nakedpastor: Deeper Union April 20, 2012

nakedpastor: Deeper Union

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  • DG

    I must admit, that’s funny – and at the same time, so true.

  • Cutencrunchy

    Standing on the tiny pinnacles of our righteous peaks of difference while the bulk of our commonality lies ignored under the surface??? is that the point?

  • dauntless

    Good catch.

  • Andrew Morgan

    At least there aren’t any question marks or exclamation points in this one. 🙂

  • Call me small minded but I fail to see the point. The suggestion is there is a connection between believers and atheists. If we are talking about a connection in the domain of beliefs about the divine then no, there is no commonality between a group and its complement. If the cartoon is supposed to suggest that there is a deeper commonality in our joint humanity or some such then fine but it’s irrelevant. We could replace “believer” and “atheist” with “Nascar fan” and “uncontacted south American tribesman” and produce something just as relevant.

    Colour me unconvinced.

  • dauntless

    The symbolism is still obvious and preachy as usual, though.

  • DG

    I believe so.

  • Are they standing on top of a giant tooth?

  • It’s true only in the sense of being unfalsifiable. What does it mean? Does this have something to do with the Titanic?

  • DG

    I read it as an illustration showing that we’re more or less in the same boat, often dealing with the same problems. And even though folks have key and fundamental differences over, in this case, their beliefs about religion, there are certain common circumstances that we could do well to work together resolving. Or that’s how I read it.

  • Kinan Issa


  • Yes! Its giant orc teeth

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