A Zombie Jesus T-Shirt That Doesn’t Exist Yet April 11, 2012

A Zombie Jesus T-Shirt That Doesn’t Exist Yet

I know Zombie Jesus day is over, but reader Joaquin Photoshopped this awesome looking shirt. Someone needs to make it exist!

Joaquin adds:

For ultimate scavenging, add brain shaped Easter eggs and a fuzzy basket.

Don’t mind if I do. Omnomnom.

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  • I’m not sure if stuff like this fits the mantra of “FriendlyAtheist” – seems that a number of my believer friends are bothered by this Zombie thing, so I stopped saying it.

  •  I’m bothered by the “vicarious redemption” thing, will they stop saying that?

  • Nigel McNaughton

    Well the idea isn’t exactly new, I saw it years ago http://kotaku.com/5314775/resident-evil-shirt-feasts-on-the-flesh-of-the-living and there are a few variants around now (flip zombie, ask me about my zombie), not sure who originated it, but one of them would probably be able to make it if there was a large enough order. I do like the Shroud of Turin look though, nice touch.

  • Amanda Tetz

    yeah, there’s plenty of things I wish believers would stop saying.

  • hoverFrog

    Aww, did we offend the poor Christians by ridiculing their ridiculous beliefs?  Good.

  • Mrschili

    Along these lines, anybody care to lend their voices to this discussion? 


    I feel like I need some backup

  • Darwin’s Dagger

    But Jesus was not a zombie. Jesus was a Lich. 

  • Context is everything. What you would say to your atheist friends is certainly different than you’d say to your religious ones, no?

    This is a forum for atheists, so a degree of mockery is in place and appreciated here. And it is properly directed at the concept, not at any individual.

  • Joaquin Baldwin

    Yep, the Capcom one was the inspiration, I hoped people would get the three references (Capcom shirt, zombie Jesus, shroud).

  • Joaquin Baldwin

    I didn’t mean to offend but if it did offend someone I have no problem with it. The same way that if I draw Mohammed and it offends someone, I shouldn’t need to worry. Now, if it offended any zombies, then I might reconsider…

  • ConureDelSol

    As a woman, I’m pretty sure I could be arrested for putting on that zombie Jesus face if I’m not wearing a bra…that’s it!  Make zombie Jesus bras for women!  

  • Spamglutton3

     There’s nothing wrong with ridiculing Christians per se, but it’s not in the spirit of The Friendly Atheist to do so here.  There are literally thousands of other places one can go to froth and rage about fantasy, hypocrisy, intolerance, etc.

  • Depends on your jurisdiction.  But assuming you’re a US citizen, probably.


  • Friendly doesn’t mean pandering and bowing to insane religious ideas. Just because somebody holds an idea close to their hearts doesn’t make it immune from criticism. You can be friendly and still criticize beliefs.

  • Alexandra

    I want that!

  • Oh, there’s that Byzantine painting again.  All the people who have written about the shroud of Turin have been very careful not to talk to an art historian or a member of the Greek Orthodox church, who would inform then that the S of T is an epitaphios exhibited at Easter services.  Sure, it’s fairly realistic- the Byzantines continued the Greco-Roman tradition of realistic depiction of the human body, although elongation was a common stylistic trait.   Don’t judge all Byzantine art by the more stylized mosaics and icons.  Check out the Al-Fayum mummy portraits of around 300 CE, for examples of pre-Renaissance realism.

  •  I believe non-religious bras were refered to by Ariane Sherine as “the Atheist Bust Campaign”

  • Deven_Kale

     Actually, if you live in NY, VT, or most of OR, then it’s perfectly fine! Actually in VT and OR you can walk around wearing absolutely nothing and it’s completely legal. NY you have to cover your genitals, but that’s all.

  •  I don’t always necessarily expect for people to show me the same respect that I show them. We may differ in that way – but one person being an asshat doesn’t grant me license to do the same, and I’d rather win my arguments through evidence and proper/reasonable discourse.

  •  “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

    Never expect someone to show you a respect that you refuse them.

  •  I can agree to this point, however since Hemant is largely respected by some portions of the Christian community it’d probably be best if he preserved that status by maintaining some semblance of mutual respect.

  •  Absolutely.  Friendly is the key.

  •  “Have you ever had anyone convince you that you were wrong by calling them a stupid retard?  No, I don’t think so”  ~Richard Dawkins

  • hoverFrog

    Sure it is.  Hemant just prefers his ridicule somewhat less brutal than some of us.

  • hoverFrog

    Who says that I’m trying to convince anyone that they’re wrong?  I’m pointing out that Christian beliefs are ridiculous.  I’m not on a crusade to deconvert people.  I just want to poke some fun at them.  If it makes someone reevaluate their views because they feel embarrassment and shame at them then so much the better but that’s not my goal.

  •  sure, but refusing to laugh at silly beliefs or fun memes is a personal choice. I will not force you to laugh. Don’t try forcing me not to.

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