A Revised Cranston High School West Prayer Banner April 12, 2012

A Revised Cranston High School West Prayer Banner

(In response to this post.)

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  • caustic agnostic

    Hey, I didn’t know you were from Cranston!!!! 

  • Who said anybody was from Cranston? This was (and still is) a national news story.

  • Renshia

    I understand now. Oh but for the love of jebus.  Ha ha ha ha…

    Then they wonder why we can’t just let well enough alone.

  • Mike

    International. Followers in the UK and Australia…

  • JohnnieCanuck

    … and Canada, where the online Cranston Patch newspaper now arrives on my virtual doorstep.

    They have an article up on the latest hate mail news. The comments in response are revealing.

  • NickDB

     And South Africa

  • Wintermute

    This would have made a great addition to one of the local papers’ op-ed sections when things were really running hot. Even the meekest Christian has to admit that the behavior of the people of Cranston falls far short of the kind of values supposedly espoused in the prayer banner.

  • Sbwaldron

    Bet comic to date. It’s sad that its still relevant…

  • KM

    How exactly do you define “friendly” when you say you are the “friendly atheist”?  I have seen nothing but a fountain of hatred from your blog.  Have you heard of tyranny of the minority?  Apparently it’s alive and well in the atheist world of Cranston.  It amazes me that people that don’t believe in anything are so easily offended by those how do believe in something.  It is far easier to be against something in life than it is to be for it.  If you are feeling lonely and separated from others and it hurts to the point that you have to lash out, perhaps you should try the shoe on the other foot and live as a persecuted Christian for a week and watch everyone attack your faith for no other reason than you believing in God somehow offends them.  If you are so intellectually vapid that you can’t see something with an opposing view point and not feel threatened, maybe you should consider a change in life. 

  • KM

    And if that is the case, call them on it.  I totally agree with calling someone on not living up to their faith.  But to call for the destruction of something that was developed as a positive inspiration to the school (a banner that urged them to  them hold a high standard of acting in a manner to make the school proud) does nothing to turn the poor behavior of the current attendees around.  But this decay is nothing new.  It’s what happens where God is rejected and turned out.  And it’s because nothing replaces the moral compass lost when that is done.    

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