The Young Turks University Crew Discussion Religion in College April 18, 2012

The Young Turks University Crew Discussion Religion in College

It’s nothing you haven’t heard before, but here’s a really civil conversation about losing (and gaining) religion during college, courtesy of TYT University:

(Thanks to MegaZeusThor for the link!)

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  • Tom

    Very intelligent conversation, well spoken and courteous.  Nice to see some talk about values, they are what most religious people associate with their faiths.  Atheism says nothing about values, so the topic usually gets broached by the religious side first.  Perhaps we should set the tone for this topic more often in our conversations with the religious?

  • Christi99100

    Very civil and balanced discussion, which was nice to
    see.  But even better were the
    subtitles.  Ecclesiastes = crazy ass
    tease.  Nice. 🙂 

  • Brian Pansky

     I think it is good that the particulars of morality can be disambiguated from teh atheism.  If you want to set the tone for the topic, I would like the tone to be that if a person says they get their ethics from their belief in a non verified being, we can say congratulations for the coincidence.

  • Tom

    I don’t really understand, what do you mean?  Many religious people would say they get their ethics from their moral intuitions (their conscience), and create a being who embodies their already established morality to worship.  Many won’t admit it or don’t realize it.  It is post hoc rationale, their feelings come up first and their justifications second. That’s why it’s so confusing listening to, let’s say, a Christian talk about why they need God to be moral.  They don’t.  But I believe they really don’t want to aknowledge that.  It’s a scary notion to many that they have to figure out what’s right on their own, and not be guided by a supposedly more “knowledgable” force.

    I’ve never used/seen used the word disambiguated before, not sure what it means or what you mean with it in regards to morality and religion.  I’m guessing you prefer the cleanliness of philosophy (theism vs. atheism) as opposed to morality which can be messy.  But morality is far more interesting in my opinion, and is worth talking about.  I don’t think the religious have much reason to care about what atheists have to say unless it involves morality, and that often means they are more interested in a way of being more moral than being philosophically sound.  

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