Two Mayors Issue ‘Day of Reason’ Proclamations in Their Cities May 3, 2012

Two Mayors Issue ‘Day of Reason’ Proclamations in Their Cities

The City Council members in New Orleans, as they’ve done in the past, issued a proclamation declaring today a “Day of Reason in New Orleans.”

Charlotte, North Carolina’s mayor Anthony Foxx did the same thing:

Charlotte got a gold seal. They win!

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  • Onamission5

    Whoot, NC!

    There may be hope for us yet.

  • sminnis

    Two southern cities, no less.

  • Joe Zamecki

    Very nice. Worth imitating! :o)

  • Muledung

    I think it is we who win. Two cities down, 29,998 to go.

  • BenofSoCal

    Two oasii in the midst of the Great Rational Desert!

  • Cheeks B

    Don’t let the gold seal from Charlotte fool you. There is alot of nut bags still in NC like the preacher in fayetteville who said it was ok to beat the “gay” out of your toddler. We are taking baby steps here in NC….baby steps. 

  • Annie

    Well hopefully you’ll do us proud on Tuesday with Amendment 1!

  • Cheeks B

     I really hope so! I am tense about it.

  • Joseph Smith

    I am very worried as well, they are holding it during a republicican primary, that doesn’t help. 

  • Ggsillars

    Gee, who’s next?  Cranston, Rhode Island? 

    Just kidding.

  • Renshia

    Yeah, but NO got 7 signatures, that’s got to be a hell of a lot harder than a gold seal. NO gets A+ for effort.

  • Annie

    True.  But four of those “signatures” look like stamps.  You have to admit the little green ribbon is a nice touch. 😉

  • Eprupar

    Wow, I never expected to see Charlotte, NC on there! I have been to city council meetings where Anthony Foxx lead us all in a prayer before the meeting (yes with the words Jesus, God and Amen). It’s awesome to see that he would also support this – Charlotte is a progressive city for the South, but that’s not saying much!

  • Renshia

     I will agree the ribbon is nice. But the other one is done on such nice paper, so official. And… It almost look s like the gold seal was just thrown on there to make it look official. Like an after thought. I have to wonder if they used recycled paper and the back side is a miss copy of something.
    Not that recycling isn’t cool but …. well you know that’s just tacky.

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