Creationist Don McLeroy Appears on Colbert Report April 24, 2012

Creationist Don McLeroy Appears on Colbert Report

In case you missed it, last night Don McLeroy, the former chair of the Texas Board of Education, appeared on the Colbert Report.

You get a striking sense that McLeroy had no idea what he was walking into — that he was the butt of the joke.

Sure, he’s the subject of a new documentary, but you *know* he was really brought on because the idea of a fake religious conservative interviewing a real religious conservative was too good for the Colbert staff to pass up.

While you watch, pay attention to how McLeroy reacts every time Stephen makes fun of his views. He doesn’t seem to have any response… so he just presses on by saying something else even dumber.

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So that’s the guy Texas chose to guide the state standards in education. That’s the reason science and history curriculums across the state are being gutted in favor of revisionist, Bible-based learnin’.

Is it any wonder Texas students are increasingly less prepared to go to college? They just don’t have a strong enough basis in reality. Hopefully, some rogue science and history teachers found a way to bypass the state standards and give their kids the education they deserve…

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  • DKeane123

    I like how he refers to himself as a skeptic.  Can you be brainwashed and a skeptic?

  • Lance Finney

    He thinks Jefferson was a religious conservative?

    Oh, FFS…

  • Jessica

    There are a few resisting science teachers. I grew up in Katy, TC, a suburb of Houston, and my chemistry teacher was amazing. Part of her graduation gift to me was a Darwin fish 😀

  • Bubba Tarandfeathered

    It’s not just Texas we should be worried about. Since Texas has the largest distribution of books, amongst students, the book makers use them as the standard for all of US text books. So what Texas students learn all students across the nation learn.

  • eonL5

    I wish we could count on publishers to take a long view, that if they cave to Texas’ stupid curriculum, they won’t be long for this world. All textbook publishers should refuse to rewrite their texts to meet this state’s wacko religious/political agenda. Otherwise, they’re collaborators in their own demise, and indeed the bible will be the only textbook Texas uses. (Unless the citizens of Texas get a clue and kick them out on their butts.) Publishers! Wake up and refuse this stupidity! (Note: I used to work for one of them.)

    So I read the linked article, and then backtracked to that web site’s home page, and … well, not sure I trust anything in that article. My Dog! Are there really such hideous web sites out there, in this day and age?

  • Sagrav

    ‘Skeptic’ is just a magical buzzword to folks like this.  Kind of like ‘values’, ‘culture of life’, ‘Truth’ (make sure the ‘T’ is capitalized!), and ‘traditional’.  He uses the word to give himself an air of scientific authority… or something.  It’s a verbal good luck charm that he hopes will fool actual skeptics into believing he is one of them.  It may also be his way of telling other creationists, “Don’t worry!  We’re the real sober minded thinkers in this debate.  Those evolutionist fundamentalists are the ones who really believe in fairy tales.”

  • Revyloution

    Fun to watch.  I think you could see Colbert cracking a few times, where Mcleroy stretched his credulity too far.

  • NewEnglandBob

    McLeroy is too dumb to realize how he was played.

  • Reginald Selkirk

     “Paging Dunning and Kruger – paging Dunning and Kruger…”

  • DKeane123

    I think he has 0% chance of convincing an actual skeptic.  He is using that word to convince his fellow believers that he has taken a critical look at the data and decided that dinosaurs walked the earth with humans – a lie of course.

  • Montressor

    Colbert is this country’s anti-stupid.  He is a national treasure.

  • What does a rock dream about?

  • NewEnglandBob

    What does a rock dream about? 

    McLeroy .

  • R.G.Daniel

    Colbert may be a “fake” Conservative, but he “is also a practicing Roman Catholic and Sunday school teacher.” {wikipedia]  I wish I knew how to process that, how to factor it in when I watch him in this kind of context.

  • Of course he was! Haven’t you heard about the Jefferson Bible… oh, wait. 

  • Exactly what I was going to say.

  • Fentwin

    That would be gneiss to know.

  • Onamission5

    Oh, Stephen, how do I love you? Let me count the ways…

  • T-Rex

    This guy is one dumb MF’er. “Stand up to the experts”…F’ing insane. He should not be allowed to have anything to do with education…of any kind. He should go work with Ken ham at that Creationist park. He can hand out peanuts to feed to the monkeys that are there to prove that we did not evolve from apes because if we did, these monkeys would not be here.  Oh the stupid. It burns!

  • T-Rex

    Please explain “The Flintstones” then. That documentray pretty much proves his theories are correct.

  • Science is a personal choice,  Bahahahahaha! This is why the Daily show and the Colbert report are the only new worth watching .

  • John Purcell


    Damn. Now I’m going to be dreaming about hot lava on lava action tonight.  As Jimmy Buffett sang, “lava me now, or lava me not”.

  • Bill the Cat

     Although I have been recovering from my Catholic education for 35 years now, the ‘catlicks’ didn’t do Sunday school – a reformed churches invention. (Of course, things may have changed???)

    I still shudder from my childhood run ins with Sister Marie Du Sade…

  • I’ll granite you that.

  • Don’t be so igneous.

  • Moribund Cadaver

    Out of character, Colbert would probably describe himself as a reality-based religious centrist. Plenty of times (in character) he has mocked the trend to treat facts and science as “mere opinion” and also directly mocked the very concept of biblical literalism.

    In real life, he seems to be be a genuine moderate in all things, though in the current political climate, his brand of moderation makes him far left compared to republicans.

  • Moribund Cadaver

    McLeroy clearly didn’t actually know hardly anything related to the subjects at hand, such as evolution (or biology for that matter). He seems to be a demonstration of the dogma of false equivalency that is in play with extreme conservatives when it comes to the topic of facts.

    1. All “facts” are completely equal.

    2. Everyone is free to look at all “facts” and decide which ones they don’t like.

    3. Nobody else can say the facts you support are poor facts, because all facts are equal.

    Thus, McLeroy looks at the statement “God did not create man, nature did,” and compares it to the statement “God created man” and decides he just likes the second one a lot more, so the second “fact” is true and the fact he didn’t like is untrue.

  • Here

    That’s a bunch of schist. 

  • DKeane123

    I have a problem with the Flinstones, in that I watch the “Land of the Lost” – the fact that Sleestaks are not observed in the fossil record is a sure indication that the fossil record has some serious issues to overcome.

  • “too far”?  You mean like when he opened his mouth?

  • luna

    As a soon to be teacher this shit horrifies me! 

  • Catholics do CCD, which is not exactly Sunday School, but it is religious instruction for the purpose of indoctrinating children into the faith. I believe most children who don’t attend Catholic school have to go through CCD classes in order to learn about and make the sacraments.

  • Sometimes it’s hard to imagine he actually believes that stuff, but I have no doubt he follows the same watered-down, non-Vatican-approved form of Catholicism that most other American Catholics do. Stephen may make jokes about religion (and I’m sure many of his writers are atheists), but The Colbert Report also has its own chaplain and his remarks on the show seem to make it clear that the real Stephen believes in the whole god/afterlife thing, too.

  • JNWesner

    I taught in public and private schools in New Mexico for 39 years.  Believe me, whatever the textbook may say, whatever the state may mandate, teachers determine the curriculum.  Unfortunately, they generally veer off to the right, toward magical thinking, rather than to the Radical Left — upholding reality.  I wish it were otherwise.  (And yes, some Texas teachers will teach truth.  Just not enough.)

  • Conspirator

    I believe some Catholic churches offer Sunday School along with CCD.  I’m fairly certain that at times I attended Sunday School, even when I was attending school at my church.  After third grade my parents switched me to public schools, which was a huge relief to me.  Then I attended CCD for a year or two, but I never did any of the homework, and actually never performed any more of the sacraments, the last I did was First Communion around second grade.

    Perhaps some churches provide Sunday School to supplement religious education for people who can’t get their schools into CCD or the like.  

  • Cheepak Dopra

    This is probably the first reddit pun thread I’ve seen outside of reddit.

  • Now, if only those of us from outside the USA could watch and laugh at these stoopid creashunists. 🙁

  • Piet Puk

    This is a perfect example of how poisonous religion is.

  • Bill the Cat

     I was referring to the Sunday schools that were in session during the ‘adult’ services. (In lieu of attending services.)  CCD classes were in addition to the mandatory suffer through the Mass (of lies.)

  • RobStanley

    It just proves that someone has faked the fossil record – or is being very selective.  We all saw the sleestaks, so you know – who’s trying to manipulate the agenda.  Damn scientists…

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