Florida Atheist Group Wins Campus Award April 17, 2012

Florida Atheist Group Wins Campus Award

Congratulations to the Secular Student Alliance at Valencia College (in Florida). Last night, they were awarded “Organization of the Year” from their campus’ Office for Student Development!

Hmph. My group never won that award in college. I’m jealous now. Jealous and very excited for them.

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  • Ggsillars

    If one of the aims of the SSA is to gain greater acceptance for non-theists and to shatter old prejudices and misconceptions, it would seem that this group is doing an outstanding job.

  • Annie

    Congrats Valencia College!

  • *sniff* My babies! They grow up so fast…

    I remember when you came to speak at Valencia back when I was running the group, Hemant. That was a fun time. It’s very humbling to see that it has grown and excelled in bigger and better directions than I ever could have taken it. I am so, so proud of them.

  • VC advisor

    Thanks, Hemant!

  • I hope they can win an award with a more positive write up.   A group whose mission was to stick straws in their noses could win this if their activities were consistent with that mission, and their zany appearance enriched the quality of campus life by making people giggle.

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