Bunnies Stay Dead… Jesus Didn’t April 6, 2012

Bunnies Stay Dead… Jesus Didn’t

The Rock, a community church in Conway, South Carolina, has a special treat for families this Easter weekend:

Wow.  Maybe next year we can look forward to a Zombie Jesus marketing strategy?

Nah, probably not.

Silly rabbit, resurrection is for Jesus.

(via Justin Griffith)

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  • Anonymous

    I’m a Facebook friend of the pastor and love debating him. Hey Kevin!

  • Madnpc

    Bunnies, whether alive or dead, are real. Jesus wasn’t!

  • Because that sort of imagery isn’t damaging to children in the slightest!  Amiright?!  *crickets*

  • Sir TJ

    At Christmas, are they going to show a dead Santa?

  • Nothing like terrorizing children to get butts in the pews.  

  • gski

    Because it’s better for little children to hear about bloody torture and death than to have fun with the family on Easter morning.

  • Chubs

    I celebrate Zombie Day on Easter.  Dead bunnies make me, a bunny-loving vegan, quite sad though.

  • Pretty sure churches have used this image before.

    They have to resort to shock imagery to get any attention, just like the Sinful World of Materialism they love to ridicule… 

  • dauntless

    Bunnies exist. Jesus does not.

  • Daniel Krull

    Please tell me that isn’t fucking real. It’s no wonder that my little sister (currently being raised Christian) doesn’t like Christianity. 

  • Anonymous

    As the tween Carl Grimes said in an episode of The Walking Dead, when confronted with the reality of people who don’t stay dead: “Heaven is just another lie, and if you believe it, you’re an idiot!”

  • Mary

    There are so many reasons to avoid admitting that I was raised in the south. 

  • So sad. The egg delivery business has always been fraught with dangers. Please, rethink your third drink. Just hop away. Hop away. 

  • that doesn’t even make sense. Are they telling people to kill bunnies? I get that bunnies are easter-y and so is their god, but I really don’t get the dead bunny thing. Are dead bunnies supposed to be funny? Hmm…

  • Dbaker13

    …isn’t that EXACTLY what Easter is? A story of bloody torture and death? Or the most masochistic suicide ever?

  • Dubravko Jakovljevic

    Heh, I’d like to see parents’ faces while trying to explain this picture to their kids.

  • Inmysocks

    This is why you make sure to always double tap.

  • Actually… it makes perfect sense. 

  • TiltedHorizon

    When atheists create ads to provoke thought the conclusion is usually “atheists must hate god.” Does this mean Christians hate bunnies?

  •  He’s a scene-stealing, pagan symbol.  The family (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) run a tight ship.  That bunny was dipping into their faith pool, so he had to be dealt with.  The Divine Mafia doesn’t mess around, TitledHorizon.

  • Anonymous

    Aaargh… first, the fetid rotting corpse of Elevatorgate was trotted out yet again – and now you have to resurrect Bunnygate? Excuse me, I think I’ll just nail myself to a cross and hang out for a few hours.

  • TiltedHorizon

    Poor bunny, it had four lucky rabbit feet in its favor and it still ended up playing the role of “horse head” in a Divine version of Godfather.

  • Coyotenose

     Looks legit. For what it’s worth, whoever took that picture didn’t kill the rabbit just for the shot*, but did some “creative” work with roadkill. Nothing new there. I have a pic somewhere of 12″ G.I. Joe figures posed around a dead squirrel as if they were hunters.

    *Apart from the unlikelihood of them doing that, the eggs are arranged wrong to have been hit by any tire that flattened the basket.

  • The Almighty Z

    I saw this photo a few days ago on reddit. I can’t find it again or I would link to it.

  • chicago dyke, venomous lesbian

    this is creepy and sick. terrorizing children into belief? child abuse. 

  • Bpat

     Prove to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Jesus did not exist and I will call myself an atheist.

  • Anonymous

    At most he was a human wandering preacher, who told people crazy things and pissed off the authorities in the process. All the supernatural nonsense definitely never happened

  • Anonymous

    The bunny didn’t intrude into Christianity. It was the Christers who stole the symbology

  • Taxihorn

    Prove to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that unicorns did not exist and I will call myself… not surprised. But gnomes, heck… there are gnomes living in YOUR home. Show me I’m wrong.

  • Taxihorn

     A little of both, really. I’m often stunned by the pervasive portrayal of torture in churches, whether the offenders are human or otherwise.

  • Prove to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that unicorns do not exist, and I will call myself a Bpat. 

  • LifeInTraffic

    I love it when a theist (usually Christian) tells an atheists they have to prove the non-existence of something “beyond a shadow of a doubt,” despite the theist believing contradictory nonsense that blatantly flies in the face of solid, tested, scientifically rigorous proof. 

    That kind of solid argument really makes me rethink my atheist viewpoint. (Yes, there was an eye-roll there).So what if there *was* a historical Jesus? There is a whole hell of a lot more proof for a historical Mohammad (in fact, I don’t think anyone actually doubts his existence). So, if your faith is based solely on whether or not some guy existed in history, why aren’t you Muslim? There’s more historical proof of the Delphic Oracle, too. Again, no one really disputes the existence. So, why not believe in Apollo? 

  • Isn’t killing small animals a symptom of psychopaths?

  • Anonymous

    … and Native Americans.

  • Anonymous

    Is that a gun reference or a technique for crossing the road?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah at least we have the rabbits body. I don’t see Jesus walking around.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm… How about if I swap Jesus for Hitler in your comment. You gonna stay a Nazi?

  • I know! I’m looking at wedding photographers and I was looking through one portfolio when out of nowhere there was a giant, bloody, miserable looking Jesus on a cross. I thought “That’s exactly what I want to remember my wedding day by!”

  •  Double-tap = pull the trigger on a firearm (usually a pistol) twice in rapid succession, usually when the shooter has an optimal sight picture and a good grip so as to minimize recoil and can land both shots almost on top of each other.

  • Anonymous

    Whined. He had to be put down.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but does Jesus pop out of a hat?

  •  It certainly blighted my day, and I’m almost 60.  You really have to be a heartless moron to set up a shot like this.

  • This is definitely real.  
    http://rockc3.com/   You have to watch or click through the flash for a bit, but it’s there.

  • Tom

    I really hate to lay this one on you, man, but you cant crucify yourself. I’ve tried it hundreds of times, there’s no way you can hammer in the last nail.

  • Technically, the torture and death and sadness is on Good Friday. Easter should be for the joy and promise of resurrection. 

  • FSq

    A nail gun with a timer and two vise-grips. Works wonders for self-crucifixion.

    Got that gem from Bob Villa.

  • FSq

    If the goal of this ad was to get my face turned blue from bruising due to rapid and aggresive facepalm and slaps, then it has worked.

  •  I found it quite unpleasant, as well.

  • Zombie-killing technique.

  • Anonymous-Sam

    Jesus Christ is a derivative myth stolen from an earlier Egyptian story. You can still see the evidence in the more “recent” variants of the story of Horus, from his twelve disciples (one of whom betrayed him) to the resurrection of Lazarus. This religion predates Christianity by tens of thousands of years, yet the figures depicted in both religions have little basis in historical records (of which both the Egyptians and Romans were astute at keeping). Ergo, just as we accept that the Egyptian religious figures are mythological, Christianity is likewise a religion of myth.

    However, the truly conclusive evidence possible to be gathered is utterly subjective and requires dying first, from which there is no return.

    Feel free to find out on our behalf.

  • Marco Conti

    What is wrong with these people? 

    Sometimes “poor taste” is a necessary tool against oppression and bigotry, sometime it’s just poor taste.

    This is Poor Taste.

  •  I never said it made sense.

  • Guest

    Which is worse? 
    A.) A Christian who doesn’t seem to care about spreading the gospel
    B.) A Christian who will do anything to spread the gospel, making offensive mistakes along the way

  • Unless the fertility bunny is getting all the attention. Then they start getting nasty.

  • Well yeah. Then you gotta put him in his place.

  • GLORY! Praise BabyJesus™!!!!

    I said PRAISE.

    Praise or end up like the bunny.

  • Ron

    so then jesus didnt really die for my sins?  he just took a really brief vacation from living and thats the grand sacrifice im supposed to be so worked up about?  im so confused.

  • And these fundamentalist christianist extremists are trying to make us believe that part of their work is to love and protect the children.  What an utterly disgusting thing to show children, and terrorize them.  And those extremist fundamentalists scream about loving gay parents who provide a stable nurturing environment for raising children.

  • For the last time Jesus wasn’t a zombie, he was a LICH

  • Jessica Lynn Frame

    LOLed at the last note.  “Silly rabbit, resurrections are for Jesus.”  GENIUS, man, you are a GENIUS.

  •  LMAO! I got my daughter  a Zombie chocolate bunny this year (from Think Geek)

  •  Only if you torture them and don’t use the meat.

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