Anthony Pinn Talks About ‘How Black Bodies Challenge Humanist Ethics’ April 19, 2012

Anthony Pinn Talks About ‘How Black Bodies Challenge Humanist Ethics’

In this video from the New York Society for Ethical Culture, Dr. Anthony Pinn encourages us to open our eyes and appreciate the diversity within our movement. We could learn a lot:

As always, if any parts of the video stand out to you, please leave the timestamps in the comments!

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  • Josh kutchinsky

    Thanks Hemant for bringing this talk  to my attention. I have written something about it in a newsletter I prepare  for the UK’s  Central London Humanists  –
    I think the issues raised by Dr Pinn are very important and I admire greatly the performance aspect of his talk. Through various rhetorical techniques he manages to convey complex and subtle ideas.
    A good friend of mine the late writer E.A. Markam wrote:
    “…One has to be sensitive to the
    challenge of operating in a racially-conscious society which is, at the
    same time, racially incurious.”
    Black people we are told, constitute about 7% of the population of
    Great Britain; hence black is obviously marginal to the norm, and seen
    as ‘other’.”
    “…If many people were talking about
    racism in ways which seemed to me to entrench racism, could one approach
    the subject not head-on but, as it were, glancingly.”I think Dr Pinn manages to appporach the subject both head-on and glancingly. I think Markham would have approved.

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