Jessica Ahlquist Gets Nasty Hatemail April 11, 2012

Jessica Ahlquist Gets Nasty Hatemail

I’m only sharing this to show the kind of bullshit that Jessica Ahlquist still has to deal with:

The cops will not watch you forever.
We will get you good.
Tell your little asshole sister to watch her back.
There are many of us, “Crusaders,” we have a better pool going to see who gets you first!
Your fuckin old man better move or keep you locked up if you know whats good for you.
We know where he works, what kind of cars you have + the plate numbers of the cars.
Get the fuck out of R.I. you bitchin whore. You are nothing more than a sex-toy of a slut. Maybe you will gang-banged before we throw you out of one of our cars.

Jessica, take that to the police and stay safe.

Everyone else, feel free to analyze this document. Keep in mind we don’t know who sent it. There’s no evidence it was a Christian.

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  • phranckeaufile

    It’s always so inspiring to see Christian love in action.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    And people wonder why I have a concealed firearms permit. A lot of nuts in this world.

  • It’s time for them to start busting some of these assholes to set an example.  Have there been any stories of any arrests or charges placed yet?

  • Whether this Christian represents other Christians is irrelevant.  They all draw their lesson plans from the same ambiguous textbook so you can’t say this one is wrong.

  • If I were her I would without a doubt take that to the police. I doubt God put “Thou shalt not leave fingerprints on hate mail” on his list of things he doesn’t want you to do.

  • Ggsillars

    Well, you can see that that prayer banner had an uplifting moral effect on this jerk.  Do these people not realize that they are betraying the very principles that claim to stand for?  I guess that would take some reflection and self-awareness.

  • I didn’t know their god approved of gang-bangs.

  • Glenn Peters

    Not parsing the last sentence of this post, still trying.

  • Who actually sends handwritten letters anymore? Must be an old man.

  • Onamission5

    I really hope she takes that to the police asap. Hell, the feds if necessary, if the local cops don’t take it seriously enough. Pretty sure religious based death threats against minority groups can be construed as terrorrism nowdays.

  • Canadian Atheist, eh!

    If she needs it, she is welcome to refuge up here in Canada. Not that she does, and clearly she’s got more than a normal share of courage. But still . . .that’s a deeply sick and sickening note, and how could one not be at least a little frightened of its implications.

  • Looks like the work of one of the many good people of Cranston who who were so deeply inspired by the prayer banner that they show such commendable behavior.

    Actually, it looks and sounds like the work of a single punk, probably not old enough to drive, who has few if any friends, and if he or she does, those friends are misfits too. There is no “we,”as in a cohesive group with a focus. That’s probably a fantasy. Nevertheless, it should be taken seriously and presented to the police.

    Thank you for putting your threat in writing. That makes it a serious crime, and makes it much easier to track you down and arrest you.

  • It makes me think of the anti-gay rhetoric that comes from the likes of Ted Haggard.  I think the author is deeply conflicted.

  • that jerk is acting that way because the prayer banner is gone. The morality check is no longer in place.

  • Nordog

    If I knew Ms. Ahlquist personally I would recommend she learn to handle a personal firearm and to keep one handy.

    It would be great if the police arrested some of these creeps.

  • kagekiri

    God does approve of gang-bangs and rape of non-believers of God, but only (surprise, surprise!) against women.

    Lot offering his daughters to be gang-raped instead of his male guests didn’t disqualify him from counting as righteous (if he was really righteous, he’d have offered himself instead of his daughters, but oh no, God hates anal!), and God was perfectly fine with Israelites raping any virgin females they found in enemy countries as long as they made sure to kill off pregnant/non-virgin ones and kill all the males.

    Their god is a misogynistic, murderous monster, so it’s only appropriate that its followers mirror its depraved nature.

  • Judging by the loops, I’d say a young-ish girl wrote it–who lives in R.I, obviously–and now you have her handwriting. Brilliant.

  • But Christians are our moral superiors, and God is Love.  

  • Refer back to the Edward Current video of what he would do without religion.

  • bismarket

    I think the Crusaders reference pretty much guarantees it’s from a Christian (Who else) & i also think differently to Larry, i think it’s from someone Jessicas own age, i think they’re frustrated, jealous & a little disturbed. I doubt they pose any real threat (people who write letters like this rarely are) but she should absolutely take this to the police. Hemant has a lot of contact with teenagers & i would like his thoughts on whether it could be from one of those (maybe even a girl?) & i wonder if Jessica has any thoughts herself about the identity of it’s author/s?

  • valerick

    So you were feeling left out is what you’re saying?

  • Taylor

    The return address was a Catholic school in RI, so they’re claiming to be Christian

  • Adam

    While RI is a Shall Issue state, you have to be 21.

  • A handwritten note? I wouldn’t be surprised if there were fingerprints all over it too. Pathetic.

  • Wood Dragon

    I have a feeling you don’t know many Christians if you lump them all together like this, my experience of Christians has been roughly the same as my experience of Atheists…some hold ignorant, bigoted, unreasonable views and some do not…

    A similar comparison might be: “All Atheists take their lesson plans from Darwin’s “Origin of Species” therefore all Atheists believe in Eugenics”

    I thought it was the Atheists who demanded logical argument based upon facts?


  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Left out of what?

  • Fsq

    How absolutely disgusting, ominous and vile.

    Christian love at its finest. See, the bible really is the barometer of good morals and love. In opposite world.

    Jessica, protect yourself. And if you ever need anything, let us know

  • Nina

    It must be so horrible having it come to your door though, it makes it feel more sinister even if it’s nothing more than empty threats. She’s so brave, and well done for showing it to the world. I bet they thought she would shrink back and move not scan it and share!! Absolutely take it to the police, I think she needs to go higher because the police obviously seem to be doing very little to discourage this behaviour. 
    Hopefully the idiot that thought writing a personal letter was the way to go WILL be identified and action taken. 
    Keep going, you don’t deserve this treatment x 

  • The bad Christians give the other ten percent a bad name.

  • Rainkitten

    SO.. more nice young Christians practicing everything they learned from their banner huh ? 

  • MyScienceCanBeatUpYourGod

    That and the self proclaimed “Crusaders” name, and that it’s Jessica Alquist. I mean I guess it could just be some chick who had a a crush on Jessica’s prom date but if I had to bet money…

  • Wintermute

     And I could write hate mail to McDonald’s and use the return address ‘Easter Island,’ but that doesn’t mean moai hate chicken nuggets.

  • I agree on age.  I think it’s on paper because they think that’s less traceable than internet.  It’s certainly easier to make paper less traceable than internet.  Fingerprints only help if you have something to match to.  Unless they’re already on record for something, they would only be useful for an after-the-catch match.

    I think when they get caught it will be because they’re too stupid to keep their mouth shut.  Tongues will wag.

  • There is nothing so frothy as the impotence of a believer when the lightning bolts don’t strike as expected. It’s like a little puppy yapping.

    All this over an insipid prayer banner. And here I thought that believers had purpose in their lives, and could find something to do. That’s what I keep hearing – or is that just a lie?

  • Andrew B.

    Atheists don’t have a holy book.  We don’t have a doctrine.  We don’t have a creed which we are required to believe.  Atheism is not comparable to religion, at least in this regard.

    Also, “On the Origin of Species” is a book which DESCRIBES a certain aspect of REALITY.  It does not attempt to PRESCRIBE correct behavior.  There are no commandments in OoS and acceptance of the ToE doesn’t lead to one supporting eugenics.

    Your comparison doesn’t really hold up.

  • Hemant

    It’s fixed now!

  • Tnie

    I think it’s betting pool (not better pool)

  • dauntless

    The “nut” club.

  • rhodent

    There is no hard evidence that it was sent by a Christian, but the use of the term “Crusaders” definitely points in that direction. 

    On an unrelated note, I think there’s an error in your transcription: the transcription says “better pool” where the letter says “betting pool”, and it corrects the misspelling of “many” as “menny”

  • The Captain

    Am I the only person who reads crap like this and thinks “bring it on!”. 

    Not on Jessica mind you, but if this happened to me I mean…I don’t run from intimidation.

  • Wintermute

     Yeah, frankly, they are the most likely suspects, but the note doesn’t prove anything. The important thing is that Jessica and her family are safe and allowed to feel secure. I hope the police are able to help with this. Getting out of Cranston probably will too. People seem to have short memories for this sort of thing, so with any luck this kind of nastiness will have a short lifespan.

  • Isilzha

    Though it’s not fair to apply “correct” to much of the behavior as it’s described in their horrible book.

  • The horrible grammar betrays how much of a moron this guy actually is…

  • Bluebury

    This sincerely breaks my heart.  
    I know she’ll come out stronger on the other end, but the shit I had to deal with in high school (not getting the lead role in whatever play) felt like the end of the world–I can’t imagine dealing with this!  I hope she has a good support system in place to keep her physically and emotionally safe.

  • The Other Weirdo

     Actually, it kinda does, if memory serves. If I remember correctly, there is a section where Darwin talks about his wish for humans to rise about their/our animal natures and to be better than our biology, as he understood it, suggests we can be. Oh something to that effect. Of course, it was a general statement, not a specific prescription for behaviour.

    It’s entirely possible that I’m thinking of another book, however.

  • The Other Weirdo

    He does have a purpose, he believes, and it is God-ordained. To harass teenagers.

  • The Other Weirdo

    When I was little, in 3rd grade, I used get the crap beat out of me–quite literally–by my teacher over my atrocious hand writing. I fully admit that it was bad, and really, in the last 30-odd years, it hasn’t really improved. However, even on my worst day, I could then and can now write a hundred times better than this. Who other than a child, or a deranged freak off his meds writes like this?

  • Weak.

  • HA2

     Well, except we don’t. I don’t think most atheists take lesson plans from the Origin of Species. It’s an interesting historical document in the sense that it was the first work to describe evolution, but I think most atheists know that it’s pretty outdated now and a modern evo textbook is much better for learning evolution. (Unless you’re specifically studying the history of science.)

    Whereas, Christians typically treat the bible as far more than just one of many historical books, that is now outdated!

  • Charon

     Yes, yes we do. I lived in Seattle a few years ago when a lone gunman managed to shoot and kill four armed police officers in (I think) a cafe. One of them managed to wound the gunman. People who aren’t prepared for imminent assault really suck at repelling it, even if they’re armed and highly trained. I’ve no idea how highly you’re trained, but I doubt it’s more than a cop, and I doubt you can draw a concealed weapon faster than one in a hip holster. Oh, and I assume you don’t wear a bullet-proof vest, since that would be illegal (unless you are a cop or active military, I believe).

    A lot of us dream of being heroes and fighting off bad guys. But as adults we really should know better.

  • Charon

     I too recommend paranoia. Because we all know nothing bad ever happens when paranoid people have firearms.

    Or… she could be reasonably cautious, report this to the police, not take the law into her own hands, and go on living her life, participating fully in this experiment we call civilization.

  • Charon

     We all know the note wouldn’t “prove” anything if it flat out said, “I am a Christian.” No true Scotsman fallacy – many Christians would deny this person was one, because they personal like to ignore everything violent in the Bible and subsequent Christian history.

  • Isilzha

    I really hope she turns that over to the police and that the police actually take some action.  

  • You haven’t read their “Good Book” then. It’s full of rape & murder of unbelievers, or anyone who isn’t quite pious enough.

  • But… but… ♫ Ted Haggard is completely hetereosexual… ♫

  • Guitarzzan63

    I agree with the previous comment about reporting this to the police. All threats should be taken seriously especially since they indicated they have cased the vehicles and her father’s place of employment. This is not a threat to be taken lightly. There are methods to lift finger prints from paper. However, if the person who sent the letter has never been arrested or fingerprinted before, it is unlikely they will be in the National Fingerprint Database. I do think it would be wise for the Ahlquist family to be concerned and take measures to ensure their safety.

  • Zack Hopper

    Well, there’s some evidence it was written by a Christian, namely the profound hate the author has for Jessica. I find it hard to understand how someone could write such a vile response unless s/he had a deep commitment to Christian views, and a deep misunderstanding of Jessica and her case against the school.

  • 59 Norris

    In a case like this, having a firearm and knowing how to use it IS reasonably cautious.  Self defense is not taking the law into one’s own hands.  To expect the police to be able to save the day when the nut jobs arrive is naive.

  • This represents the sad effect of religion 🙁

  • pagansister

     Taylor, where did you read the return address was a Catholic school in RI? Just wondered.   I spent 18 years in RI, which is a beautiful state, with many good people in it.  Miss it actually.  Moved out last October.   I used to teach in a Catholic elementary school.  I would really be surprised if it was written while the person was in the school, but if the person who wrote it actually goes to a Catholic school,  he/she must have thought by putting the return address of the school  his/her insane rant would be more impressive.  I sincerely hope that Jessica and family make sure the police get the note.  Having experienced 10 years of teaching in the Catholic school, I would say that no one I worked with would find that kind of a note at all “Christian”.  The 10 years I was there were happy and the people I taught with great!  (yes, they knew I wasn’t Catholic).  

  • pagansister

    Maybe the person who wrote it actually doesn’t have a computer?  Strange in this time but possible.  Or perhaps as suggested above in several comments, the person thought posting it on the internet could be traced and the lovely handwriting and great paper couldn’t be.  Sick puppy, whoever it is. 

  • Annie

    I’m getting a message that says, “Sorry. This page doesn’t exist.”

  • You think he’s a nut for wanting to defend himself? I guess you can lump a pretty large portion of the country into that, as well.

    You know what? I am a gun nut. Totally. My neighbor asked me why I carry openly (legally) even though I have a LTCF, and my solemn answer was “Because you don’t carry at all.”

    Since you’re probably anti-gun, I’ll explain that to you:

    Saying I carry because someone else doesn’t is not a threat, it’s a promise. It’s a promise to defend anyone and everyone in my direct sight to the best of my ability, even if they choose to not be prepared to defend themselves. It’s called being human. So yea, I’m a nut. Because I’m human, and I prepare.

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    There is no such
    thing as a bullet proof vest. They only make bullet resistant vest and that was
    my first clue you know nothing about firearms and how us that do have legal
    permits to carry one wear them.

    Not that you
    have any right to know but I have worked in law enforcement.

    Don’t ask for
    details, you will never get them.

    As for training
    you would be surprised at how little law enforcement does train. I’m not saying
    they don’t but those in the civilian word do train on their own time a lot

    As for being a
    hero or fighting off the bad guy you have no clue. I could care less about your
    life if someone random stranger starts shooting. I’m going to seek cover and
    look for the nearest exit.

    My CFP is not a
    badge and I will not engage a shooter unless my life is in danger. Best of luck
    to you not dying but those of that carry are not looking to become the local
    hero as much as you think we are.

    We really don’t
    care about you as much as you think we do. Is that selfish? Yes, it is but I
    carry to protect myself and my loved ones, not you and your loved ones.

    So enjoy not
    knowing how most of us truly think.

  • Sharon Hypatia

     “The police aren’t doing anything……..”.
    How about the Principal of  her school? The teachers? The Chief of police? The mayor? The pastors & priests of the local churches? They all should have spoken up by now against the abuse Jessica has received and made it clear that threats are both un-xtian and illegal.
    The kids who have been sending her abuse and threats are ignorant, but the adults who have either turned a blind eye to their behavior or have been a   party to it,  should be ashamed. 

  • The “gang bang” stuff is plain creepy…ok, well all of it is plain creepy.  And this is the reaction she gets for wanting nothing more than not having to start her school day with a particular religion’s message forced down her throat at a public school? I bet if you told Jefferson that in the 21st century this kind of thing would still be happening, and that people would threaten children as a result, he would have either laughed and said no way, or cried.

  • Santiago


  •  Apparently they’re right–they do need to have prayer banners and monuments of the 10 Commandments posted to keep them from becoming psychopaths.  Pretty scary when you think about it. 

  • Its not paranoia, its defending oneself. If someone threatened me with that letter I will report it to the police but I will buy a gun too (or the very least, pepper spray) in case someone tries to rape me. 

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    I think he was being sarcastic.

  • Drew M.

    With you as a member, there’s no room for anyone else.

  • ch81602

    Pure, pure evil –  the only words needed to describe the letter and the person responsible for writing it.  

  • Robyman444

    Just another clear proof that the insane walk amongst us. I think Jessica should learn how to defend herself – it’s just a practical thing to do. Me, I don’t hope that some crazy christian ever gets in my way to pick an actual fight, but I swear on my life I would give em a vicious ass-kicking if they tried. Then they’d find out – when they returned to consciousness, of course – that their god isn’t on their side, after all!

  • Someone being unable to repel an armed attacker isn’t my worry.  My only concern is that people who carry aren’t looking for a threat in every hoodie.  Those are the ‘nuts’.

  •  choose to not be prepared to defend themselves

    The choice is a lot more complicated than ‘choosing to not be prepared’.  I’m no more a moron (or a nut) than you or Kevin.  I choose to drive a car, with my son, which significantly increases his chance of dying.  It’s a fact.  And it’s a cost/benefit analysis choice I make.  For you the perceived benefits of owning a gun outweigh the perceived costs.  That’s fine.  I’m sure you’ve thought about it.  I have too, and based on my risk exposure which includes where I live, who I am and what I do in my daily life, I don’t think it would be a good choice for me.  If someone was sending letters like that to my child, I would certainly reconsider, and perhaps the equation would come out differently.

    One this is for sure, I wouldn’t just go out and buy  gun.  I’d get enough training to feel confident that the gun wasn’t increasing my risk. I’m sure you’d agree, one thing we don’t need is a bunch of people carrying guns who don’t know how to use them without hurting everyone.

  • I will not engage a shooter unless my life is in danger

    There’s only one thing I can think of that would make you engage faster than your life being in danger.

  • Zadius1

    You call that prepared?  Is your car fully armored?  Have you mined your lawn yet?  You really think your dinky little handgun is going to protect you against RPGs and AKs?

    Actually, you are a bit of a nut with your paranoia.  Unless you have credible personal death threats being made against you, you are only making the community MORE dangerous by bringing more guns into it.  Every moron with a gun fancies themselves a vigilante hero.  It’s a fantasy.  You’re more likely to accidentally shoot yourself in the foot than shoot a violent criminal and save the day.

  • Sadly I’ve had similar threats aimed at me and the police won’t do jack shit until someone takes a shot at her. Of course in my case I knew who it was, had traced the IP addresses and compiled the case.  I guess cops don’t like when your investigative skills are better than theirs.

    That said, yeah Christian love is some kind of screwed up. 

  • This has got to be one of the most incredibly stupid and ignorant comments I’ve read online in years and that’s saying a lot.
    Nobody in this thread claimed that a handgun would be a match against an AK or an RPG. And how many of those are carried openly or concealed by criminals anyway? You have no point.
    As to the assertion that communities that allow concealed carry are more dangerous…nothing could be further from the truth. The facts prove you WRONG.
    As far as your assertion that every person that carries a firearm fancies themselves a vigilante hero, that’s just plain nonsense. Are there assholes out there? Yes, both armed and unarmed. To label all firearms owners or concealed carry license owners as irresponsible or mentally unstable is just plain wrong.

  • Nice to infer that those of us who have concealed carry permits are nuts. Hopefully you’ll never be in a situation that will make you regret that small-minded comment.

  • Alex

    They can deny all they want, but everybody knows what’s behind all that.

  • Alex

    Aw, come on. Where are the newspaper clippings? Amateurs.

  • The Captain

    {sigh} One thing I greatly dislike about being from the “liberal” side of the community is the self righteous ignorant, arrogance on this issue. I’m going to leave aside the fact that liberalism (and it’s ideals of freedom) itself only exists because of the firearm and just get to the sheltered opinion that gun owners are somehow “paranoid” or “dangerous”. 

    I’m an admitted atheist, liberal, marxist that lives in the south, and it annoys the crap out of me when sheltered people say I shouldn’t be able to protect myself or my family from the right wing mob that would pull us out of our house and drag us behind a truck. And they don’t even need guns (though they do have them and it’s a fantasy to think you’ll ever remove them) to do it, they have the numbers. All they need are pitchforks and sticks. But a gun give me the chance to get out. 

    Do you know how many lynchings where prevented by the shotgun? Do you have any idea what it’s like to have a community hate you?

  • Zadius

    Your hyperbole detector is broken.  The point is that this attitude that we need to out-arm the criminals rather than disarm the criminals is incredibly stupid.

    I didn’t say concealed carry license owners are all unstable, I said they seem generally paranoid to me with rhetoric about “protecting themselves.”  Protection from what?  Not very many people have credible death threats against them, so there is some abstract concern for their safety which is based on nothing.  But, I’m glad you cited your facts in big capital letters so that I couldn’t miss them.  

  • “People who aren’t prepared for imminent assault really suck at repelling it, even if they’re armed and highly trained. ”
    The problem with that statement is that those who really are highly trained ARE prepared for assault. That all of the officers you mentioned were killed only testifies to the fact that they were not aware of their surroundings and were not trained well enough to deal with scenarios such as this unfortunate incident. Inadequate training is the culprit in at least two of those deaths if not all of them.
    My background is military, private military (security details in the Middle East),  law enforcement and private security and investigations. I’ve been stabbed, shot at and evaded a kidnapping attempt. I know a thing or two about not getting whacked.
    Contrary to what most folks think, the overwhelming majority of police officers are not “highly trained”. A FEW of those with military experience may be, but even some of those may not have spent as much time on the range as you might think. Of course, putting holes in paper does not mean one is able to adequately engage one or more hostiles in a high stress scenario. When the shit hits the fan, many will choke when it comes time to pull and draw their weapon. why? Because they don’t train like they fight. Train like you fight so you can fight like you train. Advice to live by 🙂
    Do some people with “dreams of being heroes and fighting off bad guys” carry concealed firearms. Absolutely. I’ve run into several of them. Most of them are really good people. A few are assholes.
    Happily, these assholes are in the minority. Most of us that carry do so because we’d rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it. I carry to defend my wife and kids. If a stranger is in trouble and I can defend them without putting my family at risk, I’d help them too.

  •  When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

  •  Charon has an anti-gun axe to grand and facts aren’t going to change Charon’s mind one iota. Proof positive that one doesn’t need to be rational to be atheist.

  •  oops…”grind” not “grand”…

  • Zadius

    How many lynchings have you had your community in the last 10 years?  When was the last time a right-wing mob pulled someone out of their house and dragged them behind their truck?  Nobody said you don’t have the right to defend yourself.   This isn’t the 1960s anymore.  If that kind of thing was going on, I’d have a gun myself, but it’s not.  Where on earth do you live that you feel so threatened that you feel the need to carry a gun on your person at all times?  That does seem unreasonably paranoid.

    I’m an atheist; my car gets vandalized because of my atheistic and/or liberal bumper stickers, but I have no fear of being physically attacked in the way you describe.  I’m not sheltered.  The people who do those things are cowards or they wouldn’t do it when nobody is around.  And if there were going to try to kill me, they’d take me by surprise and I doubt I’d even have a change to reach for my gun.  The likelihood that would happen is so small that it isn’t worth the burden or the risk of carrying around a lethal weapon all the time.

  • Anyone who has an issue with me taking measures to defend myself is an asshole.

  • Zadius

    When I see you on the news after you saved the day, I’ll be sure to apologize.

  • Demonhype

     Seriously?  A return address?  Suddenly I’m thinking of that sex ed episode of King of the Hill.

    “You don’t know who I am but I know where you live, and if you teach that class, sex ed teacher….”

    “Dale, is that you?”

    “Yeah…could you put Peggy on?”

    “Peggy, you got a phone call.  It’s Dale.”

    *puts Peggy on*

    “Hi Dale.”

    “You don’t know who I am but I know where you live, and if you teach that class…”

    This person is either very young or very stupid, or possibly both.

  • Demonhype

     And I went to a Catholic school from grades K-8, where I had a nightmarish experience from both the teachers and other students, I almost slit my wrists several times and continue to struggle with suicidal tendencies, and where one teacher was teaching the students that it was a woman’s duty to stay with an abusive husband because “your promise to God is more important than your life”, and where I first heard someone say “so what if outlawing abortion will just mean unsafe back-alley abortions, it’s right that the evil murdering sluts bleed to death in a filthy alley like the trash they are”.

    You had a good experience and I had a bad one.  Yours is not proof that this couldn’t have been a Catholic or a Christian, just as my experience is not proof that it had to be one.  And just as I would not deny that some Catholics can be very nice and wonderful people (and some only under specific circumstances), I would also not immediately rule out that anyone at a Catholic school could be this intensely and devoutly vile (while believing it was For Jesus.)

  • Demonhype

     Also, the way some religious people act around each other is different from how they act around people not in the group.  Most of the hideous things I heard would rarely or never be expressed in front of people who aren’t Catholic or part of the parish (depending on the comment).  If they knew you aren’t Catholic, it’s quite possible that they were disinclined to show you their ugly side (that is, the ones who had an ugly side–yes, there are some very nice Catholics too, but the ugly ones knew how to seem nice when they had to.)  They knew how to act the way society expects, to revile something like, say, this letter in public while secretly applauding it.  Or reviling it, but in reality only reviling the tactic and not the sentiment.

  • Demonhype

     That’s how I feel too.  I’m more afraid of a world where these people win than I am for my own immediate safety–because if they win, the world won’t be safe for me (or anyone else) anyway.

  • Piet Puk

    Maybe they really do have a better pool, with a floating bar and a jacuzzi etc..

  • Demonhype

     Yes, I have a hard time thinking that some non-Christian just took it into his or her head to harass and threaten someone who is primarily famous for challenging a bit of Christian privilege and upholding C/S separation–especially when the term Crusader is used.  It’s usually Christians who get that incandescently enraged about that sort of thing, at least in this country.

  • Matthew V Greene

    I carry a sidearm for work. I have drawn it twice. I have never fired a shot other than the thousands I have put down range for training. I hope I never need to shoot someone! However, if myself or an innocent is in immediate and imminent danger of gross bodily harm or death, it will make the the choice to be aggressive enough quickly enough.

    To boil it down to two overly dramatic and simplistic points: I would rather have a gun and not need it than need a gun and not have it. And, at the end of the day, I’m going home to my wife.

  • Demonhype

     I keep thinking of BTK, typing his letters to police and copying/mimeographing them repeatedly to obscure anything that could be used to hunt him down–then getting caught because he decided to go high-tech and didn’t realize that a formatted disk can be traced directly to the computer that formatted it (which in this case was his church computer, where he served as an Elder.)  But I’m sure everyone knows that story…

    It seems people are so techhed out these days they don’t even remember the ways you cover your tracks when using old-school communication devices like paper and ink.  🙂

  • Demonhype

     We should be used to it by now–the people who see a note like that and say “for shame, that’s not very Christian!”  But when it is suggested that measures be taken to find the note-writer and/or protect the intended victim, all of a sudden they’re not quite so concerned?  It’s almost as if their “for shame” reaction is just because that’s what is expected in the public eye, but they secretly would like to see a few of these threatening notes actually happen to the “undesirables” they are addressed to, in the hopes they will stop being so “uppity” and “strident” and “militant” and will learn the value of just shutting the hell up and pretending to believe or pray so as not to upset the religious privilege.

    Maybe that’s not how they think, but that’s what I get from it when they go from “for shame” to “meh” like that.

  • nuwrldman

    Hitch summed this type of person up eloquently…
    It’s not so much that they desire virgins,
    it’s that they are virgins.
    My thoughts…
    It would appear that these “crusaders” are of the incredibly cowardly variety, like cockroaches that scatter at the first rays of light, only able to ply their hatefulness under the cover of anonymity, because they posses neither the honor nor the confidence to stand up for their convictions publicly as this brave young lady has.
    Jessica, stay strong, stay safe and remember all your Evil Little Things; we are with you.

  • valerick

    If valuing human life over your need to be Rambo makes me an asshole, then that is a label I will proudly bear.

  • hoverFrog

    Maybe they’ll all get together and pray for the crazy stalker who is threatening a young woman.  That should appease any lingering guilt that they might have that they’ve done nothing to prevent harm if anything does happen.

  • AxeGrrl

    “On the Origin of Species” is a book which DESCRIBES a certain aspect of REALITY. It does not attempt to PRESCRIBE correct behavior.

    You nailed it.

    I’m sooooo tired of hearing people ‘blame’ evolution for things like the horrific actions of the Nazis…..

    it makes about as much ‘sense’ as blaming gravity when someone commits suicide by jumping off of a bridge.

  • Akota

    Nowhere in OoS does he ever suggest anything of that nature. Also, OoS is a Scientific work. It has nothing to do with Atheism. Like Andrew said, we do not have a holy book. We do not adhere to a specific creed. You’re making false comparisons and it is sad that you sincerely believe the things you just pulled out of your ass.

  • Jim

    You can’t be a liberal Marxist, moron.

  • Warzypants

    I’d note that the sentiments are quite similar to some of the comments which appeared on RI Craigslist during January and February and which a few of us  flagged for deletion.  It’s possible, (though obviously not definite), that the poster of these gave up when their posts kept getting deleted and tried another approach instead.  

  • This looks very similar to the stuff on Craigslist, especially some of the spellings, threats, knowledge about family etc.  Here’s what I saved:


    Date: 2012-02-24, 12:10AM EST

    Reply to:


    So, how did you like her faggot father’s place of employment talked
    about on the radio?????? Maybe next time you should keep MYOB, b/c guess what’s
    next—-how they are ripping off everyone trying to make THOUSANDS for a
    “scholarship” when they already got big money. Flag all you want,
    bitch, because this will be all over the media. News/radio is better than CL
    R&R anyway.
    Her father is a coward—i could not agree more. 

    And to the fuckbag who flagged my post that he works for the WARWICK FIRE
    DEPARTMENT; hey asshole—it’s public news and was in the Providence Journal.
    Furthermore, you wanna play with fire, prepare to be burned. If you don’t want
    trouble, then don’t be a fucking douche and pawn shit off on your 16 year old
    daughter. Faggot ass loser father. 




    To all you fuckin ass
    Atheists, stevie fuckin brownie, the les bitch lawyer, the fuckin ahlquist
    parents, the little slut girl all i can say is may you all rot in hell.



    “I just dont
    understand the kids of cranston If this bitch pulled this shit here in Newport
    she would have the shit kicked out of her daily. Cowards”


    “The more you talk about her the more
    you feed her attention seeking whoredom.

    Don’t talk to her, don’t look at her, don’t
    serve her at a business. don’t even acknowledge her existence, if she talks to
    you or ask you a question.

    Take a clue from the florists. 

    Hey , if you look at her the wrong way she
    might sue you.

    You’re only doing it for your own

    ” – isn’t this one also an incitement to
    act illegally? (posting ID2808566372)

    “How does this
    stupid fuckin little bitch even get to hire a lawyer and what sleeze bag lawyer
    looking for attention mother fuckin cunt even agrees to take on this case, are
    you fucking kidding me is there not something else you can be concerned about,
    if you have so much energy to waste on this nonsense put it to better use you

     Now those are only a few examples of what was posted … there were heaps and I wasn’t the only person deleting them … but together I think that they make a pretty good paper trail and it certainly seems possible that Craigslist could trace the poster if they were asked to.

  • JohnnieCanuck

    ‘Bettor’ would be the spelling the Good Christian was looking for.

  • kev_s

    Well it certainly looks like a genuine letter from a creotard with the poor English and generous use of caps. But oddly the spelling is better than usual.

  • Tim

    As Kate Smurthwaite said at a recent rally for free expression in London, almost all of the nasty letters she receives threaten rape leading her to conclude that in the minds of these religio-fascists there is one thing worse then a person with a well-formed opinion and that is a person with a well-formed opinion and a vagina. 

  • Glasofruix

     Just wow, some people should really get help if they’re so worked up over a stupid banner.

  • Guyturner145

    Trayvon Martin springs to mind. Innocent lad shot by gun toting racist.  Guns don’t kill people, dickheads do. 

  • Graham Martin-Royle

    I was reading about this on another blog (may have been PZMyers but I can’t remember) where it was pointed out that nobody goes apeshit like this about anything else where women are concerned and I started thinking about a possible TV ad. It needs thinking out properly and someone who knows what they’re doing but I just pictured a series of shots of men going mad at women and threatening them with rape, murder etc. in other situations, i.e. in a queue at a bus stop, lining up at a supermarket till, at a post office counter etc. The idea that’s floating around in my head (which is probably stupid and others will be able to pick holes in quite easily) is to to show just how inappropriate this sort of behaviour is and how it wouldn’t be acceptable in other situations.  In the right hands it could be possible to make a really powerful ad.  I’m not sure, but if something, anything, can be done to bring it home to these people just how wrong they are, then I think it needs doing.

  • Cortex_Returns

    What is it about changing high school traditions that makes some people lose their shit? 

    I can only assume they’ve just never found anything else to give their life meaning since graduation. 

  • Stev84

    Also, I guess very, very few atheists have actually read the entire book. I haven’t. But then many Christians haven’t read the Bible either

  • Stev84

    It’s not paranoia if they are really after you

  • Daintytrog

    Nice that the letter was sent via mail (or put in the mail box)… that makes it a federal crime 😉

  • Sware

    I’d just like to tell you that I appreciate greatly your rational response to this sub thread on guns even if you do not own or practice with them.  Personally I am in a state that allows for concealed carry and so I have obtained my permit to do so.  However I’ve not yet actually carried my firearm other than in a carrying case to the range to practice with it.  I was a long time fence sitter regarding personal firearms merely out of not knowing enough about them or the subject itself.  I eventually chose to learn more about it and actually become familiar with them through local classes offered by well trained and well informed experts.  Just seemed a much better approach to learn about what I didn’t know, than to vilify that which I’m unfamiliar with as I often see people make the mistake of doing. 
    I will not actually carry my weapon until I feel I more comfortable with its use and my proficiency with it.  Despite all of the negative commentary about gun owners (“nuts, paranoid, vigilante, etc.”  gee thanks) I happen to think that a properly trained individual who respects the law and humanity does not carry because they WANT to use their weapon and become the “hero”.  They do it in case they have to.  Police officers are not positioned on every corner and not necessarily immediately available when needed in a crisis.  I’m sure that many automobile drivers carry a spare tire and various equipment with them on a constant basis.  No one wants to get a flat…but you are prepared in case it happens.  If I ever find myself in Jessica’s shoes I will be that much more relieved for at least doing this much in my own defense preparedness.  We can only speculate the true intentions of the person who wrote this letter but if I received it, I would want to be as ready as I could reasonably be for the worst case scenario. 

  • The Other Weirdo

     Wow! Overreaction much? Like I said, if memory serves. I remember reading it and I thought it was in Species. It was a long time ago. If I’m wrong, then I humbly and sincerely prostrate and abase myself before your greater memory and intellect and, while banging my head against upturned knives, I beg your forgiveness for having offended you.

  • The Other Weirdo

     Liberal and Marxist. One thing is not like the other, and they do not logically relate to each other.

  • The Other Weirdo

     Every time I see RPG, I think, hey! I learnt that in college. Then I realize you’re talking weapons, and I’m talking computer languages. 🙂

  • Atheistcamelchronicles

    I am unsurprised by this, given the letters FFRF received from loving Christian cowards and I rec’d through my website.

    However, I find the adequate grammar and  lack of spelling errors startling.  That is the only unChristian thing about that letter. 

  • Forget turning it over to the police, contact the local FBI branch. This was a threat sent through the mail, doesn’t that make it a FEDERAL crime?

  • Still in hiding, sorry

    I don’t know; I usually don’t hear Christians making crusader references.  It could just as easily be a misguided kid who things they’re “helping”, or a deliberate sandbag.

  • Jessica updated:

    About the letter I got- I got it a while ago. It’s already been reported. I didn’t feel safe posting it until some time had passed.

  • Shouldbeworkin’

    I must point out that not carrying a firearm does not mean that one is not prepared to defend one’s self…

  • The Captain

    Of course they do, I said “marxist” not “leninist”. Go read the actually works. I know that this is an area (wealth creation in general) that most Americans are breathtakingly ignorant in, but hey, it’s not my job to educate others.

    Democratic Marxism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • The Captain
  • The Captain

    But you can be an ignorant asshole?

  • The Captain

    From 1998,_Jr.

    It’s still the 1960s somewhere in the deep south. Every been to a trailer park in Alabama, Mississippi, or West virginia? And yes, you’d know that if you ever left your shelter world. 

  • Michael P

    I am never sure why people choose to use “Origin of the Species” as an example of Atheist reading when the truths Christians don’t agree with are in “The Descent of Man”.  Its like no one realizes Darwin wrote two books.

  • While IAmNotALawyer, it would appear to be a threat of violence directed against someone for exercising their civil right to petition (of the court) for redress of grievances and due to the different religion of the person threatened. If there actually is more than one person, this would appear to be conspiracy (group plan plus at least one overt action) as well. This would appear to be a potential matter for the US Department of Justice. The address for the Civil Rights division is:
    Civil Rights Division
    U.S. Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
    Washington, D.C. 20530Of course, unless the perpetrator left fingerprints, and has already been fingerprinted as a result of an arrest for some other crime, there’s probably not a lot to identify a particular person to make a criminal case stick to.

  • It’s a relative, rules of hospitality thing. Sending your daughters for a gang-bang rape is considered a lesser sin than letting your house guests be assaulted.

  • Kevin

    Instead of saying anything at all, you should 1. kept it to yourself or 2. verify what you are saying. 

    Even though you qualified with “if memory serves” you may be still spreading misinformation as most glance past those qualifiers.

  • pagansister

     Am sorry your experience, Demonhype, was unpleasant in the Catholic school you attended.  I’ve heard others say so too, many who never entered a Catholic church again after their Catholic education.  In response to saying that perhaps the teachers I taught with watched what they said around me?  I don’t think that was the case. There was no pretense on the part of the teachers I worked with.  I expect, as I said above, that they would be just as horrified at the note as most of us who have read the it  on this site are.    As to the person being Christian who sent it?  There are extremes in all faiths—and this seems to be the poster note for extreme.  

  • JA

    A group of pastors, a rabbi and imam did hold a press conference to criticize those threatening her. It seemed like most of them were actually on her side. Unfortunately, not one Catholic priest or nun was there. The Catholic churches in Cranston and Rhode Island in general could have done a lot to lessen this backlash. It seems like in the child abuse cases, they were more interested in protecting the institution than doing what’s right.

  • This was likely sent through USPS, forget the police, this is FBI territory. The FBI won’t be on the side of Cranston students and newspapers like their cops likely are. If she gives it to the police it will be shelved or “lost”, I can see it now…

    “[place news outlet here] reports the police have lost a death threat letter sent to Jessica before fingerprints were taken”

  • Yes, it does make it federal territory.  Anything illegal dealing with USPS is a federal offense.

  • Rabid

    The only possible thing in Akota’s post that I could put my finger on as a reason for your assertion that s/he overreacted is the term “pulled out of your ass”. That is truly sad.

    S/he was dead on.

    I suggest you never, ever venture on to the Pharyngula comments section. You will probably be in need of some serious therapy afterwards.

  • Coyotenose

     Very few biologists have read Origin of the Species, let alone atheists. It was full of errors. No one claims to knowledge of the nature of the universe from it. No one “believes” in it. If all knowledge of the book itself vanished tomorrow, biology and Evolutionary Theory would be unaffected.

    Eugenics is not mentioned or even implied in Origin or by Evolutionary Theory, and in fact is BAD for diversity and species survival.

    And the only people who quote-mine from it to support their case are, oddly, Christians.

  • Coyotenose

     Want to see Creationist heads explode? Describe to them how Darwin’s work was banned by the Nazis and his books burned. Hitler got his ideas on the matter from Houston Stewart Chamberlain, who rejected Darwin’s theory, calling it misguided and abominable.

    And of course, Hitler and most Nazis were Lutherans or Catholics…

  • Rabid

    Full disclosure. I live in the UK. We do not have a universal right to own a gun. I am thankful for this. That does not mean gun ownership is illegal across the board. Nor does it mean obtaining a gun is impossible.

    Here’s the problem I have with the argument of gun ownership for self-defence.
    The problem is simple. Although you maintain that you owning a gun aids your defence of your family and loved ones, the very fact that gun ownership is a legal right raises the incidence of gun crime exponentially.

    You may be OK with the fact that your (possibly) improved ability to defend yourself is gained at the cost of more people dying overall. I would not be.

  • Nordog

     As an American I should note that our right to bear arms is not based in personal defense against crime.  At least not as enumerated in the Bill of Rights.  Rather, our founders understood how important the right to bear arms was in kicking your ancestors out of our country that they saw fit to ensure that we, as citizens, could defend our country and liberty in the future.

    Perhaps your lack of a right to bear arms stems from your country’s history of dealing with my country.

  • Coyotenose

     “Disarm the criminals” is a ridiculous stance. If all guns, bullets and machine tools for crafting them vanished right now, tomorrow there would be a hundred thousand zip guns in the world. Next week there would be a million zip guns and a hundred thousand professionally crafted firearms…

    This is why the Second Amendment debate in the U.S. is generally moronic on both sides. Guns aren’t going anywhere as long as chemistry works.

  • Coyotenose

     If you have to misrepresent the overall discussion and lie about what he said to have an argument, then yes, you are a lying asshole.

  • Coyotenose

     As an aside, your post also explains exactly why we never ever need to have flying cars.

  • Rabid

    You’re missing the point.

    I understand the history and acknowledge that getting from where the US is now to UK-like gun control would be a task so gargantuan as to be essentially unworkable.

    The question is, if you could, at the flick of a switch, get rid of every citizen-owned firearm in the US and easily implement gun control, would you?

    Because my perception of US gun owners attitudes on this appears to be that they would not and that they believe the way things are now is beneficial.

    I find that COMPLETELY INSANE.

  • Coyotenose

     Total tangent: It always amuses me to see a poster correct a typo, then realize that my brain had already auto-corrected it and I wouldn’t have even noticed the error if not for the second post.

  • 59 Norris

     “The way things are now” may not be beneficial, but taking guns away from law abiding citizens would make things worse, not better.

  • Forrest Cahoon

    Just a note: Jessica has removed the original message image, following advice from the police, but it’s still visible here. I’m not sure Jessica would want that.

  • Rabid

    Again, that’s not what I asked.

    Do you acknowledge that, all else being equal and starting from a clean slate, gun control would be preferential to the right to owna firearm?

  • Coyotenose

     Can you get valid fingerprints from cheap paper? DNA, sure, but fingerprints?

  • Sue Blue

    Maybe it’s some emotionally disturbed teenaged loser who’s jealous of all the attention Jessica got; maybe it’s a guy she turned down who’s now got a really bad case of sour grapes; maybe it’s a closet christian fanatic.  In my opinion only a few things can fuel the kind of sick rage in this note (if it’s not some kind of stupid, sick joke), and those things are unrequited sexual obsession, paranoid schizophrenia, and religious fanaticism.

  • From a quick Google, it certainly appears that paper can be a valid source of fingerprints.

  • 59 Norris

    [rebooting a sub thread]

    “Again, that’s not what I asked.

    Do you acknowledge that, all else being equal and starting from a
    clean slate, gun control would be preferential to the right to own a

    Absolutely not.

    I prefer to retain my right to own a firearm.

    I prefer to retain my right to hunt with a firearm.

    I prefer to retain my right to defend myself with a firearm in needed.

    I remember that the only Korean stores not torched during the Rodney King riots were the ones owned by Koreans who also owned and used firearms.  (note bene: fire is not a firearm; taking away all firearms would not have prevented the torching of Korean stores in Los Angeles.)

    I deny that gun ownership by law abiding citizens is some type of genii that needs to be put back in to a bottle.

    I recognize that criminals have many other tools of violent crime and murder that are not dependent upon access to firearms.  Removing firearms from criminals (which in fact is impossible) would not render criminals harmless.

    I am not overly concerned that a subject of Queen Elizabeth disapproves of my owning a gun, and less concerned if said subject finds insane a given result of his patently insane hypothetical scenario.

  • valerick


  • Kay

    I hate how she assumes it was a Christian. Religion is not mentioned anywhere in this hateful note. I live in Rhode Island, and have friends with other faiths that disagree with what Jessica did. While I, even as a Catholic, agree that the banner did not have a place in a public school, I’m offended by the hate behind spewed towards the Rhode Island Catholic community, and the Catholic community in general, in light of this incident and others like it. Just as atheists, agnostics, Protestants, Jewish people, etc. are individuals that cannot be lumped together into a group that you can label ignorant and hateful for their belief in a God, so are Catholics. My belief in God and Jesus is not something that deserves to be used against me.

  • amycas

     I’ve met quite a few Christians who disagreed with Origin of Species as well. It’s sad I know.

  • amycas

     Handwriting analysis, without a sample of a suspect’s handwriting for comparison, is pretty much pointless. I’m a girl with terrible handwriting. I think my boyfriend’s looks more “girly” than mine.

  • Jay

    Are police officers paranoid nuts because they carry firearms? Why do they carry them? Just to head off your next argument against me carrying: I’m trained and certified proficient and I’d wager have more shooting experience than more than half of all police officers. I’ve been in 100s of shooting competitions complete with shoot/no shoot scenario-based courses of fire.

  • Sue Blue

    That could be seen as more evidence that it was an outraged christian.  It’s almost cliche that they all seem to write like dyslexic 6th graders.  Almost invariably, when I’m reading through comments anywhere on the internet, I can pick out the religious posters by their lousy grammar, shotgun punctuation (or lack of it), run-on sentences, caps-lock palsy, and general incoherence.

  • Elle

    How do you know she assumes that it was a Christian? Here’s a better question: who else would sent that but another “offended” Christian?

  • Anonymous-Sam

     I don’t think our founding fathers counted on people being able to purchase semi-automatic rifles, though. Their version of a firearm and our version of a firearm are two very different beasts, and a man with a rifle in the 1700’s was a far different kind of threat than a man carrying a semi-automatic, easily concealed handgun with a laser scope and near-perfect accuracy over thousands of yards is a much larger one.

  • Anonymous-Sam

    Problem: Even if this were 100% factual (instead of closer to 3% factual), Origin of Species doesn’t proscribe a doctrine of murdering non-believers. The Bible does, along with recommending that you personally murder your entire family if they should dare suggest worshiping any other invisible avenger in the sky.

    So while “Christian” doesn’t equate to “potential murderer,” it’s hard to ignore such a rotten foundation.

  • Drew M.

    Oh goody. The Chuck Norris meme can end now that we have someone who can kick his ass.

  • Nordog


    Still, you seem to suggest that law abiding citizens should have their right to bear arms infringed upon because criminals with guns pose a great threat.

    A law abiding free people should not be seen as a threat by their governement, particularly in a representative republic.

    Criminials on the other hand are a different matter.

    If someone wants to suggest that convicted violent felons should lose their right to bear arms they won’t get any grief from me.  Oh wait, I think they already do.

  •  You’re thinking of another book.

  • Anne

     She ended her tweet with “#christianlove”

  • Anonymous-Sam

    Heh. So when they say that without God and the threat of eternal torture, the world would descend into chaos and rape and murder — that’s all just projection? I’d buy it. If you give that rhetoric long enough, you just might believe it enough to go stark mad when the circumstances are met.

  • Anonymous

    Why does it matter if whoever wrote this horrible, spiteful letter is a Christian or not? The point is, no one whether you are a Christian or an Atheist or whatever you believe in should have to go through this type of harassment. It’s just sad that people  are being threatened for standing up for what they do or don’t believe in. I’m pretty sure that’s the point of this article, Charon.

  • Elle

    You are correct. 

  • toddges

    I agree with Kay. I’m an atheist, and I went to a high school that was 97% Mormon. I made my lack of belief in their very unusual God known, but I never was on the receiving end of threats like this.
    I kinda doubt some religious fanatic sent it to her, frankly. I know stuff like that makes for a good movie, but in real life, I think it’s far more likely a spurned ex-lover who would hate her this much, either that or a jealous female classmate either over the attention from this or the attention in other areas of school life, like maybe homecoming queen or cheerleader, etc.
    From my own high school days, teenagers don’t typically get all that worked up over religion unless they are schizophrenic, and even in those cases what you’ll get from them is fear generally – not hatred.

  • Anonymous-Sam

     Actually, I’m suggesting that the right to bear arms is a relic of turbulent times with a different meaning than it has today. I’m not going to call the call to bear arms in that era necessary or unnecessary — coming off of the crimes and threats they had experienced and believed they would experience again from Britain, they believed it was necessary.

    Nowadays, I don’t think anyone not building a bomb shelter with cans of asparagus and dried beans believes that their guns will protect them from an invading force from across the seas. Times changed, but the law didn’t.

  • Anonymous-Sam

    Depending on where you ask that question, the answer may very well be “Yes!”

    The last couple of years where I live have seen a number of shooting deaths of unarmed citizens who were perceived to be a mortal threat by police officers.

  • Nordog

     So, do I have this right?  You feel safe enough that you don’t worry about violent criminals ever visiting violence upon you, therefore you don’t want law abiding citizens to own guns.

  • 59 Norris

    Whenever I hear people argue against the right to own guns I am reminded of the last line from Federalist #55…

    “Were the pictures which have been drawn by the political
    jealousy of some among us faithful likenesses of the human character, the
    inference would be, that there is not sufficient virtue among men for
    self-government; and that nothing less than the chains of despotism can restrain
    them from destroying and devouring one another.”

  • I think the 2nd amendment is as much about the tyranny of our own govt as it about invading powers.  And I don’t think the tyranny of our own govt will be wrought, or defended bullets, but with bytes.

  • bismarket

    Exactly, i don’t know about you but i imagined 2 or 3 of her schoolmates getting together & writing that letter, thinking it to be a great joke. Thing is, people take this stuff seriously & SO DOES THE LAW. When 1 or more of them realize what they’ve done, fear will make them talk to somebody else & so on & before you know it everyone knows who did it. OR maybe they’ll just tell too many people, now that it’s “Famous” just to get kudos from their friends? Whatever happens, it’s a matter of time before they’re caught.

  • bismarket

     Sandbag? Sorry i don’t get the reference, I’m a Brit!

  • bismarket

    That’s funny, i’m gonna use that some day;-))

  • Sfugley

    You r an A——-hole buddy!!

  • Sfugley

    Andrew B, Lets get something straight right now!! The Supreme Court for decades has ruled all non-faiths a religion!! Google court cases involving non-faiths and you will see why. Remember it’s not I saying this the Supreme Court did!!

  • Sfugley


  • Gotta love those cogent counter arguments.

  • No.  That the ‘Religion’ protected status also applies to ‘No Religion’ does not mean that ‘No Religions’ are a religion.

    To label people who don’t believe in any gods as ‘religious’ is just a desperate misreading of the law.  A semantic word game with no real purpose other than to try to score points in an empty arena.

  • I think they mean a supporter of Jessica writing something completely off-the-wall to make those who oppose her look that much more crazy.

  • It’s not a joke.  It might be two or three, and they are emboldened by mob mentality.  That’s what makes the actions of leaders like her state rep so heinous.  They all feed on the group hate and start feeling justified in completely crazy rhetoric.  If they didn’t have the group ‘support’, I doubt any of them singly would be acting this way.

    It occurs to me that we do that on here sometimes too.  I think there’s a time to be unfriendly, even angry.  And it’s good to have community and group support.  But we have to be careful that we don’t just end up ratcheting up rhetoric until we no longer pay attention to what we’re saying.

  • bismarket

    I never meant to say I thought it was a joke only that whoever wrote the letter saw it that way when they did it, i’m sure they meant to be threatening & all, & maybe even thought they were doing it for everyone at Cranston West. Now that it’c coming back to bite them on the ass they’re not finding it so funny!

  • Animal63

      Funny thing is, if the author of this letter had been a Muslim, Homeland Security would be all over them by now.

  • Sfugley

    Mr. Wilson, like I said I didn’t  rule non-faiths a religion the Supreme Court did!  If you non-faiths put up a sign in a public that said “Jesus is a myth” it’s coming down and you can thank that pathetic pawn for her parents and the ACLU Jessica Ahlquist for that. You and her keep spending that money that says “In God We Trust” on it that offensive saying you hypocrites!

  • Sfugley

    Also Mr. Wilson, by the comments in your rebuttal are you speaking for most non-faiths or yourself . Are you saying the Supreme Court Erred?

  • SadieStChristopher

    Here’s an interesting link, a pastor of a church is LIVID that Jessica is “blaming” Christians for the hatemail (OK, so I guess a Zoroastrian must have sent it) & he goes on with the “no true Scotsman” fallacy, that a Christian wouldn’t write a note like that.  He then proceeds to act in a manner that he says no Christian would act like.  He calls Jessica nasty names in his rant, and advocates that she be beaten and expelled from school.  I went to his facebook page for his church, his church is for snake handlers.   This article had me wondering if it was a parody site or something, but I think this pastor and his church are for real.  

  • Shouldbeworkin’


  • Sfugley

    I didn’t think I would get a response. If you were to tell me that the Supreme Court erred, it would make people of faiths argument much easier.

  • Didn’t mean to ignore, disqus stopped updating me to replies.  My position is that you are mis-reading what SCOTUS has said.  What SCOTUS has said is like people can’t be discriminated against based on what they collect.  You can’t ban stamp collectors from your restaurant.  And coin collectors either.  And hey, you can’t ban people who don’t collect anything.  That doesn’t mean that people who don’t collect are ‘collectors’ it just means that your status as a collector (which includes not collecting) is protected.  Calling atheism a religion is incorrect, but hardly important.  Call it a religion if you want.  Pat yourself on the back for winning a point in solo-debating.

    A sign saying “Jesus is a myth” can legally stay on a public billboard.  It cannot be displayed by a government entity (school, court etc).  There’s a difference between “publicly owned” (government) and “public view” (a privately owned billboard that everyone can see).

    And lastly, money, that my country only prints money with a blatantly false message on it in no way makes me a hypocrite for refusing to starve.  Do you refuse to speak the days of the week that are named after pagan gods?

    Unless you can get past trying to win points with word games, from now on I will ignore you on purpose.

  • Sfugley

    You will be ignoring me Mr. Wilson for the simple fact that I bring Credibility to the issue. The Supreme Court not I ruled all non-faiths a religion. The Supreme Court Explained thouroughly why. I again ask you are you saying the highest court in the land has erred. You are quite off base saying non-faiths are not religions. Google court cases involving non-faiths and you will see why. Calling Atheism a religion is important!! I have no problem with how people get through life faith or non- faith, gay or straight democrat or republican. Keeping in mind the Supreme Court, you will be ignoring me because  the highest  court in the land ruled in a manner that will unite members of faith together sooner than you think and this is making Agnostics worried. We are!! going to take back some of the ground we have given up. now you butts want a  historical monument taken down in woonsocket cuz it displays a cross. It’s there to honor our fallen firefighters. What do you butts want next Arlington Cemetery!!

  • Onamission5

    If having to play fair, uphold the constitution and share power with others feels like persecuion to you, there’s nothing that can be done to help you.

    It is perfectly appropriate for atheist soldeirs to be buried at Arlington. They are citizens who gave their lives serving their country. Protecting you and your right to call people names on the internet and wave the persecution flag every time you’re asked to share, like a two year old.

  • Citation please.

  • Alchemist

    I’m an atheist and have read the bible from cover to horrifying cover. It was that very action that solidified for me my utter lack of belief in god, and abhorrence of religion in general (though christranity in it’s many forms truly takes the cake for hypocrisy and inhumanity).
    I’ve also read Origin of Species, a textbook, not a holy book. An historical text describing the observation of natural selection using the scientific method.
    Because Origin is a text book and not an attempt to in anyway define or prescribe any “acceptable” way of life, I remain free to choose my path in life without feeling misguided guilt for not adhering to certain rules set down long ago, by people with dubious qualifications and no apparent understanding of reality.
    Had Darwin lived long enough to hear his work described as a substitute doctrine, I expect it would both horrify and anger him.
    To say thar Origin, or any other scientific work that happens to have been widely read by atheists, must be a doctrine of some sort is just madness. It make no sense whatever. These scientific texts tell us of was has been and what is, not what we should do, say, think or feel.

  • Alchemist

    Look, you can blat on about the Supreme Court in the U.S all you want, it makes no damn difference.
    In this case the U.S. Supreme Court determines what shall and shall not be defined a protected group WITHIN THE USA. That’s all.
    It doesn’t determine reality, you know, in the actual world.
     The reality is atheism is not a religion. Atheism is merely an absence of belief in supernatural forces governing the world. No more, no less.
    There are no rules, there’s no doctrine. We don’t even define ourselves as a group.
    Atheism is no more a religion than not believing in the toothfairy.

    Beyond that, I really don’t think there is anything to be gained by arguing with this guy. Rational, logical argument means nothing to him. He is not willing to be swayed by reality. Were he susceptible to rationality, we wouldn’t NEED to have this argument with him.
    At this point I expect he will throw a tantrum, possibly some name calling and eventually he’ll just call us all “stupid heads” and sulk.
    I know this because I have children, and once they believed in the toothfairy too.

  • Alchemist

    Quite right Sam.
    When was the last time a raving-Origin-reading-atheist strapped a bomb to his chest and blew-up a bus full of school girls because some super-nosey, egomaniac, flying grandfather in the sky says that if you have girly-bits you shouldn’t be allowed to leave the house?

  • Alchemist

    I’ll stand next to you I think!

  • Sfugley

    The hate mail is wrong!! I feel bad for her in a way because she is a pawn for her parents and the ACLU. She is just an average student who didn’t even know what divisive, secular or ostricised meant until the ACLU got a hold of her. Speaking of ostricised, she felt so ostricised and secluded, yet she is an avid activist for Atheism(which is a religion so says the Supreme Court). What a hyprocrite!! 

  • Sfugley

    That letter is old news and is the view like you say of one idiot!! Even so lets bring back that letter that was written in February back in the mix in April to sensationalize it more!! Maybe she can get more $’s for her education that she doesn’t deserve because she was recruited for this endeavor and not the first one to be asked. “Oh do this for us and we’ll send you to school”.

  • Onamission5

    This, folks, is a prime example of someone deciding what the facts are before reading anything, and then if they read at all, picking and choosing only that which supports their predetermined bias. It’s also a prime example of victim blame.

  • Sfugley

    So it is ok in your eyes for a non-faith to be buried in a Blessed cemetery!! You are all so offended by God that you would tolerate that? I find it very hypocritical. It is a patriotic resting place, the fallen who lay there proudly spent that “IN GOD WE TRUST” money while that offends you non-faiths. I would proudly help designate a non-faith Arlington Cemetery with no crosses and a small stone thanking you for what you did for our country!! If calling non-faiths butts for trying to take the crosses(that’s what this is about) out of arlington cemetery is so offensive to you onamission5, you have some deep self conscious problems.  

  • Sfugley

    I love sarcasm!! How about your local firefighters and local municipality getting the latest census showing where non-faiths live and when say your house is on fire or someone is breaking into your house they take a wrong turn or delay getting there so to speak. Then maybe you non-faiths will think twice about f—ing with the people who save your lives and die for you in war and other endeavors so we can be free and take for granted what others only wish.

  • Sfugley

    Also as far as upholding the constitution, nowhere in it is there a phrase”seperationof church and state” which i believe is what you are refering to. I have asked for 7mos now for someone to furnish me a copy of one with that phrase in it. you won’t be able to because it doesn’t exist!! That fantasy phrase come from a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptists in 1802. I could enlighten you about everything in it if you’d like. Furnish me with a copy of the constitution with that phrase in it and myself you and others can go deeper into this debate. 

  • I used to work at a library.  I could have spied on what people were doing, and f–‘ed with the asshole theists.  But I didn’t.  I would consider that immoral.  Instead of threatening people, why not just give me a link to any of the SCOTUS cases you keep talking about.

  • Nordog

     You’re twisted.

  • Sfugley

    Again I love sarcasm!! Alchemist. I’m not in my wheelhouse on this site. I too have children. they never believed in the tooth fairy because we always got caught putting that “In God We Trust” stuff that i believe you also spend under their pillows. I will never be swayed there is not a God nor will you that there is. That is why this Country is great. We can have an opinion and debate the crap out of it. You are comparing Apples and Oranges with the tooth fairy religion comparison. As far the Supreme Court theory you have goes it’s something you are going to have to digest whether you like it or not. They ruled all non-faiths a religion not I. That IS!!! the reality of it. Are you telling me the Supreme Court erred? If so it would make the debate a little easier. There will be no sulking, name calling or threats. Just rebuttals. If you would like to go below the curbstone or sarcasticly the rest of the way I can do that also.  If using the word stubborn about you is name calling then I lied sorry. 

  • Sfugley

    I’ll be back on tomorrow i only have 6 mins left on the computer.

  • Onamission5

    Nothing you just wrote is true. Have fun with that.

  • How about your local firefighters and local municipality getting the latest census showing where non-faiths live and when say your house is on fire or someone is breaking into your house they take a wrong turn or delay getting there so to speak.

  • Psittacid

    What I find amusing is that the same people who adamantly claim that non-religions are religions are the ones who screamed bloody murder when the non-theistic Ethical Society filed to be a tax-exempt “church”. 

  • Sfugley

    I apologize for not getting back to you all sooner like I said, I very unexpectedly lost a member of my family. Glad to have you aboard Psittacid. That would be our crooked politicians you speak of not I or 99% of theists views. That is one and only one of the reasons the Supreme Court has ruled all non-faiths a religion.
        You have to remember Psittacid, Alchemist and other non-faiths. In Theist U.S. we have rules that allow you non-faiths to take action against what you believe could be public symbols of or endorsements of religion. In a non-theist U.S. we theists wouldn’t have the same liberties. we theists mine as well dig up Stalin for you all if if the U.S. was of a non-theist regime.
         Speaking of Alchemist, where are you? A credible rebuttal and you have no answer?
         What are you non-faiths so afraid of? Why does a “God” you don’t believe in and the symbols associated with him bother you all so much. If  you don’t believe, a cross to you is just two pieces wood fastened together, and a prayer on a wall nothing more than a poem. Neither should concern you at all.
        If it does, what are you afraid of?
          I don’t expect much of a rebbuttal from you non-faiths because when credibility is thrown back at you you condescending  people take a vacation!!

  • Sfugley

    Just one question i forgot to ask Psittacid. If being a non-faith is not a religion why appply for that tax exemption. Now that is Amusing!!
       Oh I hope you can’t do what your user name implies, becuase if you can I shouldn’t be meessing with you!
       hopefully more of my theist friends will get on this site and join in on this debate or would you all prefer to go public for all to see how the communist type you all are!

  • A credible rebuttal and you have no answer? 

    We’re still waiting for you to say anything credible, like any Supreme Court citation. Of for your allotted hour on the Internet to expire, whichever comes first.

  • Nordog

     You know, I’m a “theist” and I have no friggin’ idea what the hell you’re talking about.  If it’s the “non faith is a religion” bit I would simply say that freedom of religion necessarily includes the right to bow out of the religious question altogether, id est, the freedom to refuse any religion.

  • Sfugley

    Speaking of upholding the constitution Onamission5, furnish me or others with that fantasy phrase “seperation of church and state” in it. you won’t be able to because it doesn’t exist!! nowhere.
      It is inappropriate to have non-faith soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. You all try to have all kinds of things you all perceive as religion taken down or other ways of doing it.
       again lets have a non-faith Arlington National Cemetery with stones that thank them for there service to our country and what they did to keep us free. I will be the first one to take care of that faction for free. I will trim grass or anything else that needs to be done to make that resting place spotless, but to think they belong at a blessed place is not appropiate.  You can’t have your cake and eat it too!!

  • Sfugley

    I also noticed Mr. Wilson not getting back in to the debate. like I said before when Theists come back with credibility non-faiths retreat!!

  • Nordog

     Sfugley, I am embarrassed for you in the way one is embarrassed for a woman returning from the ladies’ room with the back of her dress stuck down her panty hose.

    Mr. Wilson may not have responded to you because he finds nothing to which to respond.

  • Sfugley

    This goes out to Nordog because for some reason i couldn’t respond to your rebuttal. I’m not twisted, I’m a realist and it will come down to some people (which I wouldn’t endorse) doing what I said and bombing non-faith headquarters or delaying getting to house fires or breakins. It’s going to get to the point where theists will not take it and start civil disturbances.
      One other Question to ask of you non-faiths, to change the subject a little and add a little to it.
      Do you working non-faiths accept double time and a half for working on religious holidays even though religion offends you so much?
       Be careful how you answer it could make rebuttals very easy.

  • Nordog

     Do you suspect that all this angst on the part of people of faith will ever lead to better sentence structure?

  • Sfugley

    I have to apologize to you nordog for failing to see you as a theist. In my eyes you came off as not with that response. I Also applaud you at the same time. My argument so to speak is they want there cake and they want to eat it too.

  • The Supreme Court said Sfugley has no credibility.  Just google it!

  • Total aside, but have you ever thought about how silly that statement is?  What use is cake if you don’t eat it?  Who wants a cake and doesn’t want to eat it?

  • I feel a little like a drunk guy is poking me in the chest chanting “chicken” because he wants to fight me.  And I just don’t want him to fall on his face and hurt himself.

  • Nordog

     That’s called being kind.  Just sayin’.

  • Sfugley

    Edwards v. Aguillar 1987 was a case about the teachings of creationism in public schools. The Supreme Court ruled in a 7 to 2 decision that teaching creationism in public schools was unconstitutional because it attempts to advance a particular RELIGION!!  In support of, 72 nobel scientists, 17 state academies of science and 7 other organizations filed briefs which described creationism as being composed of religious tenents.
      Torcaso v. Watkins 1961the U.S. Supreme Court stated ” among religions in this country which do not teach what generally be considered a belief in the existence of god are Buddhism, Taoism, Ethical Culture, Secular Humanism and others. The Supreme Court declared Secular Humanism to be a religion. All their certified counselors enjoy the same legal status as priests, ordained minister etc. Secular Humanist leaders also admitted that Secular Humanism was a religion until they realized the consequences of that admission and implemented damage control. Here is a quote from Lloyd Morain a former editor of the Humanist the quasi-official journal of the American Humanist Association.
      “Humanism does not include the idea of god and is such considered a philosophy rather than a religion. In a way,it is an alternative to all religions. However, whether one looks to humanism as a religion or a philosophy to live by or as a way of life is we believe, largely a matter of personal temperment and preference. Those caught up by its RELIGIOUS aspects know that it provides a vibrant, satisfying FAITH. Those who think of it as a philosophy find it both reasonable and adequate.”

  • (continuing her for readability)

    Edwards v. Aguillar  affirms that creationism is a religion.  I agree, and I fail to see how this makes your point in any way shape or form.  Creationism IS a religion, which is why it cannot be taught in public schools.  In case you hadn’t noticed, atheists don’t tend to be creationists.  Technically Raeleans are, but they’re nuts.Torasco v. Watkins affirms that a non-believer enjoys the same protections as various religions.  Simple as that. 

    Again, for the umpteenth time, not that any of that matters.  You think we’re going to be offended if under some circumstances we’re labeled as religious.  It’s a word.  It has context.  Saying I’m religions doesn’t change who I am or what I believe.  Surely you have better ways to spend your time on the internet?  I certainly have more interesting things to discuss.

  • Sfugley

    I have noticed Mr. Wilson, but thank you for pointing that out to me about Atheists! You are right i do have better ways to spend my time on the internet than debating people who are sarcastic, condescending,arogant and wallow in an ignorance pit!
       I’ve never insinuated that non-faiths would be offended or tried to change the way you feel or believe about your faction or factions.
       Somebody with downs syndrome would have figured out by now the point I’m making is your faction and other non-faith factions are religions whether you all like to hear it or not, therefor by handing down rulings like the few you took the time to read(and there are plenty of others) the courts are endorsing the religion of  nothing over theism, which if you haven’t noticed is a violation of the 1st Amendment! as you would say it’s as simple as that.
      We theists also enjoy the same protections as various non-faith factions!
      It’s all about tolerance and respect Mr. Wilson. It doesn’t matter how you or I got through life. If you were walking down my street and someone decided to start a fight with you because you are an atheist I would speed out of my house and back you up till the death of me your right to feel that way. the same if you were gay, black, white red or green. Theist or non-theist.
       One other thing off subject. Can someone furnish me with a copy of the constitution that has the phrase “seperation of church and state” in it?  I don’t think that will happen for the simple fact it doesn’t exist., “simple as that” !!  

  • Sfugley

    One other thing Mr. wilson. In one of your rebuttals you said “a sign saying  Jesus is a myth can legally stay on a public billboard. It can’t be displayed by a government entity (schools, courts etc.). It clearly states you are telling me your so called non-religious faction in fact is a religion, otherwise ” jesus is a myth” wouldn’t have to come down from these government entities based on the fantasy phrase “seperation of church and state” in the 1st Amendment “simple as that”. Thank you for making my point Mr. Wilson!!

  • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

    That falls under the free exercise clause, not the establishment clause.

  • people who are sarcastic, condescending,arogant and wallow in an ignorance pit

    Surprise.  Nobody, including Christians has a monopoly.  I get the point you’re trying to make, but for all your hand waving, you’re trying to make a point that simply is not there.  You are confusing secular with atheist, so when the courts make a decision for secularism, you see it as a decision for atheism and you feel like it’s unfair.

    There are a lot of phrases that exist in the vernacular of constitutional law that do not exist in the constitution.  Some other things that do not exist in the constitution are the words “God” and “Prayer” and “machine gun”.

  • Sfugley

    Ok, then that banner should have been allowed to stay up at Cranston High School West in R.I. based on your interpretation of the law. You clearly stated ” Jesus is a myth” cannot stay up  at a government entity. You have admitted by that statement that your faction is a religion. Now you are trying to flip(like Obummer) it and say it comes under “the free excercise thereof”. Are you on crack!!! Make up your mind!!

  • Sfugley

    I beg to differ Rich. Do your research please. Your last 2 rebuttals you have been severely reaching. We’ll use bear arms instead of machine guns for argument sake. If it’s not on paper it doesn’t exist “simple as that”.

  • Nordog

     Sfugley, your doggedly overly obtuse ramblings compel me to rethink my opposition to euthanasia.

  • Prayer banner = establishment of religion.
    “Jesus is a myth” = prohibiting free exercise of.You’re trying to switch them, and make the banner take-down a prohibition (it’s not, because it’s a public school, not a private entity) or the “Jesus myth” an establishment (it’s not, because “Jesus is a myth” isn’t a religion)

    Even the other Christians on here understand that difference.

  • Sfugley

    Nordog, would you be kind enough to elaborate more on your reasoning for the above response? I’m a Rhode Islander and if you are refering to the above post I could fill you in on a few facts,not perceptions like you seem to think.
       Keeping in mind I would personally euthanise the person or persons(if it were legal) that wrote that literary piece.

  • Sfugley

    You are severely double dipping here Rich. I’m also detecting anger in your responses now why? You said “Jesus is a myth” can’t be displayed within Government entities why? I’ll tell you why you know it has religious tenents!!

  • Sfugley

    In “God We Trust” all others pay cash.

  • Sfugley

    I haven’t seen these other Christians getting in on this yet. what do you all think?

  • Nordog6561

     I think you are either a poe or you have one long drawn out fever.  In any event, trying to parse one of your posts is like trying to pull teeth on an alligator.  I gave up.

  • Sfugley

    I didn’t think you would. you can’t be a theistou r a fucking idiot!

  • Sfugly

    The problem with this attenion whore is she did bring it to the police RIGHT AWAY. As someone said at the beginning of this thread it was the work of 2 very immature students who were disciplined,expelled from the school an put on probation. If you can construe this as terrorism you are a moron. As a  theist  If I caught them before the proper authorities did I would smack the piss out of them. there is no place in society for this kind of bull period!! whether theist or non-theist. The problem I and other Rhode Islanders have with this is it’s all about the attention for her. This was disposed of at the proper venue and done with in FEBRUARY. so now she says ” I brought this out now to the public because i was afraid to before”. Bullshit, the proper authorities were given that letter in FEBRUARY and because of it she had a police escort to school for several weeks. she brought it back out in April to sensationalize the whole thing again in order to get ,more $’s for her education, which she otherwise  couldn’t  get  seeing she was barely a “B” student. Before you put up something like that Mr. Mehta, please do more research. As a Rhode Islander you have mislead your flock a little and so has she. Just when you thought it was safe          “IM BACK” 

  • It’s not terrorism, it’s a ‘terroristic threat’ which is different.  My approach to people I think are attention whores (e.g. all of ‘reality TV’) is to ignore them.

  • Sfugly

    Hi Mr. Wilson, good to hear from you. I agree with you we should be ignoring her and all other reality tv attention whores.

  • Sfugly

    What’s up with the 6561? are you a superhero now?

  • Sfugly

    This will make Mr. wilson a little angry. R.Lee Bays. That banner was in an area where it would be seen a total of 5 times a year. NOTHING was shoved down her throat or any theists throat for that matter. God forbid(no pun intended) a 15 yr old student wish well towards thy neighbor and fellow human beings the first year the school opened. It was never recited as a daily criteria. O heavanly father as has been declared in several courts could be a dumpster. Thomas Jefferson would have been pissed. Google “The real Thomas jefferson argument” R.Lee Bays and in that letter he wrote to the Danbury Baptists in 1802 he assured them the only time the Government should intrude in the name of religion is when one is ” I’ll towards thy neighbor” and provided several examples of it.
          As far as threatening children, it was the work of 2 students who didnt have all their pubic hairs yet,. to immature to understand the consequences of there actions. They do now, their actions have now resulted in them carrying a conviction around with them for their stupidity.
    Do not put them in an all people category. There are religious tenants in a humanist messages as has been proven in several courts that is forced down theists throats on a daily basis. So why don’t we all be tolerant of each others beliefs and cut the bull.

  • Sfugly

    Like I said in an earlier thread it was posted in February and again in April to sensationalize it more.

  • Sfugly

    Again onamission5, I’m a Rhode Islander and the facts are what I said they are, not what someone from Chicago says. 

  • Sfugly

    Learn how to spell a simple word like use Rich then you’ll have the credentials to be a critic.

  • Sfugly

    Must have  something Rich. Onamission5 and the southern humanist haven’t responded back in kind or not to my latest reply to these threads. neither have you.

  • Sfugly

    Also, I have 2 neices that go to that school and even during the most intense part of the situation the school functioned as if nothing was going on so as to keep the students minds on their studies.

  • Sfugly

    Well! I’m waiting! You all seem to get on a wahmbulance when hit with reality.

  • Sfugly

    Jeffery dahmer was an Atheist I believe. Was that very Atheist of him to do what he did? A reward was put up by a Catholic to find the individual or individuals resposible.People of all factions religious or not  were very concerned for her well being. I agree with onamission5 in an earlier thread, to much predetermined bias on the issue. Most of you on these threads believe the leftist media without any research of your own. There are undesirables in all factions, religious or not. Did you want to see what happened to Jeffery Dahmer in prision happen?  Demonhype you and most others on these threads have a mob mentallity about this issue. What I have noticed about you non-faiths is you are the kind of people who blow things out of proportion, when you all scratch your finger you tell everyone you needed 2 stitches.  

  • Sfugly

    Kudos to you!! the only one to make sense on the issue.

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