Imagine No Religion: A Slideshow April 26, 2012

Imagine No Religion: A Slideshow

It’s not often I see a slideshow and say, “Wow, that didn’t suck,” but you know what?

This slideshow doesn’t suck:

Imagine: No Religion
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(Thanks to Dorothy for the link!)

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  • Reason_Being

    That was well done.  Thanks for sharing it.

  • Marsha in TN

    Love it.   Perfect.

  • Ndonnan

    It must be very annoying when children talk about spiritual experiences they have before their pearants have “brain washed ” them,like the amazing american artistAkianne.She had athiest pearants and fromthe age of three talked to her mum about meeting Jesus.And what about 4yo Colton Burpo experiance in the New York Times number 1,Heaven is for real. Should google them and read about what the world will be like,not with religion but with Jesus

  • kieran

    that was incredibly biased and one sided. absolutely some aspects of religion are toxic but that presentation was just uneducated, presumptuous and shallow. utterly ridiculous to lump all aspects of religion like that.

  • I personally find pea-rants to be very annoying. It’s like when you’re sitting down to dinner, and suddenly someone’s like “Oh my god, I hate peas. They’re like little mushy green demons. Get those pea’s away from me!”. Wait, what were we talking about?

  • Pseudonym

    That’s a little bit harsh, IMO. But only a little.

    I agree with you that some parts of the presentation are are astoundingly ignorant. The geopolitical stuff at the end was beyond ludicrous (but to be fair, it was mostly repeating nonsense from God is not Great).

    The part that really should set off most people’s bullshit detector kit, because it’s SO contrary to the evidence, is the not-so-subtle implication that 100% of people who are born to a religious home are born to a fundamentalist, exclusive, totalitarian, bigoted home. But to be fair, the figure isn’t 0%, either.

    Only the most whacked-out utopian could honestly believe that the world would be better off without religion, as if this would alter fundamental parts of human nature by magic. But we might be better off without religious organisations. The person who sang “Imagine there’s no religion” also sang “Jai Guru Deva om” with equal sincerity.

  • hoverFrog

    Religion is too often used as an excuse for some pretty appalling human actions against one another or as a justification for the same.  I’m quite happy to see this excuse removed.  It won’t fix human nature but it might make humanity a little bit better behaved.

  • freemage

     But that’s just it.  There doesn’t seem to be a religion–ever, anywhere in history–that doesn’t ultimately produce those same toxic elements.You can’t get Quakers without getting the WBC; you can’t get moderate Islamists without getting the Taliban.  And a big part of this is that all religions entail an element of ‘faith’–meaning a refusal to examine the core assumption of the existence of one or more deities, and the truthfulness of the ‘inspired’ teachings.  The problem there is that it’s child’s play to produce from those elements virtually any sort of ideology one wishes, be it benign or malignant, because the faith-belief requires you to not question the validity of the ideology’s underpinnings.

  • kieran

    i think we get toxic elements of religion out of distortions of the true doctrine. im thinking about christianity especially. you only get these bad elements of christianity from a laziness to critically examine what the true christian beliefs and values are. i don’t think it’s far to say that we should get rid of religion because of the minority of misbehaving believers. i would argue that the benefits of religion far outweigh the negatives

  • Robert Hagedorn

    Google First Scandal.

  • Brandon Honea

    Dearest Kieran,

    Human intellectual evolution was set back 1,000 years  because of the Dark Ages.

    6 million Jews died because they were seen as God killers.

    Millions will suffer because stem cell research kills “souls” and is therefore intolerable.

    Scores of men and women were tortured/burned at the stake for witchcraft.

    In Spain non-christians/suspected non-christians were tortured/killed, etc.

    In Africa women are raped and the others beheaded/use your imagination, for religion.

    Blasphemy laws keep entire populations in fear of death for not being religious enough.

    All while following their holy books to a t.

    But you get a fuzzy feeling from religion.  God and country! Religion is the best!


  • Brandon Honea

     We are 1,000+ years behind schedule because of the dark ages
    6 million Jews died because they were seen as God killers.
    Millions will suffer because stem cell research kills “souls”
    untold numbers were tortured/burned at the stake for witchcraft
    In Spain non-christians/suspected non-christians were tortured
    In Africa women are raped and others beheaded for religion
    Blasphemy laws keep entire populations in constant fear.
    Worst part is, they were following their holy books to a t
    But you get a warm, fuzzy feeling from religion. 
    Yeah, it’s so worth the world’s pain if it makes you feel better

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