‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Reveals Her Atheism; Fans Respond Just As You Would Expect… April 10, 2012

‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Reveals Her Atheism; Fans Respond Just As You Would Expect…

Kailyn Lowry was one of the teens featured in “16 and Pregnant” and (more recently) “Teen Mom 2”:

A few days ago, on Twitter, she revealed that she had no plans to go to church on Easter, choosing instead to spend time with her baby’s father:

She eventually admitted the reason outright (to another fan):

Word spread and Kailyn’s been responding to some of the inevitable pushback for a couple of days now:

Nice comeback at the end there 🙂 But the insinuation that her atheism should be blamed on her mother? Her baby’s father? Anyone at all?! Ridiculous. It can’t be easy to be in the spotlight (even voluntarily) for something as serious as teenage pregnancy, but I doubt she signed up to have people preach at her. At least Kailyn seems like she can handle it:

Although she may not make headlines as often as some of the other girls, Kailyn Lowry is without a doubt, one of the strongest girls on the show. Even though she doesn’t have a great support system, Kailyn still makes it work and smiles doing it. The fact that she isn’t afraid to voice her beliefs speaks volumes. It proves that she knows exactly who she is and doesn’t care what others think.

Anyway, if you want to send her some atheistic Internet love, go for it.

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  • Drew

    There is only one thing I love about social networking sites and that is it gives the opportunity for some religious believers to show their true colours when it comes to the non-religious especially Atheists. I say good for Kailyn to reveal herself as an Atheist, it is sad that one response suggests that her mother or the father of her baby are the reasons why she’s an Atheist.

  • Bruce Heerssen
  • There sure are a LOT of theists who don’t know how to spell “atheist”. I guess they bought into the “i before e, except after c” dogma. Rules are a good way to avoid actual understanding… whether of language, or of deeper matters.

  • Bruce Heerssen

    It’s especially aggravating that her atheism is seen as a fault for which blame should be assigned. 


  • chicago dyke, venomous lesbian

    a brave young woman. good for her. 

    i have to admit tho, i find it disturbing and unsettling that there is a whole show devoted to teen moms. i’ve never seen it and i hope it doesn’t glamorize that life. 

  • Alessia Lane

    It does, unfortunately, while desperately trying not to.  Mostly because, as tough as the teen moms have it, they are “stars”.  A while back I heard that young girls were trying to get pregnant just to be on the show.  *extreme facepalm.

  • Added my support.  

  • Elle.xo

     I see nothing wrong with her not believing in God. As a Christian, what bothers me more is people who celebrate Easter as a time for chocolate, instead of a time to celebrate rebirth.

  • I followed her and sent her a tweet. I’m a parent and it can be a tough job.

  • Adam

    I know how dare them, right? It’s a time to celebrate the (supposed) brutal torture and murder of a man. 

  • Anonymous

    CreoleBarbie is funny.  Obviously she is religious yet has a naked woman as their avatar.

  • Michelleshannon

    But she celebrates Christmas lol. Makes perfect sense.

  • Aurelia

    Actually, studies have shown that girls who watch the show are less likely to become teen moms and are less likely to think teen pregnancy is a good thing. Didn’t mean to like your comment.  The getting pregnant on purpose has more to do with “16 and Pregnant” – warm, fuzzy pregnancies, than “Teen Mom” – tired, overworked, not finishing school, etc. 

  • Child of God

    Could it be possible that maybe her parents shared the atheist’s belief as well? If someone is Christian, Catholic ect., it is generally because that’s how they were raised! Just like if someone is a Republican or Democrat. Either way, Kailyn did not state why she is atheist or  if she converted from another religious belief.
    Kaiyln is a very strong young adult because she was forced to be. Forced to be an adult due to the lack of a strong family support system. As well as getting pregnant at such a young age. That is what makes her her who she is today.
    Despite my dislike of athiesm, Kailyn is one of the strongest girls on Teen Mom. A teen mom who TRULY shows the struggles that a teen mom goes through, not depending on anyone and making a way for her child however she needs to.

    Although Kailyn, you should count your blessings. Thank God for bringing you through your trials, keeping you and your son protected, and getting you where you are today.

    You are a smart girl, before you completely give yourself up 100% to athiesm, open up the Bible and read Timothy 3;16  and John 1:1

    God bless you

  • And why not? Christmas is fun.

    If you want to be all fundamentalist about it, perhaps you can explain the christian theological significance of fir trees, fat men in red, and cake.

  • Min

    As an atheist, I would rather eat candy and chocolate than worry about some other religion’s traditional practices.

  • Annie

    I’m still trying to digest that there are apparently two television shows out there about teen moms.   I’m sorry she’s catching so much flak for this… but I doubt anyone here can say they are surprised.

  • Alessia L.-

    You’re right Aurelia. I stand corrected!

  • Carmen Zepp

    I never logon to Twitter anymore, but as both an atheist and a former teen mom myself I just had to send this brave young woman some A-love!

  • Anonymous

    So? Like Easter it is holiday that Christians stole and cobbled together from several sources. It can be celebrated as an entirely secular event to spend some time with family around the winter solstice

  • Annie

    And I must wonder if Pagans get angry that Christians attached such a brutal storyline to their happy fertility festival.

  • Ms. W

    why do you assume she has not read the bible? Most atheists have. Your “god” didn’t bring her through her trials, SHE brought herself through her trials. People like you make me ill. Take all the strength and accomplishments of humans and the wonder of nature and ascribe it to your imaginary friend… sad sad sad.

  • The cake was a sacrifice. Jesus got adult onset diabetes for your sins!

  • Sterlingtechgirl

    My mom mentioned to a coworker that I was an atheist.  That person asked my Mom why she allowed me to be an atheist.  O_o  I’m in my 30s.

    Good for Kailyn!

  • kaellinn18

    She’s a showgirl. I caught that awesome irony as well.

  • It’s ‘atheism’, and C Peterson’s comment (above) is a perfect fit for you.

  • Kailynlowry

     Hi, I’m Kail… I actually don’t celebrate Christmas. There was a time when I didn’t know how to “come out” and it just so happened that MTV  decided that Christmas would be a storyline for one of the episodes in the season… I am happy to say now, that I can stand up for myself.

  • Annie

    “If someone is Christian, Catholic ect., it is generally because that’s how they were raised!”

    Excellent point!  If someone is raised in a faith, since before a time when they can think for themselves, does that make them really belong to that faith?  Or does that just mean they were brainwashed?  You see, most religions are thrust upon people before they can even verbalize their likes and dislikes… let alone their philosophical beliefs.  Most Christians are only Christian because that is what they were born into… they didn’t choose that for themselves.  And we see that the investment in a religion, long before one is actually thinking about religion, is so strong that it keeps people in a faith they most likely never would have chosen for themselves.  Why are you a child of God instead of a child of Allah?  Easy answer!  It’s because of where you were born.  Do you really think that a specific geographical location should determine what religion you are?  My daughter hates mushrooms, and yet, I love them.  Is that so odd?

    You state that Kailyn is a smart girl.  I obviously don’t know her as intimately as you do, but I’ll go with it.  If she is so smart, and thinks for herself, why on earth would she fall into the outdated religion of Christianity?  I don’t think her mother, her child’s father, or anyone else had to twist her arm. 

    You state that Kailyn is strong despite her family upbringing, and yet you state that her upbringing may have steered her towards atheism.  Which is it?

  • Many of us atheists actually grew up religious. Many if not most of us have read the Bible and other religious texts. For a great many of us, becoming an atheist was about finding the truth, not just doing what our parents did. This is just anecdotal evidence, but I’m a liberal atheist and I come from a family of Fox News watching Evangelicals. There is a reason that we’re called freethinkers.  

    If there really were a loving god, why would he have to help her through her struggles? Why wouldn’t he have, say, prevented her from conceiving until she had finished college? Or perhaps have insured that her family was stable and supportive? 

  • Anonymous

    The devil she speaks of is the Christian God.

  • Anonymous

    To correct this story she didn’t spend Easter with her son’s father, she was on vacation. Isaac spent it with his father.

  • Melissakurtukoff69

    I couldnt agree more, I’m 23 but this show still makes me think about how hard it’s going to be to become a parent.

  • Chrisdizz22

    I guess you could say I celebrate Christmas, but to me it’s just an occasion to get together with family and friends. Besides it was a pagan holiday before it was hijacked. 

  • Tiffanysiam523

    Kailyn has a right to believe in what she chooses, her life, her beliefs, her son, her chocie. Who is to say whatever you believe in is correct? Or whatever “GOD” you praise is the right one? People are so narrow minded, And give her grief over b.s. when there’s worse things going on in this world, and worse mothers on that show. Love you Kail #a true fan

  • Katie

    I don’t have a twitter, but rock on! Good for you, Kailyn!!!

  • Ervinsm84

    just wait til reddits atheist section gets ahold of this.

    Also, I highly doubt anyone saying to read the bible ever has from beginning to end. Sure they’ve read sections, but you wouldnt claim to read any other book if u hadnt actually read it from start to finish. If they did, it may make more sense why some people can’t believe this nonsense. Having faith in something with no evidence is NOT a virtue, should not be celebrated, and until that is agreed upon, atheists will always be mocked and misunderstood.

  • Brimshack

    It is fascinating to see how often simply saying that one is an atheist is taken to be a cause of conflict.

  • I’m an atheist and I celebrate Krismas. Love good ole Kris Kringle!

  • Corey

    I just tweeted her:  “Sorry some demean u once they know u are an atheist, time with ur family is more holy than going to church and not wanting to be there.” (obvioulsy I didnt use spell check…lol)

  • Onamission5

    While it may be true that religious parents often raise religious children, religious parents also raise atheist children. Mine did, despite all that “raise them up in the way they should go and when they are older they will not depart from it” crap. Most of the atheists I know were raised in one religion or another, actually.

    While you’re suggesting parts of the bible for her to read, why just the touchy feeley parts and stuff like not Judges 19:1-29? That’s a total horror show about the biblical “value” of women, right there.

  • Chris Kilroy

    I’m confused. I would think that someone who is seriously Christian would be rather opposed to teen pregnancy and the out-of-wedlock sex which causes it. So I don’t understand why a teen mom reality show star would have so many Christian “fans” to get upset about her newly announced atheism. 
    I’m not into the show and I think these kinds of shows promote the idea that kids can get pregnant young and it will all be ok – they can even get famous on tv – which is far from the truth. I don’t judge Kailyn or her peers on there. I’m the last guy that can. My now-wife and I had our son rather young and we definitely struggled to make it, but make it we did. I hope that some kids learn how hard this is and learn, most of all, to use protection. That being said, it’s insane for people to jump on her about her lack of beliefs. It has nothing to do with anything and can’t be blamed on anyone. Clearly, if the other teen moms are Christian, that religious faith didn’t stop them from getting pregnant at 16 or whatever and isn’t helping them to feed their babies, make it through school or anything else. They sinned as much as anyone else. I don’t hear the outcry about the obvious sin and hypocrisy there. Why does this matter? At least Kailyn is being honest. Good for her. 

  • Glasofruix

    I find it quite amusing that every fundie that comes here has a very “explicit” pseudonym…
    Oh and why the heck would anyone change his/her mind about being an atheist after reading some obsolete bible passage?

  • Atheist101

    I don’t know her so I can’t judge her. But she definitely does not
    deserve to be harassed for coming out and being an atheist. (Which
    had to be expected since if it was a none issue to come out as an
    atheist we would not be talking about it.) So I applaud her and wish
    her all the best.

  • Glasofruix

     Wait, does easter have nothing to do with chocolate? What about all those eggs and bunnies?

  • Glasofruix

     You mean the solstice holliday, the nice traditionnal pagan trees and the fat guy in red invented by coca cola are christian?

  • Mistyricha

    Let’s clear the air here….would like to apologize to Kail for feeling blasted against! Since Twitter does have a minimum amount of letters to use it came out all wrong and I need to explain. Yes I said I was disappointed and yes it is none of my business but if it was known from the get go on the show then this would have not come up. But she admitted the only reason why she celebrated Christmas on the show was cause MTV told her to. “glamorizing” to me it seems. Anyways besides that I did say I was sad for Isaac, well can’t I feel sad? Because of my beliefs I do feel sad. As for the blame her mom part…strike that from the record please. That meaning was “didnt her mom teach her religion?” And no I didn’t mean blame Jo too. She says in a tweet her and Jo had the same beliefs so that was more like a “Jo too” question but not blaming him. FYI people Christians are not all perfect. I know shocking but we are not and I never act like I am perfect. I just have one question though, are atheists all this mean and rude? You wouldn’t believe some of the messages I have received even hoping I die. I know your mad at what I said but really? I have read maybe four messages and then just said to myself that it wasn’t worth it and left it alone. I hope Kail the best with school and everything she does in life!

  •  Angry? Notsomuch… but there are some assholes in that camp that DO get angry. Mostly it’s just a bunch of head-shaking and face-palming and calmly pointing out the pagan origins of yet another “Christian” holiday. Some pagan stories, particularly the Norse sagas, are just as violent and brutal (but with much better endings).

  • Blanc_Slate

    You’re right on the money

  • Blanc_Slate

    Are you really her? Hmmm….

  • gurudwara

    People are not perfect, Misty, whether we are Christians or atheists or other. I am sorry that responses to you have been so vile.

    Seriously, I hope the jerkwads telling someone who appears to be no more than a teenager herself (forgive me if I’m way off on that), are not adult atheists. Can’t we disagree in a reasonable manner, without stooping to “I hope you die?”

  • Sebastian Konyn

    As Lawrence Leung fantastically said at the Global Atheist Convention on the weekend: “‘i’ before ‘e’, except where there’s no god.”

  • Kirk

    She’s the athiest!

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