The Christian Message Isn’t Very Pleasant, Is It? April 13, 2012

The Christian Message Isn’t Very Pleasant, Is It?

Christians love to talk about the beautiful, graceful, redemptive power of God, but this is pretty much what I hear, too:

(via The Atheist Pig)

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  • I’m sure Hallmark would love such a beautiful uplifting message.

  • Stev84

    Yup, the very essence and basis of Christianity is fundamentally disgusting and inhuman. That’s why it doesn’t matter how nice they dress it up. They can’t get rid of original sin.

  • Renshia

    Nothing like the elegance of truth.

  • newavocation

    Not ‘large’ enough, not thin enough, wrong shoes, no savior, just give us your cash and  be saved. 

  • Drew M.


  • Jett Perrobone

    They should complement that message with this charming picture of their saviour. o.o

  • Ndonnan

    said with all the wisdom of an ignorant teenager

  • The notion of being born a sinner was what first turned me off of Christianity.
    In fact, I think I read it in one of those ‘Gideon’ bibles that were given out for free. Well, that sure did backfire on them!

  • I think about this every time someone tells me that atheism is a de-humanising world view.

  • rich h

    People are a bunch of “filthy, disgusting, incapable, sinful worms…” who were created in the image of their god…


  • Servaas

    This is a perfect picture of what Jesus meant when he said he came for the sick and not the healthy. It is a beautiful message to the sick, of not much worth to the healthy, sinless (atheist).

  • Sue Blue

    And don’t forget the bonus “sin” points for being a woman.  Women are extra-icky: weak, hysterical, vile temptresses born to bring men down and in dire need of a firm male hand to keep them in line; not to mention that we bleed, excrete milk, and squeeze out squalling little parasites…don’t forget to hide during your period for seven days, and remember that you’re unclean for an extra-long time after birthing a lowly girl.  

    Yeah, that’s the message of all-encompassing love, compassion and unity for the human race –   straight from God’s lips to your ears, sinners!  And my former church wonders why they can’t keep young people (especially young women) from leaving.

  • pagansister

    I really have a hard time with the notion that some religions have that if a baby dies before it is baptized, it will go to hell?  WHAT?  And how in the world is making love without wanting to “procreate” WRONG?    It isn’t.   Sex/making love is also for pleasure, not just for making babies.   Plus, how is it that some mythical beings—AKA Adam and Eve responsible for making us all born as “sinners”?     And how is it that Adam and Eve populated the entire world….what with their son Cain bumping off his brother Able?  Must have been a few more male/female creations hiding on this newly formed world somewhere, unless there was a lot of incest happening.  

  • pagansister

     Yes, it amazes me that a dead guy on a cross is inspiring to anyone. 

  • Stev84

    The Catholic Church got some pressure from its followers relatively early on about the baptism thing. That’s why they invented the age of accountability and limbo (only to later change their mind about it)

  • Leon

     I’m pretty disgusted with your post, the assumption that there only healthy atheists or ‘sinless’ ones (not that we subscribe to the idea of sin, of course), but I’m sure you’d find someone on here with a criminal record, just as you’ve found someone with a disability. It’s still not a beautiful message to the sick. Science makes my condition tolerable, not some invisible magic sky fairy who wants me to be guilty for being born. I get enough of that from society, thanks.

  • Coyotenose

     Well, we know there were some extra humans here and there. After all, the Sumerians were already brewing beer when Yahweh created the world. They must have been too drunk to notice.

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