Trading Bibles for Science April 17, 2012

Trading Bibles for Science

I already like this better than Smut for Smut.

The Eastern Connecticut Atheist and Freethinker Fellowship is holding a “Science for Bibles” exchange in which anyone can turn in a Bible and get a fantastic science book in return:

The event is being held to honor “The National Day of Reason,” an alternative to the sectarian “National Day of Prayer” also held on May 3rd each year. Anyone who brings a Bible to the event will receive a free copy of one of several scientific publications: Charles Darwin’s “Origin of Species,” Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos,” or Richard Dawkin’s “The Magic of Reality.”

I don’t know how they’re going to keep the atheists away… Hell, my Bible collection is *huge* and I could easily part with some of them for a few good science books. (Note to atheists: Stay away! Christians need these books more than you do!)

Group member Kristin Bales hopes the event will inspire atheists who are afraid to talk about their identity. “Coming out as an atheist in a Christian-dominated society can be a frightening thing,” she explains. “Our group provides a safe place to discuss your ideas without fear of rejection.”

If you’re someone who would genuinely like to trade your holy books for something worthwhile, the event occurs on May 3rd from 11:00a-3:00p in Putnam, CT at 189 Main Street.

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  • DB

    I picked up Cosmos for 3 dollars when Border’s went out of business.  

  • pagansister

    This reminds me of the” turn in your guns”  days that some cities have periodically.  The city then gives something in return, to make it worth while to do so. 

  • jdm8

    Cosmos can be had in paperback for $4 on Amazon, but maybe not in good volume.  The Magic of Reality is still only in hardcover until September for $20, then there will be paperback and ebook.  I can’t find a paperback of that version of Origin of Species, but it’s available on Kindle for $0.99.

  • I have been wanting a copy of Origins. Been reading it online at Project Gutenberg. 

    Cosmos.  I might in fact have that book memorized. 

  • CanadianNihilist

    I already have  Origins but I’d be temped to drop by with some bibles for the other two if I were in the area.

  • Magic of Reality is fantastic! It’s a beautifully illustrated field manual describing why things are the way they are for ages 8 to 108. (and I’m not even getting paid for this endorsement!)

  • Whoa whoa whoa… There’s an eastern Connecticut now?

  • Bill the Splut

    I go to Putnam all the time! Great antique stores there. Of course, this is on a day I work. On the other hand, when people ask me why I became an atheist, I say “I read the bible.” I’ll keep that old relic that freed my mind, thank you.

    Interestingly, the trade is at the post office.

  • I don’t suppose that there is a way to do this through the mail.

  • Bubba Tarandfeathered

    Someone should point out to them that doing this at a US Post office might be a violation of the separation clause.

  •  That’s the first thing I thought

  • Maury

    Origin of Species is free on Google Books (google play)

  • J E Sherman

    Say! What are they going to do with all those Bible when this is all over? Maybe we can send them to our boys and girls overseas defending our country. They can stuff them in their uniforms to make up for the body armor they never got.

  • Perhaps they should run a similar program during Ramadan for Qur’ans.

  • Bubba Tarandfeathered

     and not back down despite all the worldly criticism and complaints by muslim apologists.

  • FeminineGenius

    Faith and reason/science are not incompatible they are complimentary.
    You guys are funny but not as funny as this:

  • Timeycook

    The Bible, science don’t contradict.  This shows how uneducated atheist are

  • That’s a wonderful idea.  As to what to do with all of the Bibles?  The pages would probably make good bird cage liners….

  • I’d be tempted to stop by a hotel and take a Gideon bible from a room and trade that in. Then return the science book back to the hotel and leave it for the next guest. A win-win.

  • A small clarification for those concerned about the establishment clause. The event is being held in front of the post office on the sidewalk. The Supreme Court has stated that public sidewalks constitute legitimate and Constitutionally-protected areas for public assembly and leafleting. Indeed, the local Tea Party group sets up a table (with “Obama is Hitler” posters and all) at the very same spot every Monday afternoon. So this is in no way a government-sponsored endorsement of our group or event.

  • Deven_Kale

     So you’re saying the earth really IS basically a snowglobe, hung from  nothing, off balance, with a curtain of stars pulled across it every night?

    And here I thought it was an oblate spheroid created by the gradual accumulation of nebulous matter over billions of years, which over time has developed a 24-hour rotational period, orbiting a star. Guess I was wrong.

  • Deven_Kale

     I hear they’re really good for cigarettes, of any type.

  • Idontknow

    I heard if you roll it up with weed. Jesus will light it for you.

  • Rob McCune

    Faith often compliments science, but usually when its trying to steal the credit.

  • Annie

    I love this idea, and am impressed that they are giving away such top notch books.  I wonder how many they plan to give away?

  • Brian Pansky

     Who are you talking to Timey?  Where in the article is it being claimed that the bible and science contradict?

    Incidentally it is the non-atheists I know who say that there is a disagreement between current science and the bible.  They have claimed that the following sciences are in conflict with their bible:

    Quantum mechanics
    General relativity
    Special relativity
    Planetary science
    Behavioral neuroscience
    Evolutionary biology
    Cognitive science

    And perhaps more.  But that’s coming from people I disagree with.

    The only thing I would wonder about is that the bible claims there are ‘supernatural’ things.  This is not supported by science, so such a positive claim is a violation of current knowledge.

  • Faith and science are not at all contradictory.  Faith will eventually be explained as one aspect of neuroscience.  Heck, science will one day find a CURE for faith, dog willing.

  • Southern Geologist

    I think this is a much better idea than “Smut for Smut” (which I find rather pointless), but I’d prefer if they handed out a more recent book on evolution.

  • So is the bible.

  • Heintje_K

    Faith is complimentary, except for scientologists, who have to pay for it.

  • Heintje_K

    There are times for science books, and there are times for porn.
    I don’t see how each campaign is objectively better than the other – they are complementary 😀

  • Andrew Pfaff

    Yes, when I have children and they are old enough to comprehend the wonders in that book, I will hand it down to them.

  • bgrggfe

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  • Ivory

    I almost did that for the AA convention; bring a big box of science books, and have all of the attendees swap out the bibles in their rooms for the science books.

  • As long as you only take certain parts of the bible literally.

  • Aa

    I agree it is good as a childrens book or an introductory lesson, but not much beyond that.   If you’ve read some of Dawkins’ other stuff (or anything similar by the myriads of other authors), there won’t be much new to it and the language is aimed fairly low.  That being said, it may be perfect for someone who actually will trade in a bible to take a look at what’s inside.

  • Xeon2000

    We as humans have a capacity for irrational decisions, and in some cases I suppose that has helped reveal new possibilities in science that strict logical thinking would have been limited by. This is not the work of the divine, but simply a cognitive evolutionary benefit that allows humans to “think outside the box”. Usually though, when a scientist gets a “gut feeling” to try something crazy, they follow up their idea with observation, calculations, and proofs. Then they either find out that their crazy idea wasn’t correct after all, or… they win the Noble Prize or something.

  • Culviezilla

    I wonder if atheists will read those books about as much as Christians actually read their bibles…

  • walkamungus

    The part of Connecticut east of the river *does* exist. We didn’t just make it up!

  • Jason Bachand

     I can’t speak for all atheists, quite obviously, but I have read all three cover to cover. Indeed, The Magic of Reality is one I read daily with my daughter.

  • Don’t use them for cigarettes.  The ink is carcinogenic. 

  • Conquistadorjordan

    Please tell me then, why is it more reasonable to believe in a giant rock is just already there(take into thought the law that states matter cannot be created or destroyed) and blows up and creates a bunch of planets that turn into people and dinosaurs? Is a theory more reasonable law?

  • Conquistadorjordan

    Than a law*

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