An Alternative Way to Spend Easter… April 8, 2012

An Alternative Way to Spend Easter…

Father Phil Ritchie (from East Sussex in England) has an excellent suggestion for a better use of your time today:

The problem with the church is that we stay inside our building and occasionally come out and say “Why don’t you come to our church, it’s cool and funky”.

To be honest, it’s not.

I would love more people to come at 10am on Sunday and I would welcome them to All Saints [Church].

For Christians this is the most important day of the year. All life and all hope flows from it.

But there are plenty of ways to celebrate without coming to a draughty Victorian building. So why not stay at home, have a lie in, have sex and eat some chocolate.

Well, something’s rising today, I suppose…

Then again, when you’re an atheist, every Sunday can be like that.

(Thanks to Andrew for the link!)

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  • Kahomono

    From the same article:

    ‘For Christians it’s a glorious celebration but I think it’s terrible that they mark what is essentially a festival of blood and gore.

    ‘I also think it is disgraceful that churches hold these mock crucifixions in front of children. They had one on the beach last year and it’s not something that children should have to see.’

    Yes, well, all of xtianity seems to be a cult of death and suffering.  I agree that it would be best if children were never exposed to any of it.

    The article deals with the plummeting church attendance statistics in England.  I wonder if the vicar’s remarks were entirely sarcastic or an attempt to make it “his idea” for people to do what they were gonna to anyway?

  • re: Every Sunday can be like that. I often wonder what life would be like off the 7-day week. After all, that’s just based on biblical mandate. Could we have a type of calendar that was a little more regular than the 12 crazy, irregular months we have? Why aren’t months 28 days to coincide with the moon? 

  • Anonymous

    Because a lunar cycle isn’t 28 days, but 29.5something days. So you have to alternatively round up and down to make it work. Lunar calendars inevitably become out of synch with the seasons without corrections. And then you may as well just stick with a simpler solar calendar

  • Lurker111

    “So why not stay at home, have a lie in, have sex and eat some chocolate.”

    Well, 3 out of 4 isn’t bad …

  • Kevin_Of_Bangor

    It is 12:19 pm and I just woke up. I love sleeping in late :-p

  • Bean

    Or hey, let’s go outside & reconnect with the real world. See what’s blooming, pollinating and sprouting today. Not that you couldn’t do both. 😉

  • Anna

    I make Sunday mornings at my house the anti-church.  Sleeping, sex, and science, the latter usually in the form of reading or maybe a lecture on YouTube.  It feels way more subversive than it is, but as a former Christian who leaped out of bed to go worship and study the bible every Sunday for 20+ years, it feels gooooooood to offer a big middle finger to all that.

  • Well, something’s rising today, I suppose…

    Whenever I heard “Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will come again,” I always had this weird image of a man who became flaccid after sex, then regained enough stamina to have a second go. But that’s just me. 😀

  • Anonymous

    I think celebrating Easter with sex is a good idea, except that it would seem to cast a shroud over the sex.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I don’t like chocolate either.

  • Stumpy

    This was originally published in the Daily Mail.   Best to avoid pretty much anything written in it – even if it sounds sensible or agreeable its likely to be absolute bollocks.    The most cynical rubbish to be found in British journalism is to be found in that paper daily.

  • HA2

    Ha! 3 out of 4 so far. Gonna go get some chocolate now. 

  • Gives me migraines.

  • But there are plenty of ways to celebrate without coming to a
    draughty Victorian building. So why not stay at home, have a lie in,
    have sex and eat some chocolate.

    Quite fitting, as Easter IS essentially a fertility celebration!

  • Sindigo

    No no no no no. Don’t link to the Mail. They’re click-whores and only ever publish anything to generate clicks. 

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