In Case You Wanted to Know More About the Higgs Boson… April 25, 2012

In Case You Wanted to Know More About the Higgs Boson…

Watch this and learn something. And by “learn something,” I mean “my head hurts from Science but it feels so good”:

(via PhD Comics)

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  • Yukimi

    Wow, it’s pretty awesome. 
    One of my friends is doing I think graduate project there (but as a programmer) so I tried to see if by chance I could spot him in the cafeteria heh.

  • ninetyninetrees

    I enjoyed that! I’m not a huge science wiz, however I LOVE the LHC! It just looks so friggin’ cool!

  • Renshia

     What’s in the data, what’s in the data, it’s so exciting..

    I love it, that was great. Awesome video.

  • Evan Kelley

    See, when it’s explained so easily as this I become deluded into thinking I could actually succeed in this field. It sounds so simple!

  • Nazani14

    I’ll never look at a purple M&M with disdain again. 

  • I just feel like I got slapped in the face by Science. And I want some more!