Atheist Group (Almost) Forms at Quinnipiac University April 23, 2012

Atheist Group (Almost) Forms at Quinnipiac University

There’s now a group for atheists at Quinnipiac University (in Connecticut)!

But it’s not quite official yet…:

“We decided to start something like this because I [felt] like freethinkers were not represented on campus at all,” said Julia Olson, a co-founder of [the Quinnipiac University Atheist, Humanist and Agnostic Association].

“The start-up process has been frustrating. For such a seemingly easy process, it has taken much longer than we anticipated. We have been working on becoming officially recognized as a student organization for about 2 months now, and as of today still haven’t achieved that status,” Olson said.

Want to help? If you’re a student at the school, contact the organizers to see what you can do or join the Facebook group for more information.

Everyone else is free to Like the page and send them words of encouragement 🙂

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  • Mike Mellor


  • I wonder if the frustrating start up process is atypical.  Red tape can seem a lot more personal when you’re the one being tangled.  My first thought given the history and seeing the emphasis was “Oh, no, not again, the administration is dragging its feet”.  But as far as I can tell, that’s not the story here.

  • Julia Olson

    There is no issue with the University not being behind the mission of the group, as far as we are aware. Interest in the group has been slow to pick up and the technical process of being recognized has been longer than expected – just to clear that up. Thanks everyone for your support!

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