only that, Loudon County school board member Van Shaver is calling for criminal investigations into journalism teacher James Yoakley, the faculty sponsor of the yearbook:

If in fact it was Mr. Yoakley or any other teacher who allowed this article to be published in the year book, they should be dismissed from the school immediately. If it is found or known that Mr. Yoakley or any other teacher at any time has had any conversations or discussions with this student or any other student about their sexual orientation, sexual activities or anything about their private lives prior to those students being of legal age, those teachers should be charged with child sex abuse by an authority figure and arrested.

I know many other parents and members of our community expect a full and open investigation by school administrators and law enforcement into this issue and to hold accountable any and all those who had a hand in this despicable act.

First of all, Shaver is a member of a school board! THAT IS HORRIFYING! (Just to be clear, the Loudon County school board Shaver sits on doesn’t control neighboring Lenoir City High School. So he doesn’t actually have any authority in this case. Still, the fact that an elected school board member could be this full of animus against gay-friendly teachers should set off alarms for everybody in the community.)

Second, Yoakley had nothing to do with the article. A high school student (the editor-in-chief) assigned it, another high school student wrote it, and Yoakley simply looked it over, like any faculty sponsor would.

The forced-to-remain-anonymous student said as much:

“My journalism professor never once pressured us to have certain beliefs,” she said.

Courtney Price, the editor of the yearbook, sent a message to Shaver — and he was so appalled by it, he posted it on his website:

Dear Sir,

My name is Courtney Price. I am editor of the yearbook. Sir, excuse my rudeness, but you do not have your facts straight. I decided to publish Zach’s story. I did not do this to cause any kind of uproar, or religion target. I am an 18 year old Southern Baptist student who is in a four year relationship with a man. I am in no way trying to plead a case for homosexuals, and taking from your stupidity, I can tell you did not read the yearbook. There are multiple stories about kids who have been bullied because of their lives (disabled kids, adopted kids, kids with tattoos, etc.) along with stories about hanging out at church. I would enjoy if you would stop your slander. Thank you.

Holy crap, I may have to take back any negative thoughts I’ve ever had about Southern Baptists… way to go, Courtney!

Meanwhile, the principal at Lenoir City High School, Steve Millsaps, is just distancing himself from the issue as much as possible:

“I have received an unbelievable number of emails from parents and concerned citizens,” said Lenoir City High School Principal Steve Millsaps.

Millsaps said he did not personally approve the content for the yearbook. Faculty advisers are responsible for reviewing the content, he said.

Millsaps said he also thinks it’s possible that the intersection of the two issues may have added to the controversy.

“It’s kind of like the perfect storm,” he said.

Way to stand up for your students and staff, principal. A better administrator would have defended their right to free speech, even if some people in the community didn’t like it. A better administrator would have said there’s nothing wrong with the article; it highlights the life of a student and it was deemed worthy enough to include in the yearbook by the students in charge, not to mention there’s nothing inappropriate in the piece.

Here’s the upside to this story: Somehow, all these intelligent, upstanding students are coming out of a school led by some intolerant, ignorant adults.

Credit the worthy teachers at that school for inspiring these students in spite of their administrators’ worst intentions. After reading about this incident and Krystal’s story, I’m especially grateful to know my own administrators would defend me if anyone tried to go after me for supporting equal rights and open minds.

I’m sure Krystal Myers has enough material now to write a follow-up article to her last one… can’t wait to read it.

(Thanks to Cheryl for the link)

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  • It’s amazing how much intimidation and subtle back-room coercion is exerted by Christians in the South. This case reminds me of how Jerry DeWitt was fired from his government consulting position because the Pentecostals in government didn’t like him after he came out as an atheist.

  • TheAnalogKid

    Fucking Christians. Fucking scumbag Christians.

  • Can someone just look these folks in the eye and say, “grow the fuck up!”

  • apart from one person calling him a “dumb inconsiderate ass”, I really don’t see anything that shaver posted on his “evidence” page that would worry a thinking compassionate person. Which kind of proves the point when he is using it as evidence in his favour.

  • Annie

    Interesting that this is the same state that just passed a law that allows teachers to discuss “alternatives” to mainstream scientific theories in the classroom…  but apparently that same level of  “skepticism” (yes, they actually refer to it as that) doesn’t apply to alternatives to mainstream Christian bigotry.  The good news is that one day, these brave kids will be the grownups.

  • Stev84

    Just when you think you couldn’t possibly be more disgusted with the vile subhuman scum known as Christianity, something new comes along every time

  • Is that a picture of Zac alongside the article? I don’t profess much knowledge about such things, but is it possible the double-whammy of gay AND non-white has stirred things up?

    Once again I give thanks to my atheist parents raising me in such a way that I struggle to even comprehend this kind of bigotry.

  • Baby_Raptor

    So it’s perfectly okay for a bunch of church people to come in and preach Christianity based abstinence, complete with lies, made up facts and damaging examples…But if an adult talks to a child about being gay, they should be arrested and charged with child abuse?

    Further, it’s perfectly okay for the school to be used as an outlet to promote heterosexuality and religion, but someone being gay causes an outrage?

    Fuck Christians. Fuck every single person who complained about this. They all need to be…*deep breath* 

    Hopefully Karma will get them. Slowly and painfully. 

  • Fsq

    Great point. Hadn’t thought of it that way, but if they wish to “teach the controversy” it should follow with all issues where there is such discontent.

  • otto

     Fucking SOME Christians. Fucking SOME scumbag Christians. FIFY

  • Fsq

    And again, christian love in action….

    I firmly believe we need to start an organized method of going to christiachruches during their Sunday services and openly protesting. They do it to us in almost every way, so it is time to turn the tables and show them what it is to be protested and challenged.

    Go to their churches on Sundays and stand up during the services if they say anything bigoted or hate filled, and especially if they preach politics for mthe pulpit. Stand up and shout out letting them know it is illegal and we are watching and will not allow it any more.

  • Marguerite

    It’s always fascinating to see how many of the comments opposing homosexuality are religious in nature. Does it EVER occur to these people that not everyone shares their religious beliefs, and that it’s wrong to try to force your beliefs on everyone else?  Comments from the article: “GOD says gay is NOT OKAY.” “It’s pretty clear that gay sex is sinful. Romans 1:18-31 tells us that pretty plainly, and even WHY some people are gay.” And my favorite: “Leave US alone and stop trying to inflict YOUR beliefs and judgments on US! US being Christians who believe in and obey God’s Word – Romans 1:18-32” 

    It’s sadly funny when they claim they’re the ones who are being persecuted somehow. Exactly how are they being hurt by a little article in a yearbook? Do they think someone’s going to put a gun to their head and compel them to read it over and over again?

  • TheAnalogKid

    Okay. Let me know when the non fucking scumbag Christians show up.

  • Stev84


    Does it EVER occur to these people that not everyone shares their
    religious beliefs

    Only insofar as those people are evil, will go to hell and – if they can muster up what little empathy they have – possibly need saving.


    and that it’s wrong to try to force your beliefs on
    everyone else?

    Of course not. Their good book commands them to convert and subjugate everyone else

  • Fsq

    Give Van a call and let him know how you feel


  • Marguerite

    “Their good book commands them to convert and subjugate everyone else”

    Yes, and I imagine that’s the real reason people like this are so angry. Too many of us are failing to cooperate.

  • Coyotenose

    “Holy crap, I may have to take back any negative thoughts I’ve ever had about Southern Baptists… way to go, Courtney!”

    I know you’re an optimist, but Price didn’t actually defend Mitchell or any other homosexual on the grounds of their orientation. She was very specific about not doing that. The implication of that along with her religious persuasion and comment that associated the story with other stories about bullying suggest that she thinks homosexuality is a sin, but is against bullying gay students.

    I’d be happy to be wrong about that.

  • Muxika

    This is just a degree less severe than the Muhammad-drawing scandal. Imagine that, Americans sending death threats and wanting students and faculty punished for a totally peaceful article.

  • Johnnykaje

    The Southern Baptist kid mentioned in the post sounds pretty ace…

  • Stev84

    Yeah, standard “love the sinner, hate the sin” stuff

  • jdm8

    “Teach the controversy” could be used on abstinence-only sex ed.  Let’s see how that flies!

  • bandm

    Wasn’t Courtney a he?

  • bandm

    Ok, no apparently I misread. I know far more male than female Courtney’s so read it with that bias.

  • TheAnalogKid

    Okay. That’s one.

  • ganner918

    What’s apparent to me in Van Shaver’s comments is that a message I heard recently really is necessary, because these people don’t get it. “Homosexuality isn’t a kind of sex, it’s a kind of love.” Shaver’s comments, and others who more explicitly make this point, are saying that talking about being gay is like talking about how you like to be spanked during sex or have a diaper fetish (except God really really really hates this fetish). They don’t, really, look at it as a part of one’s being that they fall in love with people of their same gender. They look at it as a purely carnal, perverted sex act and that makes it inappropriate to ever discuss in public or for an adult to discuss with a child. This has to be corrected, this has to be opposed.

  • ganner918

    I guess we can love the believer and hate the belief

  • Pickle77

     They’ll just use it as another example of how “persecuted” they are.

  • rhodent

    I’ve always felt that if I was a science teacher, I would have tons of fun if a “teach the controversy” got passed.  Because I would teach the damn controversy.  I would teach what the motivations behind the controversy are, why creationism doesn’t deserve to be called science, the propaganda techniques creationists use, et cetera.  And I would make it clear that if they did anything to stop me, I would point to the law and sue the bloody fuck out of everyone involved in the attempt.

    I hope there are some teachers who support evolution who are doing this very thing.

  • Mujica Alex

    Good point, though I’d interpret it as a type of love without a choice, a persuasion, or gender (I’m sure I might need to learn more about contemporary human sexual theories, though).

    Back to your main point, that’s the nail on the head. It’s re-educating a specific group of people of the scientific inevitability of what we call homosexuality today. It has to be repeatedly drilled into their heads that it’s not a choice.

  • those teachers should be charged with child sex abuse

    Sure, because I’m sure kids are not allowed to exhibit their sexual preferences in any way.  No boyfriends and girlfriends.  No dancing with other people at dances.  No posters of famous cute boys and girls in lockers.

    Oh, you mean it’s only gay preferences that are tantamount to sexual abuse.  How stupid of me.

  • rhodent

    It’s hard to say.  Shaver said the article was trying to promote homosexuality.  Price’s statement could be read as an attempt to say “I think homosexuality is wrong, but that doesn’t justifying bullying gay people”, or it could be read as an attempt to say “I think homosexuality is okay, but that doesn’t mean the piece was intended to promote homosexuality.”  I don’t think we have enough evidence to say what Price’s personal feelings regarding homosexuality are.  But we do have evidence that she thinks bullying gay people is wrong, and I think she deserves credit for that.

  • Isn’t this discrimination? If the article was “It’s okay to be straight” they’d have no problem with it. Or are they saying it really is okay to be gay, but it’s not okay to talk about it?

  • The Captain

    I wonder if any of those christian legal groups who you know, say they are fighting for all peoples freedom of speech, will take up this case? …..Nah ha, who am I kidding… the bigots!

  • Deb Reisinger

    @jdm8: an abstinance only sex Ed is called SHARE in Nevada and when they started teaching it a few years back from 5th grade up, the state went from the bottom to top of CDC’s national list for having largest percentage of teen pregnancies.

  • Justin Miyundees

    Methinks they doth protest too much.  There’s backlash here about bullying the gay guy because, I suspect, their superstition promotes bullying the gay guy.

    The Babble remains the #1 licensing agent for bullying.  Priests and preachers have lynched slaves and burned heretics for daring to question their authority by claiming their right to freedom and truth (like the earth orbits the sun).

    This teacher is exactly what this nation needs – an antidote to stupidity.

  • jdm8

    Wow.  I was aware that there was a strong correlation between abstinence-only sex ed and higher pregnancy rates, but I hadn’t heard of that one before.  Thanks for the anecdote.

  • Excellent.

    It’s absolute craziness like this that’s driving youth away from churches (especially conservative ones) in record numbers. Christians are clearly a much greater threat to Christianity than atheists!

  • Christina Drumm

    It’s unfortunate and disappointing that some like Shaver could have been elected to any school board.  His blog is seething with vitriol and bias.

  • Well, you certainly can’t expect decent, God-fearing, bible-reading, church-going Christian folk to accept such depravity and perversion in our schools! I mean, what would Jesus say?……oh. Never mind.

  • I read the comments on the Knoxnews website. Where the hell do people get their ideas from? 

  • I was raised in a religious household(Southern Baptist), and I struggle to comprehend the kind of bigotry you are talking about.

  • Stev84

    From their pastors. Who tend to be complete sociopaths more often than not

  • Dbaker13

    You have to remember these are “children” of god. They didn’t grow up the first time around.

    I like to close discussions with Christians with “instead of being born again, why didn’t you grow up the first time?” Is it an asshole thing to say? Maybe. But in this case, it’s pretty applicable.

  • They ARE grown up.  That’s part of the problem… these kinds of spineless (or worse, hate-filled) adults are terrible role models.  Fortunately, the younger folks (under 30) are waking up faster than ever, realizing we’re all just humans on this mudball coursing through the vast emptiness of space… and we’re all on this ride together.

    It’s a ridiculous waste of time and energy to condemn people for being different or thinking different.  Our species has real problems to attend to.

  • “Still, the fact that an elected school board member could be this full of animus against gay-friendly teachers should set off alarms for everybody in the community.”

    Not really – the Christian Taliban hate-merchants have been spreading their venom for almost thirty years, so that alarm bell gave up a long time ago. See also the Texas textbook committee, which was so full of wingnuts that GOP voters even kicked a few of them out…

  • Stev84

     Yeah. School boards are how they started to take over politics and school boards everywhere are infested by them.

  • amycas

    I made the same mistake at first.

  • zeggman

     Well, some of them did grow up, but then they were born again, so, you know, back to square one.

  • Lamocla

    The one that oppose gays the most, have a great percentage of being closeted gay themselves. 

  • zeggman

     Share the love, brother.

    Believing in karma is no more rational than believing in the power of prayer, and  wishing for karma to get them “slowly and painfully” is no better than praying for someone to die of cancer.

  • Guest

    Somehow, all these intelligent, upstanding students are coming out of a school led by some intolerant, ignorant adults.” It’s called the free internet, free speech, reddit, facebook, Kids are getting their education from more than one source therefore they are not effected as severely by the ignorant bigots that are running our country currently. Can’t wait till my kids are grown up and can do something about all the ignorant fucks in government.

  • I’m not a scumbag.  At least I think I’m not.  I’m transsexual and Christian, and I’m a part of the congregation that is active in supporting those in need in our community and world.

    Also, we don’t hate on GLBT people.

  • Well, maybe the “nice Christians” should try and get their fellow Christians to stop being assholes.

  • P_KO

    Can you provide any proof of this? Every closet gay that I’ve ever known has never opposed gays. In fact, most of my gay friends came out by defending others who were being opposed.

  • Froggydunlop

    Some Christians ARE gay/loving towards gays. It’s just that the loudest ones are the assholes.

  • anon

    I tried to give him a call and a piece of my mind, and a delightful topsy turvy bigoted back and forth, but he rejected the call after 3 rings, and the memory was full!

    Fight on justice brothers.

  • JohnK

    Is this a forum about atheism or gay rights? i can’t tell anymore – most of the stories have nothing to do with the existence of God at all! When I first encountered this site years ago, there were great conversations about God, history, proof, The Bible, faith, etc. I’m starting to think that this is simply a forum for gay people who are mad at the church.

  • JohnK

    Really? Wow! yet another insight into the way an atheist’s head works. 
    Look, in the end it’s all just chemical reactions and firing of synapses and then nothingness – so does it really matter? Our entire existence is just a random accident, so none of us is really responsible for how we evolved, we’re all just animals trying to get a nut, on a “mudball flying through space.” There’s no universal right and wrong, it’s really all relative, and it’s how we feel in the moment, right? Some Christians hate gay people, you hate Christians, hate is wrong for some but it’s OK for you? I get it – (I think) – you are right, but some people are wrong, you have all the answers, and you hate the right people – but some people hate the wrong people. Interesting, because Christ was the one who said to even love your enemies, so clearly you are not a Christian. 

  • Blacksheep

    That’s because the people on this site find the worst examples of human behavior who happen to be Christians and focus solely on them. It would be like having a Christian website that writes a story about a serial killer who happens to be an atheist and says “See?” I don’t know of any sites like that. If you notice, there is never a positive story about a Christian, and there are thousands to choose from. This is an anti – christian proselytizing site. 

  • JohnK

    You sound evil to me.

  • JohnK

    The angriest people I’ve ever seen on on this forum!

  • Nick

    Except the serial killer would have other motivations other than being atheist. These homophobic people are motivated by the bible.

  • So you’ll be leaving then? 

  • School Boards are as bad as HOA’s

  • Michael

    I am going to steal that line.

  • We’re not angry because there’s something wrong with us.  We’re angry because there’s something right with us.

    — Greta Christina

  • Michael

    You’re reading it backward. A lot of very public gay-hating figures have in recent years been caught getting relaxing groin massages by highly skilled naked men. Sometimes tongues were involved. Essentially they were trying to hide their homosexuality behind a smokescreen of homophobia.

    These people form a tiny percentage of closeted homosexuals but a far larger percentage of rabid homophobes, to the point that a lot of people think most public homophobes are hiding something.

  • A large part of the focus of this blog is cases of people using religion of one flavor or another to control people who are not religious , or are of a different religious flavor.  It doesn’t tend to focus on religious people not trying to control other people, because that’s not a problem.

    Kind of like how cops don’t stop people and say “Hey, nice use of the turn signal there!”

    There are other blogs that do that. Not to speak for Hemant, but I think he’s more interested in pointing out things that should be fixed.

  •  Sorry if you can’t multitask and you don’t care about people who are harmed by religious bigotry.

  • It’s amazing how Christians preach love yet turn into frothing maniacs the second their dogma is challenged. 

  • It must be such a trial for them to navigate such narrow minds.

  • Fsq

    If you tithe or support any christian church then you re still part of the problem. Until the entire Christian club is changed, no Christian is without culpability. Sorry to burst your superior bubble.

    But, at least you got to post that you are a partial Christian to allow you to feel superior, and that’s the important thing.

  • Annie

    So true.  Regardless of what one’s beliefs are, if they financially support a church, they are indeed supporting those beliefs.  Without their financial help, the church wouldn’t be able to get its message out (not to mention there would be less people in the pews to hear it).

  • monyNH

     The yearbook’s editor-in-chief, who identifies herself as a Southern Baptist, has received nothing but praise on this site for taking a brave stand on the publication of that piece. When Christians stand up for the rights of those with whom they may disagree, or when they recognize that people come before dogma, they are similarly lauded on this blog. Yes, this site can be a bitch-fest sometimes…but we bitch for a reason.

  • TheAnalogKid

    So, of course, you cherry pick the Bible.

  • TheAnalogKid

    “Universal right and wrong”.

    Is it universally right or is it universally wrong to slaughter children?

  • The sad fact is that homophobia has become the defining feature of Christianity in modern public debate. How one feels about gays has long since come to eclipse the significance of pretty much any other aspect of Christianity. It dwarfs in significance the differences between specific churches, choices of Biblical text, etc.

    To push back against that issue is one very sure way to push back against the dominant strain of Theism in America today.

  • monyNH

     There are many, many churches out there who actively recruit, and
    actively defend, members of the GLBT community–because they know, as we
    do, that the JC said nothing about bashing gays. These are churches who
    democratically elect their governing bodies; vote on budgetary and
    philosophic issues as a congregation; and function as an autonomous community.

    While we may think the rest of what they stand for is bull-pucky, if
    we’re only talking about the homosexuality issue, there are
    congregations out there who do good work, and who put their money where
    their mouth is. They are trying to change the”entire Christian club”. Sorry to burst YOUR superior bubble.

  • Rin32

    Sounds angry and tired of hypocrites to me. These right-wing evangelicals are exhaustingly stupid. I mean, like, STUUUPPPIDDD. I understand the need to lash out and wish they could get a bit of their own medicine. I feel just like Baby Raptor sometimes myself; especially after listening to them take such perverse pleasure in telling gay people they are going to burn for eternity. Talk about evil… Now that’s freakin’ evil. Hateful, ignorant morons, or as the Tea Party often says on their signs, “Morans”.

  • Rin32

    Maybe those accepting Christians need to be a bit louder. You know, drown out the idiocy and hatred coming fom the dumbest and loudest morons that love to caim they are “Christian” yet act nothing like Christ himself. I swear, if Jesus showed up today these right wingers would crucify him all over again. They’d also claim it was the Christian thing to do! Then they’d find a way to act like victims if they were called out for their foolishness.

  • Rin32

    Thank you! The poor, poor dears, they have it so rough… (vomit)

  • Cevans7962

    Wow…over 22,800 views!

  • Fsq

    There are just so many things wrong with your argument, but they have all been talked to death. This is nothing more than cherry picking of the bible and of a mythical figure. And if the best you can do is a “I know you are but what am I” it says you lack any food original thou get, and have a quid pro quo mentality which is the realm of the 10 to 12 year old on the developmental scale.

  • the guy on the school board should be run out of town on a rail

  • Which reflects back on the “silent ones” – so maybe it’s time for them to speak up and drown out the hateful ones?

  •  Courtney is a unisex name, sure. But used much more predominantly as a female name.

  • In the United States, definitely. Although some of the commenters may be from overseas where Courtney is still often perceived as a male name.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Not quite at a place where I can yet. My family disowned me because their religion taught them this stuff, and I’m still in the process of coming to grips with that.

    I’ll get there eventually. In the meantime, my few words on an internet blog does nobody harm. Unlike the people I was ranting at. 

  • Baby_Raptor

    Words with no power on the internet somewhere are evil? Sounds like I touched a nerve.

    Go get mad at the people who are actually out there doing bad things.

  • Erp


    1. Some Christian denominations (admittedly very few) do fully accept their members who are LGTBI (see Metropolitan Community Church) and some are mostly there (see United Church of Christ) so money given to them is not going to support anti-gay activities.   The Christian churches do not pool all their monies.

    2. Even within denominations that aren’t fully there, some members are outspoken (e.g., Bishop Gene Robinson in the Episcopal Church).  However the mainstream press tends to given them less coverage perhaps because they don’t resort to the violent rhetoric of the other side.  (The conservative Christian press  does cover them as evil shepherds, etc.). 

    3. Every Christian has to pick and choose within the Bible, but, note that many on the liberal side do not consider the Bible to be inerrant so therefore it is ok to pick and choose.

  • zeggman

    It sounds like religion has been more destructive in your life than it’s been in mine. I’m sorry I was so judgmental.

    No prayers, and no karma, but I would like to express my sincere hope that you do “get there eventually”. I hope you continue to grow so much as a person that the friends you attract will become a new and better family, and that the society in which we live will continue to grow so that kinder, gentler religions and philosophies crowd out the hate-filled ideologies which emphasize irrelevant differences rather than common humanity.

  • Baby_Raptor

    No hard feelings. You didn’t know. 

  • aliceinwonderland

    okay first off religon isn’t even suppose to be in schools? So why is everyone making a big deal about that? Zac is a strong boy. He’s just telling people they don’t have to be afraid of who they are! The parents who are throwing a big fit about this cause there ‘christian’ need to stop. Doesn’t the bible say not to judge? Yet all Christians i know judge everyone for every little thing! So you want to make a big deal about not being able to pray in school when we aren’t suppose to pray in school anyways!

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