‘Real Housewives’ Producers Seeking Christian Women for New Show April 19, 2012

‘Real Housewives’ Producers Seeking Christian Women for New Show

Producers from Bravo’s successful “Real Housewives” series will soon be searching for a cast of Californian Christians for a new reality show, according to Huffington Post.

The "Real Housewives" franchise currently has casts in Orange County, Ca., Beverly Hills, New York, Atlanta, Miami and New Jersey. The producers are considering a religious reality show featuring women.

The producers are said to have been inspired by ABC’s show “GCB” (based on the book Good Christian Bitches) and told Huffington Post that they think featuring religious women will make it similar to “Housewives” but different enough with the religious angle that another network will want to buy it.

What do you think? Will the show be a train wreck? Another weekday guilty pleasure? And will more religious reality television shows soon follow? Like maybe what Catholic priests do in their spare time? How about a TV show like the documentary “Jesus Camp”?

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  • Thorny264

    “What catholic priests do in their spare time”
    That depends if they consider molesting children as part of the job. As for making more Christian show, i hope they do to show some family that follows the scripture to the word, bad publicity for christians and probably funny to watch.

  • Tom

    Oh man this will be good!

  • Why not? I’d check out a series about a bunch of nuns living in a convent (all the better if one of them can fly…)

  • Kaoru Negisa

    A part of me, deep down inside, feared this may one day happen. I knew, instinctively, that Bravo would find a way to make that show more irritating, and that it would involve getting Christian women to hold up their hands and praise Jesus every few minutes and be entirely clueless about the plight of people who aren’t them.

    Things you will likely see in the first 5 episodes:

    1. One person insisting that they aren’t racist, they don’t see color.

    2. One person insisting that they’re not homophobic, they just think marriage is between one man and one woman.

    3. One person explaining how much they love everybody because Jesus told them to.

    4. At least 20 “sins” listed in the Bible that are committed without thought

    5. A flippant comment about somebody else’s sinful lifestyle and the commenter’s intent to pray for them.

    We could start a Friendly Athiest Friendly Betting Pool where we predict how many episodes it will take for all of these things to happen? Or we could not do that since I don’t know the legality of it and don’t gamble anyway.

  • I want to see the arguments it causes between the different sects of Christianity!  I can hear the “They’re not real Christians because…” arguments now!

  • Tom

    I say a drinking game!  Could make it educational: every time you identify a particular cognitive bias, you choose who drinks 🙂

  • Kaoru Negisa

    I like this idea! Drinking game it is. 

  • You got to the joke before I did. But just think about the mix they could get: Mormon (they say they’re Christian at least), Eastern Orthodox, Catholic, Jehovah’s Witness. Perhaps an entire episode could be dedicated to the Trinity, and we could watch the mono-monotheist (the Jehovah’s Witness) mix it up with the Trinitarian monothests (but somehow the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic would disagree with each other) , with the multigod-monotheists (Mormons). It would bhe pure chaos and I think someone would end up getting burned at the stake.

  • advancedatheist

    So what if several of these christian moms have Bristol Palin-like daughters who engage in premarital sex and get pregnant?

  • Don’t they already have this with Mob Wives, Teen Moms, and Real Housewives of NJ?  Most of those folks profess to be Christian on a regular basis. 

  • marty

    I am still upset that the show American Restoration has nothing to do with brining back a secular government 🙁

  • Like maybe what Catholic priests do in their spare time?

    There was a documentary series on A&E called God or the Girl, about a group of young men deciding whether or not to enter the priesthood. The title is silly, but the show itself was interesting. It’s available on DVD if anyone wants to check it out.

  • monyNH

     Not just clueless about the plight of other people…I’d venture to say that they will quickly show their complete ignorance of the Bible itself. (I’m sure we can add that to the drinking game somehow!)

  • Alicia

    Hah, they should have it in the Temecula area…the area is full of them and I’m sure there would plenty of drama for a show. Have to say, I’d watch (or download and watch on laptop heh). 

  • carteronetwo2

       My guess
    is it will turn into a faith contest? Many times here in the Ozarks we’ve
    seen pubic meetings over whether or not to allow religious symbols on public
    property such as a sculpture of the Ten Commandments. Christians line up to
    testify their faith for each other and the local Tee Vee cameras. I’ve seen
    this time and time again.  You mix
    Christians with cameras and it turns into a contest of who is the most
    faithful. But in their defense, cameras do funny things to our behavior.

    Recently one of our professors assigned us to watch the documentary
    Catfish. In the film, a woman lives multiple personalities until, she’s
    confronted on camera. Her reaction on camera probably is not the same if she
    had been confronted off camera. The same is true for the religious protestors at
    public forums. They almost seem normal till the cameras show up, then
    everything gets louder as they compete for camera time and applause. At that
    point there is no longer a dialogue since communication ethicist tell us a dialogue
    is when “each participant possesses genuine concern for one’s partner
    instead of as a means to an end” (Thomlison, 1982). Instead the Christians seem
    to be using the Tee Vee audience as the means to prove their religious
    tenacity. I can’t help but think you would see the same on Bravo.

    Brian Shipman
    Drury University 

  • Alchemist

    It couldn’t be any more vomit inducing than Jersey Shore! Just thinking about that show makes my skin crawl.
    Oh no, now I’ve got to go and scrub myself again. Unclean! Unclean!

  • TiltedHorizon

     In the first 5 episodes? Easily achieved in 1 show. For those of you prepping for a drinking game, careful, you risk alcohol poisoning in the first 30 minutes. Pace yourselves! 🙂    

  • They need a real “real housewives” show first. Those ladies aren’t “real housewives.” They’re rich, they’ve got a silver spoon in their mouths. Show a real housewife like my mum. Air Force wife, stay at home mom with two homeschooled kids (now with no kids, my dad’s retired.) She had to clean, care for our education, and got to play games during her downtime. Right now she’s dealing with getting my grandmother moved out of her house, could be a ton of drama without having to be something like “Gracey needs a manicure, but her favorite cosmetologist is out sick!”

  • Blondin

    So-called “reality” TV concepts like this is mostly why I don’t watch TV anymore.

  • T-Rex

    I have never watched any of those “house wife” reality shows because the women all come off as arrogant, entitled, stuck up bitches. But this one intrigues me. If for no other reason than to just watch the bathsit insanity that is bound to ensue. There’s gotta be a secularist or an atheist behind this idea. Watching this show might actually cause some theists to question their belief system…or maybe just make their heads explode.

  • Xeon2000

    I don’t think I can hold my liquor that well. Errr… I don’t think I have enough liquor in the house…

  • Xeon2000

    The Walmart of tv entertainment.

  • M1jack

    is unplanned pregnancy celebrated among the maxiatheists?

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