nakedpastor: Go Make Disciples April 17, 2012

nakedpastor: Go Make Disciples

(Easter jokes notwithstanding, a lot of street preachers seem to act this way, too. — Hemant)

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  • Send this to @GlenMazzara; he’ll love it. :p

  • The traditional craving for brains somehow seems fitting.

  • Isn’t if funny how ridiculing and showing contempt for beliefs can degenerate into dehumanizing representations of the group being ridiculed?

    But it’s a joke right?

    Would it still be funny if the comic pictured Jewish people? (Stereotypes of power hungry Jews taking over the world’s economic and governmental institutions.)

    Or gay people? (You know how we like to recruit, and thus spread disease!)

    Or black people? (Images of black men as gang members, bent on violent, criminal behavior.)

    Or atheists? (Stereotypes of atheists bent on conquering the world and bringing moral chaos.)

    Dehumanizing a group of people is wrong. If it is done for long enough, violence becomes the next step. This pattern has played out again and again across the centuries. Do you think not believing in deities makes you immune?

  • Ndonnan

    Well said Woody,some excellent comparisons

  • Ken

    I would sympathize with the contempt for beliefs argument by timberwraith more if
    a) Christianity did not have a looooooong history of forcibly spreading its message with a bloody sword.  Just ask the North American Indians.
    b) Jesus did not fit the description of a zombie. 
    c) Any part of the God debate had an iota of proof, since it is patently absurd  to become insulted for a fictional entity — would you be as incensed if the zombie were Winnie the Pooh or Odin?
    d) It’s a cartoon.  Unless you are playing by Taliban rules.
    e)  All of the comparison examples you provided are actually true in some tiny miscreant fraction of their respective populations; by no means are they representative of the larger groups.  They are to some microscopic extent real.  Zombies are completely fictional, and thus impervious to ridicule and contempt. 
    f)  Anyone can be insulted by anything, if they want to.  That is not sufficient reason to censor everyone else’s crazy, hare-brained, stupid opinions.
    g)  The whole point of the cartoon IS to ridicule and show contempt for mindless adherence to magical authority.  And it seems to have worked rather well.

    Now, if you are implying that the followers of a mythical zombie religion have a right to become insulted by a cartoon, I suppose they can.  But wouldn’t that be kinda silly?

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