Fight Cancer and Faith Healers At Once April 9, 2012

Fight Cancer and Faith Healers At Once

The Center for Inquiry on Campus members at Broward College in Florida are holding a fundraiser for their Light the Night team — they want to help atheists raise $1,000,000 to fight cancer.

They got a pretty decent speaker, too: James Randi:

Randi is giving a talk called “Faith Healers: Fake Healers.”

The event is free (but donations are appreciated), and it takes place on Tuesday, April 17th at 7:00p in Bailey Hall. Come. Donate. Learn!

(Thanks to Elizabeth for the link!)

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  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    Love the caption with Randy.

  • Daniel

    Someone will say it, I might as well be the first… Who in the world decided to hypenate and split international as in-ternational when there is more than enough room to just have international on the second line of that paragraph?!

    Otherwise, looks awesome.  Wish I didn’t like 3,000 miles away.

  • Liam

    I have to be that guy too, but these things are important. The first thing that jumped out at me was the misspelling of “auditorium” :s

  • Anonymous

     Most likely they were using Microsoft publisher, and hit the limit for that line, and I believe this is a default behavior of the application to have odd breaks like that.

  • “Evidence or GTFO”
    “God says we don’t need evidence.”

  • Bubba Tarandfeathered

    I saw the pic with out reading the caption and an image of GSM extending his noodly appendage out to Mr. Randy popped into my mind.

  • Anonymous

    Broward College doesn’t have a design faulty then, no?

  • Thegoodman

    I was able to attend this event last night and it was great. James Randi is an interesting character to say the least and he told heart felt stories as well as entertained us all with a few tricks (some he exposed, some he kept to himself).

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