I Want to Play This Game, Too! April 18, 2012

I Want to Play This Game, Too!

(In response to this post.)

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  • People waste their outrage on so many trifles, frivolously spending it like a drunken sailor throwing around his money, and when something truly offensive comes along, their offense has little credibility or impact. Practice equanimity. Then when you really get pissed off, people will take you more seriously.

  • ScarabDrowner

    Why is the atheist offended by Wicca?

  • Daniel Krull

    Wait — how often are atheists offended by Wicca?

  • Somedude

    Yeah, this makes little to no sense.  As an atheist I find Wicca to be fairly silly but the not the least bit offensive. 

  • CanadianNihilist

    Same comment about Wicca!

  • Image claiming atheists are offended by Wicca?

    I’m Offended!

  • JohnnieCanuck

    I’d like to claim that I am offended that you are Offended by the claim that atheists are offended by Wicca, but actually I’m not particularly offended at all.

  • This is funny!  I did consider myself Wiccan in the past, so doubly so.

  • Nice one

  • Michael

    I always portrayed it with alcohol. Wine drinkers being offended by beer, beer drinkers by spirits etcetc.

  • Jett Perrobone

     I think you’re confusing Wicca with Liquor.  🙂

  • hoverFrog

    ‘It’s now very common to hear people say, “I’m rather offended by that,” as if that gives them certain rights. It’s simply a whine. It’s no more than a whine. It has no meaning, it has no purpose, it has no reason to be respected as a phrase – “I’m so offended by that.” Well, so fucking what?’-Stephen Fry

  • Ndonnan

    isnt wicca worship of satan? why wouldnt they,mmm maybe fits right in

  • M J Shepherd

    Are you trolling?

  • Richard, so true.
    As another example, when I go to the gym and spend time on the treadmill, there are a number of television monitors to watch with CNN, NBC, FOX News, and another network I think.  It is interesting to see how each of them report the news.  FOX News in particular is shameless in reporting the news from just one viewpoint with its commentators in both speech and body language showing disgust in everything that doesn’t fit their political perspective.  You could say they get equally offended by everything no matter how small.  I’ve often wondered that if there was really something to be offended by, could people tell that that something was really important by watching FOX News  since they jump all over everything all the time.  They might actually be doing their audience a disservice by being indignant all the time towards all liberal causes.
    I am very offended on many levels with FOX News.

  • ScarabDrowner

    No, Wicca is not worship of Satan. Wicca worships a god and goddess, with more emphasis on the goddess.. Didn’t you at least try to research it a little first?

  • Michael

    Because Wicca and other younger faiths are attracting people disillusioned with the monotheistic faiths people pretend are diverse and by attracting these people they reduce the number who ultimately settle for atheism as the least worst choice for them personally.

  • ScarabDrowner

    I myself transitioned through Wicca after dumping Christianity. It was a small detour, yes, but I gave it up too after realizing I just couldn’t believe in any of the deities. So I still do not see what there is about Wicca that an atheist in general would find offensive.

  • Michael

    Your mistake is to look at the groups in general. These are the more easily offended members of each group.

  • DaveB

    Lana Del Ray? I’m offended! 

  • I think a short stop through Wicca and then perhaps Pantheism is a pretty common route for quite a few ex-Christians.  I blogged a little about it while discussing my transition from religion to atheism.

    Sometimes I think that I liked Wicca because it kept all the ritual (theater) of Catholicism with a much more logical ethical code.  Moving from a religion full of saints and angels with the Virgin Mary revered at an almost goddess-like level also made the transition pretty easy as well.  

  • sunburned

    Poe’s Law?

  • Gunstargreen

    Wicca is supposed to offend us? I just find it funny myself.

  • I’m going to join the chorus of people wondering why the atheist is offended at the wiccan poster. I might be bemused that people actually believe that stuff (to a similar level that I’m bemused by Christianity), but why would I be offended?

    The joke is silly, but that, in this case, isn’t a particularly good thing.

  • Tim D.

    I imagine it would’ve been funny if this image had been made with the intent to provoke the ire of atheists who didn’t understand why the atheist in the picture was so offended….thus creating the result it had originally depicted 🙂 The irony would’ve been lost on both parties — atheists for being offended while asking why they’re being depicted as offended,  and the cartoonist for not realizing that a depiction of atheism that portays them as being offended (in a context where most atheists would not consider themselves to be “offended” in real life) would cause atheists to become offended.

  • Curioushelen

    I’m offended I’m not offended by Wicca. What the hell I’ll get over it, like most atheists do!! Lol

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