Women in Secularism Conference: $25 Registration for 25 Students April 18, 2012

Women in Secularism Conference: $25 Registration for 25 Students

The Center For Inquiry has this fantastic conference about Women in Secularism coming up next month in Arlington, Virginia. (The audience will hopefully include men, too.)

Given the unique nature of this conference, I was worried that the registration cost ($219 for non-CFI members) might deter a lot of people from attending. But there’s now a plan in place to help with that. If you’re a college student and you’d like to attend, CFI just announced they’ll be offering $25 registration for 25 students:

CFI is offering to sponsor 25 students to attend the Women in Secularism conference… for the low registration price of $25. If you are a current college student, you must act now to claim one of these specially priced tickets!

If you’d like to help defray the cost of registration for more people beyond the 25 and you’re able to spare some money, consider donating to the cause.

Hopefully, all these panel discussions will be made available online afterwards so we can all benefit from the wisdom of the speakers.

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  • keegan

    $25 student tickets all sold out!

  • Glowickie

    Bravo for the daycare!

  • So, only upper, middle class people…or students ASPIRING to be upper middle class, are welcome. I’m economically exploited, living with disabilities, in abject poverty, in a small, redneck, rural town. I’m also founder of GenderQueer Atheists, an active YouTuber, blogger and social networker. I’m completely in the closet in my town about: my gender identity, sexual orientation, political leanings & atheism. And I’m all over the webs. But I can’t go to this conference because, what, I have nothing to offer?

  •  Hey, they let their tokens attend…or their daughters, nieces, etc. It was just window dressing, anyway.

  • Mlawliet

    when will the men in secularism conference be?

  • Melody Hensley

    25 more reduced price tickets for students just released today! 

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