He Is Risen… rAmen April 8, 2012

He Is Risen… rAmen

(via Rail Bender)

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  • Aimee

    So, we should be having pasta for dinner today right?  It will be a kind of communion where the spaghetti will be miraculously turned into his body and the sauce his blood.

  • bramkaandorp

    I thought that was already the case, hence the miracle.

  • Our Monster is a great Monster!

  • Papyrus font? More atheists with bad design taste D:

  • He boiled for your sins!  Praise be to His Noodly Appendages!

  • Actually, today is not any special holiday (except that Pastover just finished).  Really you should be having pasta for dinner on the highest of all High Holidays, which is of course, Friday.  Every Friday.

  • Haha, I took the font choice as mocking Christians.

  • Mike

    Is mocking Christians the way that we wanna be heard? It is not stooping to their level, by acted as immature as they. I say we spread our truth through logic and facts rather than the childish mocking of their religious practices. but that’s just me 😀

  • Anonymous

    Mike’s right of course.  But … it’s just so much fun! 

    My favorite memory is when he first arose…and they rolled the meatball away from his tomb…

  •  I dunno…sometimes laughter and ridicule are the only appropriate response to the genuinely ridiculous.

    JESUS = Jehovah’s Excessively Sanguinary, Unnecessary Sacrifice

  • Anonymous

    Then we’re agreed that FSM is a he?  Like any real god?

  •  Well, I’d hate to think I’ve been staring at her boobs all this time…

  •  Humor is one of the most powerful antidotes against the brainwashing that is religion. Humor helps us to “break the spell” that religion has had over so many of us and still has over so many others.

    My guess is that for every one religious person who gets offended at their religion being mocked (and then becomes all the more committed to that religion) there are probably 9 other believers who at least smirk a bit and by seeing the don’t-critique-religion taboo be ignored the spell on them is loosened.

  • Bboryla

    We are not mocking the Christians, which we should only do when well deserved. We are mocking their beliefs – which, like any other idea, stance, or concept – are open for criticism at any time.

  • one of them

    At least be honest with yourselves and admit it is God that you’re  mocking.  
    Christians have no claim in and of themselves.  You can mock me as much as you want; if you really get your kicks out of insulting your grocery clerk, aunt, college roommate, brother, neighbor, boss – then have at it.  Whatever.
    The truth is, Jesus knows your name and loves you.  And he has all power and authority in heaven and earth to prove it to you, if you dare to open your mind enough to ask Him.

  • B. Andrew

    If the Christians and the atheists ever hold a talent show, we are going to kick their butts.

  • How do you know many of us haven’t already opened our mind enough to ask Jesus to show himself? I was a Christian for years and no amount of prayer helped stave off the inevitable conclusion that it’s all just mythology wrapped in moral superiority.

    You know what we’re mocking? The belief system that said a man died, was gone for a few days, then rose back to heaven, all to atone for the sins of humanity and to replace the previous system of blood sacrifices, the smell of which pleased your god.

    We’re mocking the audacity and the arrogance of many Christians who pretend that their beliefs are the absolute truth, and are in a position of privilege where they feel their beliefs deserve total respect, and that they are somehow free from ridicule.

    I ridicule people who have faith that Bigfoot is real. I mock people who claim with absolute certainty that there are aliens abducting people and probing them, and they all happen to be people who are alone in secluded areas.

    You don’t want people to mock your beliefs? Don’t hold such silly beliefs.

  • one of them

    And I mock you and your denial of your Creator.  Your intellect and science will never take you beyond this moment in time.  It’s a hell of a way to spend your life.

  • I just squirted marinara sauce in my pants.


  • I’m sorry. Admit what? It’s a given, moron.


  • There’s nothing wrong with mocking that which is mock-worthy.


  • Anonymous

    This is blasphemy! Her Hornyness, the Invisible Pink Unicorn will have non of this Pastafarian nonsense!

  • Bboryla

    “Your intellect and science will never take you beyond this moment in time.”


    You blast science as you sit there on your computer given to you by the scientific method and use it to communicate your message. 

    EVERY convenience you have in the modern world is a result of the scientific method; a fact you guys readily embrace until it comes  in conflict with your god beliefs then you ridicule and scorn it.

    New discoveries about the world are made daily, and we don’t think of them as any less marvelous just because we don’t share the silly idea that some sky daddy blinked it into being.

    If you hate science so much then get off  your computer, and go back to believing the world is flat and the center of the universe.  You can communicate your beliefs on parchment using ink, or even better, stone tablets.

  • 5deedees

    Pastover? Urban slang for Passover?

  • Oh no, it’s a Pastafarian holiday.  We celebrate it by goofing off, dressing like a Pirate and eating Pasta, which is how we celebrate most holidays.  Something like Ramendan, when we remember our starving student days by eating ramen.  (Unless you are a starving student, in which case you are eating ramen already.)

    We have lots of holidays, you should totally join us!  If you’re not satisfied after 30 days, your god will probably take you back.

  • We’re not mocking god, just the behavior of his fan club.

  • I’m not so sure.  Our whole family is devoutly Pastafarian, yet her Holy Hoofiness still finds us worthy enough to rapture socks from our laundry.  I’m pretty sure there’s room for more than one fictional deity.

    So, RAmen, may Her Holy Hooves Never Be Shod, and all hail the Invisible Space Pickle!

  •  *biiiig yawn*

    Been there, done that, even got through First Communion. Not Going Back.

  • T-Rex

    Zeus will now release the Kracken because of your blasphemy. Nice going.

  • one of them

    I was merely stating that as an all-knowing atheist you cannot act anything unknown because that would require faith, hope or belief.  
    A purely rational brain such as yours could never accept such concepts, let alone live by them.  You must stay firmly grounded in the now; because that is all that can be known.  
    You are free to remember the past too; but only as far as your own memory takes you because beyond that you would have to have faith that what others have told you is right.

  • The IPU is, like the FSM, just a young upstart.
    I for one follow the real goddess, our Lady of Discord!

    Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

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