‘Are You An Atheist?’ Billboard Goes Up in Tallahassee April 5, 2012

‘Are You An Atheist?’ Billboard Goes Up in Tallahassee

Check out the new billboard up in Tallahassee, Florida:

The Tallahassee Atheists meet every Sunday morning in case you’d like to attend a meeting. More information is on their Facebook page!

No press coverage for the ad yet, but I’m sure that’ll come soon…

(via @TallyAtheists)

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  • They meet every Sunday?  Sounds like atheist church…… LOL

  • Emb5567

    this is why I don’t like to lable myself.  Way to organized.  won’t drink anyone’s cool aide! 😉

  • Rich Lane

    One of the best things about being an atheist is sleeping in on Sundays.

    This is like when they came out with “rules” for playing hacky-sack.

  • We did get the first hate mail for our Tally Billboard.
    And the difference between the Tally A’s Sunday meetups and church is that ours involve hilarity and swearing. 🙂 We don’t force others to hang out with threats of hell or promises of heaven. We just have sufficient fun that people keep coming. So please take your church analogies and shove ’em.

  • Drew

    There’s nothing wrong with scheduling a regular time to visit with those who have similar interests. I don’t really gravitate towards organized groups either, but I understand the need for a supportive community. Hopefully, as atheism becomes more accepted, these groups can migrate toward humanism. There are battles to be fought, but I worry that some of us will not be well prepared for a cultural peacetime if we are ever victorious.

  • I believe the appropriate response is “You bet your sweet ass I am.”

    (I’m going to an atheist Easter-egg hunt this Sunday myself…)

  • Emb5567

    I do understand what your saying Drew, for me right now that’s my local groups my children are in.  The educational system, the community around my children.  My local groups of friends.  And where we might not meet every week at the same time we do have a group of friends that I personally meet with regularly.  We don’t all have exactly the same belief system.  But we all come together with our differences and accept what we don’t always support for our own personal authentic selves.  

    I challenge the true Atheist, the non deity following person to accept those of organized deity based lifestyles and choices.  I am a non Deity following person.  I have tons of friends that follow deities.  I love and accept me as I love and accept them. 

  • Aww, that sign hurt someones feelings. =(

  • Jerrod_hall

    I’m personaly not into meeting up with other Atheists in some kind of gathering type of situation, but I don’t begrudge those who do. I do like the effort of these various Atheist/Humanist organizations to encourage non-belivers to “come out” as it were.

  • Robert Hunter

    Most of us tend to drink coffee, tea, or soda.  No Kool-Aid for you!  It’s a social occasion, not an organizing activity.  
     If you think we’re organized, then you’ve definitely not met any of us.  🙂  

  • Robert Hunter

    We don’t threaten you with hell if you don’t come.  If someone prefers to sit at home on Sunday instead of socializing, that’s up to them.

  • Hammerud

    Here are a couple of recent Facebook comments I made that would relate to atheists:

    Scripture states, “…he that comes to God must
    believe that He is…” (Hebrews 11:6) 
    It makes no sense to me that with our limited, finite minds we would
    embrace a conclusion that there is no God, passing our time here in what, apart
    from God, can only be a terminal, meaningless, and vain existence.  Maybe because of that Scripture states,
    “the fool has said in his heart there is not God.” (Psalm 14 and Psalm 53) God
    has made His reality clear in creation (Romans 1:20), and, in Christ, has made
    the Way to know Him, having resolved the problem of sin that separates us from
    Him.  Call upon Him. Don’t just
    exist in this world.  Jesus said,
    “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” (John
    10:10)  One person said, “I wanted
    all things that I might enjoy life, God gave me life that I might enjoy all
    things.”  God offers you life,
    eternal life, call upon Him (Acts 2:21) 

    Scripture states, “the
    invisible things of God from
    the creation of the world are clearly seen, being
    understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead so
    that man is without excuse.” (Romans 1:20) The failure to draw the
    inference that what we see points to the Creator is a heart issue. The
    “secrets of the heart,” our inner motivations (the “why”
    behind our failure to see and follow through to seek God), ultimately will
    exposed and judged by God (1 Cor 4:5; Romans 2:16). We need to think about what
    is going on in our heart. In our flesh we all are in a fallen state, in rebellion
    against God, comfortable with that, and so many of us choose not to seek God.
    That is a big mistake. Don’t follow that path. You don’t have to. Call upon
    Jesus Christ (Acts 2:21), the One who paid for our sin, and invites us to come
    to Him and receive His life. (1 John 5:11-13)

  • Annie

    Yeah for Tallahassee!  I love when billboards go up in my state… we need them.

  • WhatPaleBlueDot

    I like the idea of atheist get-togethers.  But Tallahassee has way too many atheists that are also Objectivists.  And I don’t want to risk running into any of them more often than I already have to.

  • Schism_17

    Fascinating.  I could quote Harry Potter here.  That’s not going to make it true, even if the books say Hogwarts is a real place.

  • Anonymous

    Hammerud, that’s a awful lot of bible crap for one post.

  • Anonymous

     I’m calling a Poe on this one. There’s no way you actually believe that stuff. Nice parody though, I almost believed it!

  • bismarket


  • Lauren Hartshorn

    I will be sure burn down this billboard when I seen it in person, you are such fools. May GOD, bless your hearts.

    P.S- do you celebrate Christmas & Easter with your family/ kids??? If so, you are total hypocrites. I would hate to be you on judgement day. I’ll be praying for you all! 🙂

  • Lauren Hartshorn

    I will be sure burn down this billboard when I seen it in person, you are such fools. May GOD, bless your hearts.

    P.S- do you celebrate Christmas & Easter with your family/ kids??? If so, you are total hypocrites. I would hate to be you on judgement day. I’ll be praying for you all! 🙂

  • Grinch

    Do YOU celebrate Easter and Christmas? If so, you are a total hypocrite seeing as how the Bible talks against paganism :).

    Who’s the fool now?

  • Anonymous-Sam

     How nice of you to euphemize “fuck all of you” as God bless your hearts.”

    God bless your heart too.

  • Annie

    I teach my child that the Yule, a traditional winter festival that became too rowdy with people going door to door demanding more drink, was frowned upon by the religious leaders and turned into “Christmas”, even though, by their own accounts, their Christ wasn’t born anywhere near December.

    As for Easter, we talk about the pagan origins of Easter, and how it was a celebration of fertility and new birth… and yet another holiday high-jacked by the Christians. 

    Sure, we put up a tree and we color eggs, even though we are not pagans.  I know a lot of Christians who do these things too… they enjoy these traditions as much as I do, even though they aren’t pagan either. 

  • New Email re. the billboard! Not hate mail. More like Hilarious Mail!
    I believe that we have the right to freely express our beliefs but, I
    must say that I was very surprised by the billboard advertised on
    Apalachee Pkwy. My heart hurts for all those who do not have a
    relationship with Jesus Christ! I do hope that one day, the eyes of
    “your” heart will be opened and that you too will come to know the love
    of my Father! To me, it takes more faith NOT to believe in God/Jesus,
    then to believe. I see Him everywhere! I don’t “see” the wind, but I
    “see” the effects of it as the leaves on the trees blow. I don’t “see”
    atoms, but I “see” every amazing & intricate thing around me, of
    which they make up, & can’t deny the truth. None of “us” could ever
    create such wondrous things. We came from somewhere…someone created us! Maybe you believe we came from primordial soup, well, someone had to first create the soup! Does this really make sense? Really?

  • Ddm76

    Actually, you knuckle dragger, if you celebrate any Judeo-Christian holidays, you are actually celebrating Pagan/Wiccan holidays and customs. Take a history class.

  • Prayingdoesnothing

    You can praying for me, I’ll keep thinking for you.

  • prayingdoesnothing

    pray* not praying.

  • ray

    One of the many things the brainwashed
    Boneheads can.t understand is that an
    atheist does.nt have to lie, offer such great
    grand rewards as eternal life, or, as in my
    expriences as a truck driver getting
    into debates with the throngs of weak
    minded tards who insist upon trying to
    stuff their BELIEFS up the butts of anyone
    who was foolish enough to turn on their
    CB,s, threaten to BEAT the god into me.
    I feel sorry for them, they are just trying
    be good SHEEP. Christianity does not
    allow for free thought. BELIEVE as I do
    or be destroyed, you know, like the idiot
    CHRIST like girl who wrote that (she,s
    gonna burn that billboard), typical
    CHRISTIAN mentality

  • phillip bunnell

    Anyone who takes what another human being says or writes, no matter who or what that human being is or was, and totally believes in it and lives their lives by it, is either incredibly naive, or stupid, or both.

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