A Response to the Day of Dialogue… April 19, 2012

A Response to the Day of Dialogue…

(In response to this post.)

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  • observer

    The punchline?
    “It’s not a relationship, it’s my religion!”

    The silly punchline:
    “It’s not a relationship, it’s my wife!”

    Incidentally, when are these “Christians” going to talk to the students about the dangerous and unhealthy lifestyle of eating shrimp?

  • Darwin’s Dagger

    What are these thing supposed to be? Slugs? Aliens? Ghosts with eye stalks?

  • Stev84

     Alien slugs

  • “I have a close, personal relationship with Jesus…but I’m just using him for sex.”

  • OverlappingMagisteria

    I think they’re the “Yup-yup-yup” aliens from Sesame Street.

  • I think this is my favorite one yet.  Nice M J!

  • SJH

    I don’t get it. Isn’t the answer yes to both of them? Please help me understand the comedy. Are you making fun of those Christians that are intolerant or are you making fun of the homosexuals that are intolerant? Or maybe you are making fun of the general state of our society that people seem to be so polarized and can’t have a decent discussion about anything?

  • I think he’s making fun of people who think other peoples’ consensual sexuality should be subject to public debate.   Or something about eyestalks.

  • SJH

    Are you saying that our behavior is not up for public debate. Do we not have the right to question what we may see as potentially unhealthy behavior and can we not have a discussion about it? Are we that close minded that we are not willing to subject our own opinions and/or procivities to scrutiny.

  •  Heterosexual behavior has many unsavory aspects and health risks associated with it.  Do you think the people who handed out “dialogue” cards are willing to sit down and be told all about the peril their heterosexual behavior brings upon themselves and society?  Are you willing to put your hard-wired sexual preferences up for debate?

  • monyNH

     The only “unhealthy” thing about homosexuality is certain religions’ obsession with it. Seriously…get a life.

  • You have every right not to practice any consensual behavior you feel is unhealthy. 

    As Heinlein noted, the way to punctuate the sentence beginning “It’s none of my business, but…” is to place a period after the word ‘but’.”      And consensual sexual behavior in which you have not been invited to participate falls under that.

    If asked, feel free to decline and even state your reasons for doing so.

  • SJH

    They should be willing to discuss heterosexuality and I am willing to discuss my hard-wired sexual preferences. And I am not the only one. I gather that most people are mature about this topic. There are only a few on both sides that act like children. We should be having a adult discussion about this.

  • SJH

    You do not have every right to perform unhealthy behavior because your behavior effects others. With rights come responsibilities, to yourself and others. We do not live in a vacuum.

  • Onamission5

    So if someone doesn’t want to discuss their private, personal business with strangers who accost them on the street in order to tell them that their intimate, private business is dirty and wrong, then that person is acting like a child?

  • Glasofruix

     And you sir are an idiot. In which way being gay is an unhealthy behaviour?

  • Just because your behavior might affect others does not mean that you automatically must consider that when deciding whether to do that behavior. For example, I find the smell of sauerkraut to be utterly disgusting. However, this does not mean that anyone is obligated to avoid eating it in front of me. It would be nice if they didn’t, especially if I’m trying to eat, but nice is not the same as obligated.

    If you’re a smoker, then that’s unhealthy behavior.  However, I have no right to tell you that you can’t smoke in the privacy of your home. Nor do I have a right to harass you about it, pressure you, or anything else of that nature. You have a right to smoke, risky though it may be. The only right I have is to ask you not to smoke where I may be exposed to it, given the dangers of second-hand smoke.
    There is no such thing as second-hand gayness. You’re right that we have responsibilities along with our rights, but there is no responsibility to not be gay, or to consider every aspect of a gay relationship in terms of how it might affect the delicate sensibilities of some. Even IF there is something about it that’s unhealthy (there’s not).

  •  You have every right to believe being gay is a “behavior” and that it’s “unhealthy”.  You don’t, however, have the right to bully and harass others into submitting to your beliefs, which are unsupported by any field of science.    The “Day of Dialogue” is nothing more than a way for Christians to preach intolerance at LGBT students and call it “discussion”.  That’s the point of the cartoon.

  • sunburned

    I think it’s saying that if one type of personal relationship is up for debate, why not other personal relationships…

    Pretty cut and dry.

  • Xeon2000

    “second-hand gayness” hehehe…

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